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Seven Pounds 2008

A man with a fateful secret embarks on an extraordinary journey of redemption by forever changing the lives of seven strangers...

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WOW, Incredible movie, Not sure how this movie eluded me for so long, but i'm glad I found it..And you'll wanna sit down for the ending, holy moley..
Watched it a while back, great performance this is one movie you would want to see trust me!!!
Slow at times, but worth the time spent. I had not seen it before today and am glad that I had not done any "sneak peeking" as it is one of those movies that only works if you really do not know what to expect until more or less the end.
It still holds up as a great flick.
what a good movie, just amazing!
One of my all time favorite movies, almost had me in tears, and i dont think i can say that about more than 3 movies.
Great movie makes me wanna donate all my organs.
Omg, what a good movie. Not too many movie bring me to tears but this one did. Love love love Will Smith.

10/10 So inspirational! Will Smith did it again, just amazing!

Ben Thomas has experienced a great tragedy in his life that causes him to have no other desire then to help people. Thomas acts as an IRS agent and utilizes his credentials to discover people who need his assistance. One particular case fascinates Mr. Thomas: Emily Posa, who happens to be suffering from a terminal illness. Thomas tries his best to make Emily happy in her dying days.

"There has been a suicide."
"Who's the victim?"
"I am."

Gabriele Muccino, director of The Pursuit of Happiness, A Place in the Sun, One Last Kiss, and Remember Me, delivers Seven Pounds. The storyline for this picture was triumphant and delivered to perfection. This may be the best Will Smith movie I have ever seen. The acting in this film was marvelous and the cast included Will Smith, Rosario Dawson, and Woody Harrelson.

"The blind beef salesman's trying to help me?"

My cousin recommended that I see this movie and I was shocked at how much I enjoyed this masterpiece. This film was brilliant and fascinating from beginning to end. I kept guessing what Will Smith's character would evolve into, and the end was gut wrenching and triumphant. As I stated above, if you were going to watch one Will Smith film in your entire lifetime, this would be the one to see.

"That, my friend, is not a dog. It's a god damn horse."

Grade: A

This was the most interminably long film. The first act is a mess in that it tries to confuse the audience and also set up a thriller which it isn't. The confusion adds up to nothing and then this tact is abandoned in favor of the love story which is a half hour too long. Will Smith Rosaria Dawson and the rest of the cast are charming and the acting is good, but no amount of excellent acting can help this film. The basic idea is good but the execution is a mess. The music is perfect as it underscores all the annoying aspects of the film and in an irritating way.
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