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Shrek 2 2004

Princess Fiona's parents invite her and Shrek to dinner to celebrate her marriage. If only they knew the newlyweds were both ogres...

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Pretty good film.
I love the bit when Donkey and Puss in Boots sing together, it's funny and good to watch.
I <3 Dreamworks Animation.

3 Years ago PDI/Dreamworks provided us with an incredibly welcome breath of fresh animated air known as Shrek. Now, thanks to the mammoth success of the first film, we have been blessed with a sequel. Of course, I was a huge fan of the first film, #10 on my best of 2001 list, so I was both highly anticipating this film and very wary at the same time. Some of the trailers suggested that this sequel might be a bit more child-oriented this time around, which would have been very disapointing. The thing that worked so well for the first film, was how it took shots at some of our beloved fairy tale conventions and satirized the art of animation in a way that had never been attempted before. Shrek worked well for children obviously, but the adults in the audience walked out even more satisfied because of not only the numerous pop culture references, but because of its witty humor and its enduring charm.

Now in making this film, Director Andrew Adamson has stated multiple times that they had never originally planned for a sequel when they made the first one, so generally a little red flag shoots up saying... Caution, caution, the studio is just trying to cash in on the success of the first one and is attempting to bleed more blood from an already drained turnip. Thankfully, this is not the case as Shrek 2 proves there is still more blood to be pumped out.

Shrek 2 does what we all hope a sequel should do... Take what worked from the first film and build on it and not just redo it. The film starts out a little too heavy on the whole pop-culture reference motif, using Spiderman, Lord of the Rings, From Here to Eternity, Little Mermaid, and more in the first 5 minutes or so. Once the film gets going a bit though, the trademark Shrek charm takes hold and does not let up.

In much the same way as the first film, Shrek 2's main story is all about defying those classic story book cliches we hold so dearly. Shrek 2 may actually go a bit further with this then the first. In an act of delicious absurdity Shrek 2's main villain is the Fairy Godmother and to a lesser degree her son Prince Charming. There are also many other cliches turned upside-down in this film, but I will not go into them here, as it is late and they would be spoiler-heavy.

The animation of Shrek 2 is truly beautiful in every way. Some of the best use of lighting and color I have seen in an animated film. God, I wish I could have seen this digitally projected! As for the other technical aspects, the cinematography is very well handled in regards to composition, and the editing might be the best I have seen so far in animation from a technical standpoint. The editing from a more artistic point of view, is distinguished by the obvious faster pacing of this film. In usual sequel fashion, Shrek 2 moves a lot quicker than its predecessor, there is little time dedicated to introducing new characters and expects you to accept them speedily. This can be forgiven though, since these characters are all instantly likable.

I could go more in-depth in some areas, but as I said it is late, so I will leave with these closing thoughts... Shrek 2 is more pop-culture heavy then the first film, as well as faster paced, but it is still brimming with laughs, great characters, animation satire, and a big heart. In comparing the two movies, I still like the first one more, but #2 is more than a worthy sequel, and the first truly enjoyable film of the summer movie season.

Second Viewing Opinion: I was not quite as charmed by the film upon a second look. Some of the jokes that I had forgiven from the first time now seemed more distracting and annoying. There is still enough solid moments for this film to be enjoyable and worth your time, even if it does go too far with the pop culture references. The one thing I will say, is that I will not be looking forward to any more Shrek follow-ups, as this film already had that too little butter spread across too much bread feeling (Still less annoying than the LOTR parody in the film).

7.1 out of 10
It's so funny, I couldn't breath. Shrek 2 is actually better then the original. Not even I would have thought that was possible, but it is. The story plays out very well, the characters are amazing and it's incredibly funny. It spoofs just about everything out there. Here's to name a few:

1) Spider-Man
2) Lord of the Rings
3) Cops (probably the funniest two minutes you'll ever see on film)
4) Ghostbusters
5) Just about every Disney cartoon
6) Mission Impossible

There's more but that's all that crosses my mind for now. I will definately want to see this again.

Ranks with the best CGI movies and best comedies.
There is a lot to like about this movie. It's witty, charming, touching and, most of all, riotously funny. Old and new characters alike never cease to amaze and captivate, whether through the stellar animation or the spot-on voice characterizations; the crowd favorite is, no doubt, Antonio Banderas' Puss N Boots. He creates a great side-kick alternative and complement to Eddie Murphy's Donkey who, in his own right, continues to sparkle and give life to most of his scenes.

Overall, the plot-line moves forward at a rapid pace, leaving few slow spots and many moments of excitement and cheer for both young and old audiences. Many of the gags are based on popular scenes from other films, many of which will go over the heads of the younger audience members, but the way the gags are staged allows everyone to be in on the joke regardless of their familiarity with the lampooned film.
Just got back from seeing it this morning. I'm a big fan of the first Shrek (***1/2 out of ****), with its fresh twist on classic fairy tales and characters, and was definitely looking forward to this sequel after seeing the trailers. As expected, the movie has more gags and more gimmicks. The element of surprise is, of course, gone in terms of the tone and look of the movie and many of the characters from the first one are back. As a result, some of the jokes got old really fast. Indeed, Shrek 2 (**1/2) may be more amusing than Shrek, but not necessarily funnier, yet some laugh-out-loud moments provided by the welcome addition of new characters, especially Puss in Boots, make the movie :fresh:, if only barely. Still, this movie proves that Hollywood continues to capitalize on the success of a movie by making these not-so-great sequels (remember the awful Legally Blonde 2 last year??) and God forbid if they actually push through with even more planned sequels for this movie...


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Comedy Quick Rating (out of 5)
Memorable One Liners: 2
Laugh out Loud Score: 4
Acting: 4
Pace: 3.5

The Follow-up to 2001's surprise hit, Shrek, is a great sequel. However, i feel like it doesn't quite reach "Shrek." What made Shrek stand out from all other animated features, in my opinion, was its SHAMELESS mockery of Disney and fairytales in general. It pushed the limits...and wasn't a bit remorseful. I loved that about Shrek. Its sequel, however, isn't as edgy, its much sweeter. Our favorite characters return, and so do some new comers: Puss in Boots and other. Puss is the most talked about newcomer, and its easy to see why. Voiced by Antonio Banderas, Puss is a spoof of Zorro, and is very funny. The other new characters are strong additions, but not as funny as I had expected. The first half of the movie is kinda slow, the second half, however, is so good it redeems even the first half. Full of references and send-ups of Alien, Versace, Starbucks, Ricky Martin, Cops, and many others. All in all, Shrek 2 is a worthy sequel, but just lacks the sharpness of its predecessor.
I absolutely LOVE this one! I had high expectations for "Shrek 2" since the first one was a hilarious movie. I am happy to say that this movie does not disappoint! The characters may be the same, but the jokes have matured a bit but still with enough jokes that the kiddies will love and more mature ones for the adults to laugh over. I'm going to see it again and definitely buy the DVD!
Well, tonight I capped off a very long and frustrating day with a relaxing night at the movies. I saw Shrek 2 with my buddy Chris, and it was a pretty good movie. Comparable to the first, in which it pokes fun at many hollywood things, and i'll just say Antonio Banderas is HILARIOUS as Puss In Boots. He was definitely my favorite in this movie. And that's all I'll speak on this movie, because I know if I spoil anything unintentionally Kaci will bite me in the bum bum. Anyway, I liked it.
I just saw Shrek 2 at Great Mall and would like to hear any character and movie reference...
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