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These 2 movies are one of my fav , I hope they make a sequel to this one
Shanghai Knights (2003)
Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson, Aidan Gillen
Directed by David Dobkin
117 Min
Grade C (Fresh) (4)
The plot of this movie seem to go nowhere, and everywhere at the same time. It is a sloppy mess, nonsensical at times. However, the movie is fun and clever, Wilson and Chan make a great team. Chan's martial arts performance in this movie reminds one of Charlie Chapmen's comedies. The fights where very clever and well performed.

As usual, the treat of being able to see a new Jackie Chan movie brought me to an early showing last night. Even though this was a sequel, the hope that Owen Wilson being more original then Chris Tucker had me anticipating good things... and I was almost right.

Shanghai Knights is the continuing story of two cowboy wannabes trying to find there place in the world. As the story opens we find that although they ended the last movie with a box of gold and two way-hotties things change and once again the characters are unhappily poor and off the track they want to follow. Jackie is cut off from his family and Owen is pimping himself to make ends meet. When news comes that there was a murder in Jackie's family and a royal treasure has been stolen the pair make their way to a late 19th century Britian and meet up with Jackie's sister who also takes the case. Mayhem of course insues after that.

I'll start by saying that although there are many problems with the film I did enjoy myself and I found it to be worthy of a sequel (Since I don't think it would've been good as a stand alone film). The good things in this movie include some rather great lines from Owen, a few very talented fight scenes and a female lead that makes Lucy Liu look like Bea Arthur. The overall story is typical and predictable with all the things you'd expect from a follow-up: new local, more heroes in the group, worse villians with a grander scheme, etc. The audiance will still laugh at the jokes and 'oooh' at Chan's fabulous work.
The problems start with the writing in this one. It's obvious that the writing team watches a lot of movies because everytime they run out of steam they decide to rip another movie off (especially Indiana Jones) or rehash a joke from the first movie (characters named Conan Arthur Doyle and Charlie Chapman). The comedy aspect is also very uneven in that it will vary between downright clever and brain poundingly stupid. It's like you had the writer's jokes and Wilson's jokes and neither were going to bend to the others style. Another thing that has been occuring lately in Chan's films is the need for hollywood to interfere in his choreography. What do I mean? Well... most people like Chan's stunts and fights because they used regular household objects and were very hard to predict. It seems that lately there are more absurd things (spinning fireplaces, people flying unnaturally) that make it look more like a Universal Studios stunt show or even... the last Charlie's Angels movie. Chan doesn't need wires, he doesn't need actors hamming up the fights, just let him do what he does best. There I've vented.
As I said before, the movie still provides a good time but It lacks the originality of the original (heh) and will probably disappear the same as Operation Condor 2 or Rush Hour 2. Hopefully Jackie will break out of the cliche soon and get some real films behind him. I'll definitely be there to see it.
Hello rotten tomatoes!!!(yeh that sounds well cheesy I know)
OK finally the mock exams have finished. Graphics, History and German reading last week. Graphics I found oddly quite easaaay, history i completely messed up on and German was a disaster. Anyway this week was slightly more chilled out, maths, english lit. and science(science was today). I haven't wrote on here for a teeny weeny while because I started to play final fantasy 9 and its addictive trust me. At the moment I am on the fourth disc and am going towards the lifa tree but I bet that means nothing to you people. I have loads of graphics, art and english homework to do over the christmas hols:(
The other day I rented out a couple of videos so I could watch them with some m8s but we decided not to so the next day I watched shanghai Knights on my own and it was crap. Tomorrow I am supposed to be going somewhere so bye for now.
This putrid dog WOULD have the word "Knights" in the title

My current candidate for the worst thing I have ever seen in a theatre. THIS Knight was squirming!

Silly, infantile and boring.

Owen Wilson should be strapped to the Round Table until he rots

(Viewed at Regal CG 12)
You know that really stupid looking movie called You Got Served ? Well I just found out it made 5 million on its opening day. That puts it on track for a 14-15mil opening weekend. I figured it would die like that horrible extreme sports movie Grind this past summer. Competitive dancing????? Thats like making a movie about ARM WRESTLING!!!!! You know what would have made a movie about competitive dancing better? ARM WRESTLING

On other fronts I saw and enjoyed Shanghai Knights last night. I thought it was maybe a tiny bit better than Shanghai Noon. It started off badly, though. I almost turned it off after 10 minutes, but it kicked into gear nicely. I sighed a sigh of relief. You had me worried there for a bit, guys.

So one of my uncles decided to schedule a birthday party for my grandma (whose b-day is feb 2) on sunday (feb 1) which is super bowl sunday. This is the season I have been most interested in football, what with all the football diehards I work with. I got sick of faking my way through it, so I started following it closely. Anyways, we'll have the game on in the background. But if you know my family, you know there will be much distraction. And just so you remember, we are 4 hours behind NY here so your game starts at 625PM but it is 225PM for us.

Thats basically it for me, except I got Thirteen and The Secret Lives of Dentists in the mail a couple days earlier than expected. So it was a really late night Thursday....yes I had to watch both before I could go to sleep. Such great movies, quite dissimilar too. I told my Mom about Dentists and she thought I was pulling her leg at first. But now I have her intrigued so we may sit down and watch the movie when I come back east in april.

Well time to go, dont YOU have anything better to do than stare at the computer reading my shit???
Artist: Alicia Keys
Song: If I Ain't Got You
Album: Diary Of Alicia Keys

I always thought this song was a remake, but she said in an interview she wrote the song herself. If I haven't done it before, I pronounce Alicia Keys to be my wife.

I've been bored on my Spring Break. During the day I do my schoolwork (I have a paper to do) and nighttime I hang out with friends who also got nothing to do during the day. We got drunk Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights and we took a break last night to watch some movies, Malibu's Most Wanted and Cotton Mary (only God knows why my friend rented that movie).

I've been going to the gym more, trying to get some abs here. But today worked out for 3 hours on my legs. I f only I had a wheelchair......

Ok, so it was never going to be very good. As it's not, at all, so i'll keep it brief.

Missmatched "comedy" duo set off for London to capture the killer of Chan's father, "hillarious" slapstick set pieces ensue, the obligatory falling out occurs, oh and one or the other might just get the girl to boot. Never seen that done before. The sad thing is, the original was quite good.

Chan is a rubbish actor, we know that and when the quality of what he does best (chop socky action) is this low he really shouldn't bother. The normally watchable Wilson looks like he is embarassed to be a part of it and I haven't even started on the offensive London stereotypes (somewhere out there, there must be SOMEONE who finds it funny!?). Hopefully they'll put the franchise out of it's misery before, god forbid, it gets any worse. :(
Dammit, I needed some Own Wilson fluff. Is that so wrong? Glad I waited until this came out on DVD, though.

The Last Samurai: I just didn't find this film engaging. It was like so many other films and just had "Nominate Me For an Oscar, Damn You!" written all over it.
CAST : Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson, Fann Wong, Donnie Yen, Aidan Gillen, Aaron Johnson III WRITTEN BY : Alfred Gough & Miles Millar DIRECTED BY : David Dobkin

By the time "Shanghai Noon" came out in the year 2000, audiences had already been put through many "buddy" movies, most of which were intolerable. When I entered the theater back then that is exactly what I expected - a very intolerable buddy film. Two hours later I exited the theater with a very fucked up feeling. "Shanghai Noon" had came out of nowhere and ended up being one of the funniest films of that year, and it still stands as one of the top 10 funniest so far this decade. It was a superb work and an unbeatable pairing was developed, so I was obviously anticipating the sequel.

Delayed from December 13, 2002, "Shanghai Knights" will be released on February 7th of 2003. Luckily, I got to see a sneak preview 13 days before its release. Or was I lucky? Of course Chan and Wilson return, but does director Tom Dey? No. Does this make any difference? If you're trying to overcome the original, yes.

The film opens in China where we find Chon Wane's (Jackie Chan) father guarding the Imperial Seal with his life. Chon's sister accompanies her father. Immediately, as predicted, (due to the suspenseful build up of the music)we know the villain will show up at any moment to claim the Seal. The villain, who oddly resembles a mix between Alec Baldwin and Sid Vicious, is played by Aidan Gillen. He steals the Seal, kills Chon's father and heads back to England, taking Chon's sister hostage.

Enter Chon Wane, still the sheriff in Carson City, Nevada, right as we left him. But it doesn't seem like a sequel to "Shanghai Noon", something is wrong here. These are the things I kept repeating to myself while in the theater. There is unnecessary music cued at the wrong places. It becomes irritating and redundant, not to mention the absence of Roy O'Bannon (Owen Wilson). Where is he? I thought they were partners forever at the conclusion of the first film? Chon is notified of his father's death and his sister's kidnapping and heads immediately to New York City, where he can collect his half of the gold from Roy (refer back to the original).

We find Roy working at a hotel as a waiter/gigolo. As soon as Chan and Wilson are back on screen together, I begin to laugh. They created an amazing amount of chemistry in the original that just makes you laugh even before a single word of dialogue is spoken. Yes, I laughed at times throughout the first half, and I laughed good, but something was still not there. Maybe it was that something that Tom Dey brought to the first one? I came to a conclusion that it was. The sequel was missing the punch that Dey brought to the original.

Throughout the second half of the film I viewed it in an entirely different way. I stopped trying to think about how this film needed to succeed in the same way as the first, and just enjoyed it as a totally different experience - David Dobkin's film, not Tom Dey's. I truly think that sequels automatically get put down too easily because people (including myself) feel it MUST overcome its predecessor. This is why I think, despite its clear flaws, "Shanghai Knights" delivers everything you'd want in a buddy film. Because even if you hate this film, you'll agree with me that Chan and Wilson are perfect again, that Jackie is still stellar in the action department, and at least this one doesn't fall apart completely, as most sequels do.

The answer - I was lucky. "Shanghai Knights" is just a very fun film to watch. I recommend this one, it's a brave effort by director David Dobkin.

Rated PG-13 - 1 hour, 54 minutes (Review written on 1/25/2003)
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