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Sleepover is a really lame teen-comedy. The characters are lovable, but the plot is just lame. I don't have more to say about it really. At least it was entertaining for a moment of my day.
It's not half bad.
Jeez, not that bad. A feel good teen movie, has it's fun moments
Sleepover is a lame pre-teen comedy that borrows heavily from 1980s teen comedies but fails miserably in creating anything orginal itself. The plot involves a cute "unpopular" girl who, along with her friends, goes up against a group of "popular" girls in a scavanger hunt competition. The film contains the usual mix of lame plot twists and goofy protaginists. Not particularly inspired.
SleepOver is really cute. It keeps you going. I defently like this movie. It is a real cute movie

Sleepover had me rolling my eyes so much, I think they nearly got stuck in the back of my head. This script gave these girls too much credit for maturity at approximately 14 years of age. The Plot: At the end of the school year before they enter highschool, 4 girls have a slumber party that ends up turning into a scavenger hunt with the rival popular girls. The winners get the lunch spot by the fountain freshman year. By the fountain you're cool, and by the dumpsters if you're not. Ah well, One of my favorite up and coming actresses is in this movie: Mika Boorem. She's fab, and I think film audiences will be seeing great things from her.
Saw some movies. I put my ratings for them. I'll post my reviews later when I can be bothered!
hello, just putting ratings

Good idea i

Weird casting

Idk ill think of more later

Although I was never bored during this movie, I thought it was a bit corny. I knew it was a tad juvenile for me, but I couldn't turn down the little girl's suggestion at blockbuster. Overall, this would be the perfect pick for 13 year olds. If you decide to baby-sit a young girl, I suggest Sleepover.

Oh, this movie also seemed like a cheap rip off of Sixteen candels. Nerds and Preps trading places and such.

Does anyone else think that Sean Faris looks like a young Tom Cruise?
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