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Skyfall 2012

Bond's loyalty to M is tested when her past comes back to haunt her. Whilst MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost...

Release Date:
November 9, 2012
143 min
Sam Mendes
Khan Bonfils, Elize du Toit, Ben Whishaw, ...
Thriller, Crime, Action, ...

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Solar rating: 8.5


Imdb rating: 7.8

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Seen this a few times now….It just doesn't get old. The story is simple, the action is inventive, and the cinematography is top notch. It also sets up future installments with some freshness. The production on the new bond film coming out has had quite a few setbacks and the budget has ballooned to $300M! The same director has really upped the ante in terms of being what will probably be the biggest and baddest Bond film to date. We will see!
I bet James Bond dies of HIV next movie since he bones so many chicks its gotta get him sooner or later.
According to Adele, this movie is actually pronounced ''SKYFOAL''

Just sayin'
The first Bond movie I have watched that was actually a good movie
great bond flick!
I gotta agree with some of the people here that Bond movies have lost what made them special. Daniel Craig is an amazing actor, but these movies aren't using him to his full potential. On the bright side, I was very excited to see Ms. Moneypenny and Q back.
I watched this because Penny Dreadful was too short and Timothy Dalton was the best James Bond ever so it made total sense to watch this now.
As a movie it was ok. As a James Bond movie it was ok. Craig is better than Brosnan anyway. It's basic entertainment though and not as good as Moornraker or License to kill or Casino Royale (the original with Niven and Sellers). Although not the most interesting movie, it was fairly well written with references to old bond movies and Bond's past, so that's always that.
The only problem I have is that James Bond used to be the guy going against super creative villains with lot's of crazy action and weird gadgets. In the old days, and as a kid I loved that side of those movies. There is some of it in this one but nothing really crazy which was slightly disappointing. The movie has other strong sides though, but was a bit too close to a generic action/espionnage movie for me.
That said, well acted, well directed, some nice things. Better than the Bourne stuff anyway.
I have to say, I grew up with the bond films. The character was an iconic figure and an entertainment constant of my childhood. The charismatic bond and the gizmo wizardry of Q combined with the evil often cheesy super villans were the defining characteristics of the 007 movies for me. Altho they are good action films with talented actors who play well written roles very well, I think they have gotten away from the fundamental soul of what defines a bond film.
not to slight QUANTUM OF SOLACE, but out of fifty years of great action films, i think this one may have the best storyline.
Strange how opinions decide to diametrically oppose one another...

Loved this because it was a pure and simple one dimensional story.

One of old basic life themes that affect us all - such as loyalty, dedication, life tiredness, compassion, family... all there embodied in one story.
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