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I knew that was Sean Bean lol. Idk why I kept doubting myself. I got how the main events came to pass. I didn't get the very ending. If you like creepy and unsettling like me it's worth watching.
It takes a long time before you know whats going on. But it gets there in the end. Good movie...8/10
Nice movie
A true classic.
If you have never watched it, I envy you. The joy of watching this movie for the first time.

This movie is awesome.. And the ending is not even what you thought to expect 10/10

While not an avid fan of the first game, I did enjoy it, but when the second one came out I fell in love with Silent Hill. Without playing the games it's very difficult to describe the experience. The only way I can think of is imagine walking in a fog and every step of the way feels as if you are taking a tragic step towards an inevitable end, and the masochist in you loves every minute.

Gans and Avery not only managed to acheive the look of the game (fans of the game will even recognize camera angles especially during the beginning of the first game) they also managed to get the feel. No video game adaptation thus far has really even shot for the feeling of the game. This isn't the Tomb Raider or Resident Evil adaptations which while arguably mildly entertaining have absolutely none of the atmosphere of the original games. Up until now it feels like Hollywood has no idea what to do with video game adaptations. They throw a lot of flash and gunfire and hope that's what the video game players want, and they have totally missed the boat...until now.

Silent Hill is dark, it's twisted, the story and dialogue is appropriately minimal through most of it, and sound in the film does an amazing job at building tension, and managed to even freak me out at moments. It won't appeal to everyone, because it doesn't really cater to the audience and Silent Hill has never been about wrapping things up in a tight little bow.

The only shortcomings the film has is that patches of dialogue are over the top (especially the climax), and sometimes repetitive and it detracts from the spaces in the film that are utterly dialogue-less, save for a scream. The climax tries to explain too much story, to the point of taking a simple story and almost making it convoluted and is the one part of the film that seems to cater to the audience rather than support the atmosphere. While the music fits well 90% of the time and aids in a somewhat post-apocalyptic feel, some of the time it comes back to the main theme it pulls you out of the tension. But these are minor quibbles that perhaps a directors cut might ultimately fix.

Dark and beautiful. I hope the same team adapts Silent Hill 2 which is one of the best video game experiences out there. But for now Silent Hill is the best video game adaptation to hit the silver screen, and one of the best horror films in years.
I think Gans has taken the first step toward video games being respected in the media. Its a good thing Gans spearheaded this project, anyone else would have ruined it. If they make a sequal, I'll definately be in line to see it (assuming Gans is in charge again).

There is one thing that really bothered me, and its relatively trivial. When the radio starts screwing up during the cop chase scene, and she starts screaming. Ugh... maybe its just me but... I could of done without that. Although, I hate the sound of kids screaming, so maybe I'm a bit biased on that scene.


Theres is a review which needs a bit of attention though... for its lack of... credibility.

Golawaya's review, (0 of 10)
What can I say about Silent Hill? I sat down at the advanced screening of the movie, eagarly awaiting for the movie to begin. And lets just say, being a fan of the games I was excited to see how the movie would be adapted to the big screen. Now, yes before you go on I understand that most horror movies invove people running from things. But the things in this movie our main character is running from are not even scary. The 'fiend' (as the people in the movie call it) is a shirtless man with a metal triangle over his head who carries a big sword but walks REALLY slowly and can't hit anything.Wait... I thought you were a fan of the games? You don't know who pyramid head is? He's only the most renowned villian in the series. Have you even played the games?

In addition, criticizng the plot, which was taken from the game... you'd think a fan of the game would enjoy the plot of the movie... when its a retelling of the original plot.

Your comments yield your review unreliable. You state you're a fan, but obviously your not as your unfamiliar with the plot and with the most renowned villian. Can we trust anything else your review states?

Based on the popular video game of the same name, Silent Hill stars Radha Mitchell as Rose a mother desperate to find a cure for her only child's illness. Her child Sharon, played by twelve year old Jodelle Ferland, has been having mysterious dreams about a place called Silent Hill. Rose ends up fleeing with Sharon to the abandoned town of Silent Hill in search of answers. Before making it to the town Rose swerves off the road to avoid hitting an apparition of a little girl, causing her to take a hard bump to the head, knocking her out. When she awakes she discovers her daughter Sharon has wandered off. Once in the deserted town on the hunt for her daughter, Rose soon discovers that Silent Hill is no ordinary place. Inhabited by a variety of creepy creatures, and an all powerful living darkness which plagues the town and its inhabitants. Joined by a police officer named Cybil, played by Laurie Holden, Rose searches for her daughter while unraveling the mystery behind the town. Meanwhile Rose's husband played by Sean Bean is in search of his wife and daughter.

After reading the reviews from critics on Rotten Tomatoes I was surprised to see so many of them have given this film a rotten rating. I do believe I have figured this out though. In my opinion Silent Hill isn't a horrible movie, even though it does have a few minor drawbacks, which I suspect lead to the critics bombing of it. The fist problem is that the film is very long. I always judge if a film is too long by whether or not my butt goes numb while watching it (which mine did). However, I feel the film needed to be a little long because of the second problem with it. That of course being its overly complex storyline. The last problem I found with the film is its ending. I don't know if you had to play the games in order to get it, but I was very disappointed with it. If anyone out there has seen the film please get back to me and explain it, because I didn't get it. Another thing I think affected critics opinions of the film was the fact that its not scary at all. I think they were viewing it as a horror film, and if you view it as one it does disappoint. I went in not expecting it to be scary, so I wasn't let down there. Lets face it people what horror films today are?

Reading back over what I wrote I guess I haven't given anyone much of a reason to go see the film. Believe me when I say that this film does deserve at least one viewing. Silent Hill does have its drawbacks, but certainly isn't without its positive points. The film for starters is visually stunning, a look which I would describe as beautiful decay, if there ever could be such a thing. Though it isn't scary it does have its creepy moments. The acting in the film is fairly decent, and even if the ending wasn't very good the scene before the end is cool as heck. I think with this movie your either going to like it or your not. If your weary about going to see this movie then I suggest catching a matinee. Overall I thought it was a decent movie, and I rate it a B-.
This movie was excellent. The visuals, sound, atmosphere, characters; they were all i could have hoped for. I have never played the silent hill games, so i will be less bias than ones who have, but this movie is amazing.

Critics, liker Ebert, complain that the movie made no sense or the plot was too confusing. No way. Morons! 3/4th of the way through the movie, they practically spell out the entire plot for you. Dotting every I and crossing every T, well almost. They like to leave you with a cliff hanger ending. Sequel? Please do!

Watching this movie, i felt like i was watching one of my own nightmares. The entire time i was caught up in this world created by Konami and translated to the screen by Gans. It was enthralling. Gans is an amazing director. I loved his work with the Brotherhood of the Wolf, and this artsy horror film only tops it, many times over. I can't wait to see more of this man's work.

I suggest you go see this movie! Go with an open mind, becuase this is unlike any other experience in cinema. It's trully a treat. Hmmm, maybe that's why critics didn't get it. Cause they are endlessly brainwashed by bullshit. If someone like Roger Ebert would give the Ghosts of Mars a B, then he should have given this one an A+. The man is way too inconsitent.
The reason this movie is getting panned as a bad Hollywood horror movie is because it's not a Hollywood horror movie. It's a wild, sloppy, careening-off-the-tracks mess of an art film.

Silent Hill is an experimental film when it comes to plot, pacing, art direction, gender dynamics, and many other movie elements. Its roughness and experimental gusto is both its strength and its weakness, making it hard to classify as either "good" or "bad" or to moor to a single static numeric rating. Yet I would say that as with many other horror films, its bad qualities are as enjoyable as its good qualities, its ridiculousness as satisfying as its horror.

Silent Hill is incredibly silly in spots, and the dialogue is often campy. Some moments are so ridiculous that their grotesque absurdity is more humorous than frightening. It's not by any means a perfect movie; the seams are showing in a lot of places. But it is also deeply satisfying, an aesthetically gorgeous film that wrestles with a lot of intense themes. It's as if the collective unconscious of America vomited up all of its deepest current fears and that vomit congealed into Silent Hill. Fundamentalism, war, abortion, sexual repression, loneliness--all of it haunts the screen throughout the running time of the movie.

It's a deeply unsettling movie that doesn't go to lengths to explain itself, and that's one of the things I enjoyed most about it. It plays out like a nightmare vision of the dark side of our culture, with all the bizarre and disjointed qualities of a dream. And I think, like the games, it's less about the arcane cults that feature in the plot and more about the hells we create for ourselves. It's not consistently scary but nor is it consistently ridiculous. It worms its way into one's consciousness and lingers there. I left the movie feeling unsettled and mystified, yet feeling like I knew something I couldn't explain, with a strange smile on my face. That's a neat feeling to leave a movie with, and one that makes me feel satisfied having invested time and money to see it.

I was also very heartened to see a movie of this nature that placed women front and center as strong, independent, capable, active characters. All of the characters who drive the action of the plot are female, and for once, it's the male characters who serve only as window dressing. In Silent Hill, women hold power, wield weapons, fight monsters, and bravely march forth into the deepest darkness, without men goading or guiding them. They fight for their children, for each other, for the sake of what is right. And these female characters are not men in drag. They are women who act, think, feel, and respond like women. The world of Silent Hill is dark, gory, violent, and disturbing, and such movie worlds are usually very masculine or masculinized. The world of Silent Hill is a world in which women hold the power--on both sides of the dark/light, good/evil fence--and it's very refreshing. This is so unusual for a mainstream movie that I'm surprised not to see more commentary on it by mainstream reviewers.

In my opinion, even the weaknesses of Silent Hill--the occasionally silly dialogue and hammy acting--somehow work in its favor. If you watch this movie programmed to expect a story which can be understood on a literal level and want everything to make sense, you're going to be frustrated. But if you enjoy watching something that plays with image and sound in an indirect way that shrouds everything in mystery, in order to point at something that's beyond a coherent storyline, you may feel rewarded in watching it, as I did. Like the video games, this movie plays with how we react to suffering, grief, and loss, how we react internally to the things we do to each other and the things that are done to us. The movie seems almost intentionally stylized, a passion play depicting what human suffering might look like if we turned it inside out.

Silent Hill is a mess of a film that throws a lot of conventional movie wisdom out the window, and so perhaps all of the aggressive criticism it has received is deserved, as it's not successful as easily digestible entertainment. It throws coherence and realism out in the service of experimentation, which is something I applaud, but something I realize a lot of other moviegoers might not, especially if they're just looking for a Friday night's entertainment. Personally, though, I don't hesitate to give the movie my thumbs up and recommend it to people who don't mind their movies a little raw and chewy. It's emotionally resonant, gutsy, and thought-provoking, and does not deserve to be dismissed as a "bad videogame movie."
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