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Shutter 2008

A newly married couple discovers disturbing, ghostly images in photographs they develop after a tragic accident. Fearing the manifestations may be connected, they investigate and learn that some mysteries are better left unsolved...

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Imdb rating: 5.2

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Idk wtf people are commenting about. I thought this was a great movie.
hum...well..I didn't really like it.
the dialogue and the plot was so commun..
I am disappointed
So, i finally got to see the film shutter, it was'nt half bad i must say, but there was something dreadfully, well, bland about it.

So the story goes, theres a photographer who marries a womam, honestly the story could have me caring less about the character names, and when driving through tokyo they hit a woman. Then the woman appears to be showing up everywhere, so in a desperate try to make the ghost stop they throw a traditional funeral, When the ghost does'nt stop they say they're going to move back to New York. But upon looking at the wedding photos they discover that the ghost had been with them since before New York. Now before i continue i must say, the commercial consistantly had the "WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!" quote in it so this plot did'nt fool me, nor the average movie goer for a second, anywho. The wife confronts the husband whom reveals that he used to be going out with her, she got really obsessed and he ordered his friends to "rape" her, or something like that, of course this came to no surprise as throughout the movie, the husband, was constantly sspinning bullshit. But anywho, you then discover that the ghost was trying to help the woman get away from the man. Then at the end, AND I MUST WARN YOU THIS IS A SPOILER, the husband is then searching for the ghost and when taking all these pictures he finds the ghost on his shoulder, WHOWHWOHWOHWOHWOHWOWHOWHOWH SCARY SHIT!!!, anyway, i forgot to mention that he had all kinds of back problems throughout the film and aparently the ghost was on his shoulders.

Now if that does'nt get ya i dont know what will. Well the choppy acting, stupid story or cheap scares. This movie is just another washed up horror movie trying to be scary, now dont get me wrong, the suspense had me, i was momentarily in the film and believe me it brought me back to my childhood, when i believed that there was no such thing as a bad horror movie, but unfortuanatley when the film ended i had nothing to say but "wow that was certainly, something".

In conclusion this film is guilty and innocent of alot of things, its more bad then good but with the fuck-tastic movies like One missed call and prom night you've really got to wonder, am i going to find a good horror movie, or should i suck it all up and see it anyway, just out of fun.

Thankyou for listening to my gripes and goodnight.
What to say...
4.5/10. Well enough made, good imagery, but it never once convinced me, and that is essential for this film. Watchable but not memorable.
if you like ghost movies, heres another for you. it wasnt too freaky but if you are interested in paranormal stuff this is for you a newly wed couple start getting bombarded by ghostly visions in there pictures and a bunch of freaky occurances. it turns out to be closer to home than they think.
if you like this movie check out the movie "they wait" as well.
This was much better than I expected, however, I didn't care much for the ending.
(** 1/2):

Another American remake of an Asian horror film. This one almost worked for me but Jackson was just too laughably bad at times. Predictable but it probably could have been much worse.
Another lame Eastern Asian horror remake. Creepy asian girls again. This is starting to get real tiring. Nicely shot though.
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