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Showgirls 1995

A young drifter, named Nomi, arrives in Las Vegas to become a dancer and soon sets about clawing and pushing her way to become the top of the Vegas showgirls...

Release Date:
September 21, 1995, UTC
128 min
Paul Verhoeven
Alan Rachins, Elizabeth Berkley, Jack McGee, ...
USA, France

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Solar rating:7.5


Imdb rating:4.5

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So here's the deal. This movie was made a a serious commentary on sin and sex. And instead it unintentionally turned into one of the biggest camp classics of all time. Camp is when something is done seriously but is unintentionally funny. You are missing the whole point if you are watching this as a serious film. In any case, I give it 10 because there are very few movies that ever break that barrier and this is by far the best. Laugh! Learn the dance moves! I know every line and my friends and I get together and drink and howl at his amazing train wreck of a movie. *****
I saw Showgirls yesterday. It was funny.

So I made my 10 movies list,
but it's the Top 10 of 2003 (so far).
I don't like doing All Time crap.
Sooooryy. :( :D
Here's what I have watched the past few days. Heh.

"Dickie Roberts" has some funny moments...
"Showgirls" is hysterical at times...
"Wonderland" was so boring that I turned it off after an hour...
When I first saw Showgirls on HBO I was totally engrossed in it's story. I didn't find it campy or atrocious. I thought it was a failry well made film. It wasn't until after multiple viewings that I began to see the camp aspect. But I still dono't see how people can call this one of the worst films ever. What I find the most comical is that the makers thought they were making a grade-A film.
This was arguably one of the crappiest movies in the history of movie crap. Elizabeth Berkley went from Saved By The Bell to this, and continued her A-list of movies, appearing once agian naked in Any Given Sunday...what a stretch. Quite frankly the only reason I gave this movie a one, is due to the fact that it includes Gina Gershon, one of my favourite actresses. Come to think of it, she's the only part of the movie I can even remember anymore.
What was Liz thinking when she decided to do this movie?

I love this movie simply because Gina G is in it and as long as I can remember, I have had a thing for her. But this movie even makes it hard for me to like her. The acting is poor and the script is even worse. I really can't blame the actors though... this was clearly a director's vision and he got what he wanted.

I am going to go to sleep now and when I am clear, I am going to write what I feel about this big flop.
high, high comedy. so terrible and wonderful all at the same time.

"i'll give you a knuckle sandwich!" "can i have it anally?"

so many memories
Quite possibly the worst movie ever made.
I started this movie expecting a piece of crap, and at the beginning it was meeting my expectations. Hitchhikers are almost nonexistent in these parts, and there weren't any in 1995 either, when this film got made. It just doesn't happen that a female built like a brick shithouse has her thumb out, if it ever did. Already I was groaning.

It didn't get much better in the first 1/3 of the movie. Very derivative lightweight bullshit populated with paperthin characters as a backdrop to display some admittedly very fine T&A. I almost gave up, and did skip parts of a couple of chapters. Later on, there is an over-the-top pool sex scene which is silly.

Somehow it got better. Gershon and MacLachan arrived on the scene, that musta been it. They provided some much needed depth. Even when MacLachan is playing a vacuous Vegas type he's got some depth, and Gershon has depths still yet to be plumbed, so far as I know. Let me start with her lips.... no we'll skip that. I don't know that she's a great actress but she chews up the scenery when she's around.

Elizabeth Berkley, little Miss Saved By the Bell, seems to grow with the role, and does a little 'Monster' herself at the end, which I liked a lot. Actually she is a bit of the Monster all along. Lots of anger in those pelvic lifts :p Seriously, she gets better with the movie.

I think this movie got a bad rap from the sexually repressed, and those that couldn't swallow the previously Goody Two Shoes Berkley playing a hard core role. I can understand a sense of miscasting; it hugely effects your perception of a movie. There must be a lot of repression, considering its low ratings. If unromanticized sex and heavy nudity -- literally, in the case of one character -- make you uncomfortable, Showgirls probably not for you. Most people give up on the movie because it does start out pretty lame.
I started watching this movie and expected it to be tacky, I would not be disappointed. "Tacky" is the best word to describe this mess of a film.

No character is well acted or given the material to flesh out the role. It's a film about strippers, but the amount of flesh on constant display is a little tedious. For a majority of the film I found myself cringing and laughing at "serious" moments.

The "story" concerns Nomi, a girl who goes to Las Vegas to try and make it big as a "dancer". She works in a seedy strip club, gets discovered and becomes embroiled into the cut-throat world of being a showgirl.

If you like your movies awful then this is one for you.
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