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Nice version of the Sherlock Holmes character.
Great film!
For Holmes fans!!
lol their friendship is a bit suspicious.
In my view, Cumberbatch comes closer than any to the quintessential Sherlock Holmes that Jeremy Brett portrayed. This was the British TV series than began in 1984. While just behind Brett, I do give BC credit for not only his characterization, but also adapting it to modern times. Either way, both are superb watches for any Sherlock fans.
@Gnarly ahh I gotcha you meant "why didn't they have Jude play Sherlock" lol yah well sometimes on here I never know. One day dude said "James Franco was awesome in World War Z" and we were like by James Franco do you mean Brad Pitt lol. Though Yah I was surprised at the character choice in this, but I thought Robert Downey Jr did the best he could with the script. Though as far as Sherlock characters goes no one comes close to BBC's Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch. Btw if your a sherlock fan and you haven't seen the series check it out...Pronto!
@Gnarly ? I'm confused. Robert Downey played Sherlock Jude played Watson. Though it was a good watch.
Nice movie , i would like to see Sherlock Holmes vs Detective Dee , that would be an xplosion
Thanks for the heads up revolver and I didn't even mention the Madonna movie that he made that everybody seems to hate ; ]@duffy1975
Your right Guy Richie has made some amazing films ,but please dont expect to much of revolver its terible,being from the uk ive been on the Richie bus from the ground floor and the movies you have listed are great ,revolver is not .if your into Guys films ide recomend The Long Good Friday,thats a great film from witch Richie obviosly draws a lot of insperation even casting some of the same actors(look out for Hatchet Harry and Brick Top) and look forward to watching Book of Shadows,part two of Sherlock Holmes Jared Harris puts in A steller performace as Moriarty but please dont exspect to much from Revolver. Ps Wierd Science kicks ass.
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