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This movie never fails to put a smile on my face. Such a sweet movie. Meg Ryan with her fresh cute face, before she started looking like the Joker and Tom Hanks young and totally adorable played great together. Great movie and always worth the watch again and again...also awesome soundtrack....
i watched those movies the past couple of days. i liked all of them, but i loooooooved nowhere in africa and pieces of april. pieces of april was just, i dont know, really good. and nowhere in africa was just amazing. im watching inside the actor's studio right now, tom hanks is on. and then im off to school. ill come home and watch more movies..yay. i rented 13 conservations about one thing..woo hoo. and then im going with my parents to a hot air balloon thing. i think on sunday im going to go by myself and see the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. oh and im reading a widow for one year, so ill be prepped for the door in the floor.

I think it is a wonderful movie. The first time I saw it, it was a couple of years ago, I did not like it. I thought it would be a standard romcom ('twas the time when this genre was my favourite one...) and so I was disappointed by the fact that they only meet at the very end. I saw it again some months ago and this time I fell for it. I realized that this movie is not about Sam (Tom Hanks) and Annie (Meg Ryan) as a couple but as individuals. Individuals who have a problem in their emotional life. Sam has just lost his wife and he does not want to express his feelings about it. When his son Jonah forces him to talk to that radio show he manages to express them. And he does so in a heart-breaking way. Almost makes me cry every time I see it. You see that confronting his grief had a positive effect on him because after that he considers dating again. Annie is engaged to Walter. She thinks he is perfect for her because they have a lot in common. When she listens to how Sam explains on the radio how much he loved his wife, she realizes that she doesn't feel the same for her fianc
Some say it is the best romantic comedy ever made. I laugh at that statement. Average fluff that brings out a smile.

yep this was another nice tom hanks movie. it was a little drawn but in the end it was all good.
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I love this movie. Typical chick flick- but it never ceases to make me cry and laugh.

"horses, horses, horses, horses...."

Too much fun.

One of my all-time favorite movies!
i just loved this movie. i know i am a sap i cant help it!
Sleepless in Seattle
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