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One of my favorite comedys. All of the actors develope their roles into a fun experence

all right. today is my birfday.
the big 18. MUHAHAHAHA.

umm..apparently in my first block no one
cares. No one sat by me in the lab. yes. a whole
row to myself. For some reason i thought people were nice
at my high school, but umm apparently not.

man, for some reason i am very thirsty. hmmm.
i neeeeed some water.

I watched 16 candles last night...i became very
excited and aprehensive of my birfday.

There is a birthday party for me on friday,
and child of the 80s are all invited.
that woold be neat to have all my RT pals at my
party. hmmmm....

then on saturday, my mother told me this morning that
she would take me to the paducah mall and the olive
garden as a gift. She also said that i could bring a pal,
so i am accepting applications.

nah, i will probably bring spicy, but i have not asked her yet.
so, tis my birthday, and i am going to write a little more as
my gift to you. ( yes lucky you)

Yesterday, i went to visit Western Kentucky University.
i must say, it is gorgeous. there are so many awesome things at
that college. I love it so much.
i think i will probably go there, if not MTSu.
lots of prayer is needed in this department.

man, i must say, Mark and Sandi are awesome folks.
thank you so much for being there for me, and helping me
with these troubles. Thanks for being awesome,awesome friends
and listening to my mom when she rambles and rambles about nothing.

i love you both.

I must also say thank you all for being my pals.
You don't know how much better you make my life.
i also love you.


16 Candles

Funny and succeeds in creating such a character many can relate to in Molly Ringwald. Enjoyable but nothing I would reach to watch again.

Space Jam

Guilty pleasure. Don't know what it is, but I like the movie.

Breakfast Club

A mature look at many problems high schoolers face. Its kinda funny watching Emilio Estevez trying to act.

Shrek 2

It was on a roll in the beginning, but fell apart. Its still a riot, but in terms of plot structurally it falls apart. And the song at the end (not Holding Out For A Hero, which was perfect) was totally out of place. Donkey stole the show once again.

Once Upon A Time In The West

My first Leone, and I immediately see why he is highly praised. Great, great western. Bronson, Fonda, and Robards were great in their roles. I've seen few films that used closeups better than this film. Props to the music as well. I'm starting to figure out why people love Eno Morrion so much.
How can one even begin to rate this movie. It's so quotable and, well... politically incorrect. But, fuck that. I love it.

My favorite lines in this movie were almost all said by the character known simply as "The Donger". My favorite being either "Oh sexy girlfriend" or "No more yanky my wanky". It's so stupid it's funny.

But, my favorite character is probably Jake. He seems like a nice guy, yet is almost portrayed as some dick. But, I love it.

Half the stuff in this movie, you couldn't get away with today, but I think that's why I like it. It's funny and a little dated, but fuck you. I like it. :)
Comments pending.
Last night I battled my roommate...
She was blaring the TV while she sat infront of it attempting to do homework while she flipped back and forth between baseball and MTVs realworld/road rules: I felt like if I sat there any longer that I would die a little on the inside!
So I turned up the speakers on my computer and played the following: AC/DC (Razor's Edge-Highway to Hell-Back in Black) Led Zepellin (IV) assorted Pixies and a few Red Hot Chili Peppers songs.
There was no reaction up until my mix got to the Chili Peppers: then the TV became horrendously loud...she is a strange girl my roommate!
Anyways...last night was great because AMC was showing Sixteen Candles. Which made up for the whole roommate madness!
Sixteen Candles
Classic...memorable lines, introspective look at teenagers. I was actually surprised that I could still relate to the material in spite of the fact that I am now a university student.
Relations between guys and girls has not change. As I was watching the guys in the movie shuffle anxiously around these girls and I laughed because I have classes with those guys...I am frustrated by guys like those?! But I guys that is why this has remained a classic!
Another Hughes hit. This story has been copied over and over again, but its the best here.
Yes, I haven't touched this in a long time. But here I am, for your reviewing pleasure.

I've seen a lot of movies in these past couple of months, but I'd like to talk about Sixteen Candles, since I watched it last night. For the first time. *gasp*

Yeah, that's the reaction to be expected after hearing that an 18 year old child of the 80's had not seen Sixteen Candles before, nor any other Molly Ringwald movie, but it's true. And now how I wished it wasn't.

Sixteen Candles has just enough *awww* and *lol!!1* to make it a good teen movie, especially since it was made before the time of such teenage cliches as seen in....ya know, pretty much every one since then.

Anyway, I loved it, and will hopefully soon see The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, and the like.
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