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One of my favorites.thanks linker's.

Short Circuit 2 (1988)

A fun family 80's comedy just like the first one although this one is more memorable to me and more exiciting.
Short Circuit 2 (1988): 6/10

'Short Circuit' is a 1980s film about a witty and loud-mouthed robot (Number Five/Johnny Five) who begins a quest on his own after he has been brought to life after being electrocuted. Number Five meets a young girl who stands up for Number Five and to convince the engineers that he is alive. The film is filled with plenty of one-liners and hilarious incidents involving the plot to capture Number Five and reprogram him. As well as providing many laughs, this film also has some pretty good messages about respecting life and living. If you grew up watching this film, it will bring back the 1980s nastalgia.

The sequel to 'Short Circuit' sees the return of Johnny Five (after coming to terms that he is alive) who tries to make it in the city, but in his innocence, he is tricked into being used by criminals. This film has some humour, but there is more of a story/drama in this film as opposed to the first. This film is weaker than the first one, and the characters seem to act differently from the original film. It is not quite as good, but it does have its moments and some pretty good action sequences. The ending of the film is virtually a rat race, and this will keep the pacing up while other scenes seem dull. If you enjoyed the first one, then watch this one; don't bother otherwise.

Short Circuit 2
Here's another film rating.
More laughs, more action, more drama, and more in-depth characters makes this a rare sequel thats better than the first.
Short Circuit 2 is just like its predecessor, but feels more repetitive. The story could have been much better than it is, the special effects aren't the best and the acting is pretty average. What hasn't changed though is the loveable qualities of Johnny 5.
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