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She's the Man 2006

When her brother decides to ditch for a couple weeks in London, Viola heads over to his elite boarding school, disguises herself as him, and proceeds to fall for one of her soccer teammates. Little does she realize she's not the only one with romantic troubles, as she, as he, gets in the middle of a series of intermingled love affairs...

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The movie's silliness is both its curse and its gift. If you can make it through its cheesy first part, you'll begin to be charmed by the actors/actresses and the characters they play...... 7.9/10 stars.
great film!! it is nice to see someone who never give up on her dream. this one of the best film..
This movie is pretty funny. But if you've seen or read Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" it's a lot funnier. There are so many nods and references to the play, that it really adds a lot to the film. The schools names, the characters, the themes... clothing, colors, etc.

I love it!! 10/10

:rotten::rotten:She's The Man is another in the "had potential, but didn't know what to do with it" department. The first hour of this movie is good, but then towards the end, it becomes just another cliqued teen flick. Amanda Bynes is very talented and knows how to act, she's good in this and very funny. Channing Tatum is an up and coming actor(i think), he also does a good job. The rest of the cast is just annoying(especially David Cross, who always tries way to hard to be funny.). The Screenplay has some funny ideas but it's mostly junk. The movie also seems to go on for..e..v..e..r. If you're going to see this movie, don't expect anything more then a funny performance from Amanda Bynes.:down:
Appeasing girls, boys and the occasional pedophile.

I give this movie a 6.0 out of 10.0. It's a decent comedy with overplayed, sappy relationship twists. I guess I'm kind of a sucker for love interests getting totally screwed up and complicated.
Amanda Bynes is an enthusiastic actress, making this otherwise-awkward movie entertaining. She's not very believable as a guy though.

(Airplane Presentation) (First Viewing, 1st Fickman film)

With the confusion resulting from gender switch-ups, one can instantly see the appeal of adapting Twelfth Night for the tween set; one can also simultaneously spot the reasons why an attempt to do so would be a major misstep. Yet, much to my surprise, She's the Man somehow manages to avert complete disaster despite constantly promising to do so by capitalizing on its good-natured cast. This is my first encounter with Amanda Bynes, and she possesses an unexpectedly luminous presence-when she's playing a girl, that is. Of course, with Twelfth Night one just has to just accept the idea that Viola and her twin brother look so similar they can pass for identical twins (which is a physical impossibility), but I have to admit Bynes's interpretation of virile masculinity left me scratching my head-it's like a drag queen impersonation of a college boy. I'm willing to chalk up this bizarre performance as an attempt to get laughs from the 10-15 demographic. James Franco clone Channing Tatum plays the best friend/love interest, and seems poised to become the next big teenage sex symbol, and judging from his work here, it just might happen (he's actually kinda good). While a little subtlety would have gone a long way with this film, as overblown and ridiculous as it can be, it's basically harmless, forgettable fluff that's not without its occasional charm.

This was surprisingly much funnier than i thought it would be.

Amanda Bynes did a really great job in this, the funny thing about this is that as a guy she actually doesn't come across as male at all.......she doesn't even come across as female.......she comes across as a GAY DUDE! lol!
Amanda's performance is very forced most of the time, but she's so silly that you let her get away with it and just enjoy the movie.

As for Channing Tatum, there's no denying the boy is a fine piece of ass................but his acting isnt very good. But thats ok, his beautiful face and body can easily be forgiven.

Check this one out, pretty good comedy.
A fun, silly movie that never pretends to be anything but a fun, silly movie, She's The Man is pretty much the ultimate in tweenage fluff flicks, pre-packaged with cute girl (Amanda Bynes), cute guy (Channing Tatum) and a lot of cheerfully cheesy heart. Daring to take its inspiration from the Bard himself, the movie is based on Shakespeare's cross-dressing rom-com of errors Twelfth Night (yes, he did it before everyone else!). In this modern, high-school version, Viola (Bynes) decides to dress up as her twin brother Sebastian (James Kirk) for a couple of weeks so she can try out for the guys' soccer team... all so she can beat the crap out of her chauvinistic ex-boyfriend Justin (Robert Hoffman). Once installed in her temporary new school, however, Viola finds herself falling for sensitive jock-with-a-poetic-streak Duke (Tatum), whose priority, unfortunately, is in pining after school beauty Olivia (Laura Ramsey)... who, in turn, only has eyes for the new boy i.e., Viola's alter ego Sebastian. Throw into the mix Sebastian's jealous and constantly jilted girlfriend Monique (Alex Breckenridge), boisterous soccer coach Mr Dinklage (Vinnie Jones) and whackjob Principal Gold (Arrested Development's David Cross), and you've got a recipe for miscommunications and hijinks galore.

And that's pretty much what this movie is all about, really - it chugs along at a merry little clip, tossing out plot twists for its overwhelmingly blonde, chirpy, ridiculously young cast to negotiate as they fall in and out of love with each other in varyingly amusing, occasionally disastrous ways. There are many, many ways in which this could turn out badly, in a thoroughly excruciating, this-is-so-unfunny-it-makes-me-want-to-eat-my-own-hair way. (I'd compare it to a Hilary Duff movie, except that would be unfair as I've never been able to bring myself to actually watch one.) Honestly, the plot is thin when it isn't twisting itself in knots, the execution pedestrian and any ambition for a great filmic legacy is totally non-existent. And yet, with its tongue planted mostly in its cheek, STM is a breeze to watch. It trips by at an admirable speed and with a lightness of touch that prevents it from becoming cloying. Viola is a tart, smart main character, which makes much of the more implausible hijinks bearable, while minor characters like super-dodgy, decidely strange Principal Gold lighten up proceedings considerably. The requisite video montages set to upbeat teen pop zip by too, as Viola turns herself into a boy with bad sideburns and a fake-deep voice, tries to sneak a shower, or learn some mad football skills from Duke.

In sum, it's all sunny, inoffensive stuff... which is buoyed considerably by a handful of good performances. Bynes, in particular, holds the myriad threads of the movie together - she's not all that believable as a boy, but she's certainly far more credible than any other working actress in her age group would be. Most importantly, she throws herself into the role with gusto, be it wriggling her way through a carnival in which she has to play two people at once, or when she's suffering a traditional boys' school ragging. When she pimps up as Sebastian, especially in a memorable scene when she's establishing her 'stud' cred with the guys in her new school by orchestrating encounters with her former 'flames', Bynes keeps Viola ditzy, likeable and real. The other great performance comes from Cross, who invariably steals the scene every time his character unleashes another random crack about being bald or fitting in.

All this is well and good, of course. If this is what you want in a movie, you're unlikely to be disappointed, and you'd be willing to overlook the foundation of gaping holes in character and credibility on which this movie builds itself. Why Viola can skip school to attend her brother's, and how people can consistently mix them up when they aren't the same height, much less look alike, is just one thing you'll have to get over (or ignore) in watching STM. But that's not even the worst part - this is where you're expected to suspend your disbelief, so if you can't do that, sucks to be you. No, the far greater sin comes in the poor character development that abounds. Save for the spunky Viola, most of the main characters are mere lifeless cyphers - a crime particularly evident in the case of Duke, who's a bland wash-out as Viola's love interest. Hell, her ex, chauvinist bastard Justin, is more memorable than Duke, the jock with the heart of a soppy, sensitive poet. (Ewwww.)

But that's not what you're looking for, is it? If you've read this far, and haven't yet been dissuaded to watch the movie, you probably won't be - and honestly, for its kind, STM is an entertaining, cheerfully upbeat teen movie that plays far better than you'd ever expect it to. Check your brain at every door you've got, and enjoy the unadulterated fluff. You know you want to... ;)
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