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Sleepy Hollow 1999

Ichabod Crane is sent to Sleepy Hollow to investigate the decapitations of 3 people with the culprit being the legendary apparition, the Headless Horseman...

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Tim Burton you never fail at making truly amazing movies, and Johnny Depp you never fail at executing each character magically. I enjoyed this twist on the classic tail. I was interested from beginning to end.. and that's how you make a movie.
Check out the forum Thread on the new Sleepy Hollow tv series by fox. It was awesome, or at least I thought so. It has a very promising start for fans of the occult and also just fans of an interesting but different story line. Go to forum it's hard to miss, enjoy.
yah I'm not a huge fan of Tim Burton movies, but this one was the exception for me. The way he managed to keep the dark creepy aspect throughout the movie, even at the beginning before Ichabod is sent to sleepy hollow. The grimy feel of those times and the streets and the tinge of suspense that just stayed throughout the movie. A lot of people didn't like this when it first came out, dunno why. Check out the trailer though, I don't know how it will translate being set in current times with the Investigative aspect added, but we will see. Btw if anyone out there hasn't seen this then here is 2 good reasons to watch-Johnny Depp/Christopher Walken 'enuf said.
LOVE this movie. One of the best renditions of a fable, ever. Hopefully, the show will have some guts, and not be another Buffy, or Numbers...they'll probably try to pull off a 19th century CSI, with demons running amok.
Sweet, I just now found out about the modern day "Sleepy Hollow" tv series thats gonna premiere on FOX in mid september. It looks like it could be worthwhile. If they can make it a tv series as interesting as this johnny depp remake then I'll be all over it. check out the trailer on the www.
Not really as great as everyone says it is, but it's still a good film, that you might try renting some night. Recommended.
Washington Irving's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" was one of the first ever horror novels written and even after almost 200 years the story still holds the mystery, intrigue and horror that it did all those years ago. Now in 199 Tim Burton puts his own twist on the original story that has terrified millions.

Tim Burton's "Sleepy Hollow" is as scary as it is original and sinister it doesn't poke at your mind or play tricks on you like psychological horror films do but what it does is give you enough mystery, intrigue and dark, moody horror to satisfy you and scary you. It works as a scare machine but it also works as a neo-noir with its stark colors, it bleak and grim series of events and the haunting legend of a headless horseman.

Johnny Depp gives a fantastic performance as the cowardly yet oddly heroic Ichabod Crane, Depp is much more human and emotional than he is in his other projects and that shows some serious talent and skill. To change your voice, hairstyle and the way you dress to fit the period and make it work is something amazing to see on screen. Christiana Ricci is smart and beautiful as the bewitching love interest to Depp but she is much more than that as her character is more mysterious than any other that reside in the creepy town of Sleepy Hollow and that makes her interesting to watch onscreen. The rest of the cast of old timers and newbie's are great and give more appeal and eeriness to Tim Burton's fright machine.

"Sleepy Hollow" is a horror mystery you don't want to miss or ignore. It's as ingenious as it is horrifying it's the perfect scare machine and I can promise you this that if this film doesn't get you jumping I don't know what will. "Sleepy Hollow" is the ultimate modern horror thrill ride.
Burton at his best, and a fantastic score by Elfman.
Tim Burtons its got to be good and is. Danny Elfman has a great score and Deep is as good as ever. Great Film.
I could watch this movie at the beach on the 4th of July and it would still get me into the Halloween spirit. I swear, I can smell the Autumn leaves through the screen. The plot is probably a little too complex for its own good, but I don't care. Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are a winning team, Danny Eflman's score is pitch perfect, and the film's visuals will make your eyes cum.
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