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Serial Mom 1994

A sweet mother takes a little too much at heart for the defence of her family...

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One of the great John Water's classics. Super genius and funny and the casting is over the top. A lot of people here haven't gone into the John Water's canon so start here and enjoy. A lot the new B sort of movies that have been cropping up on this site recently remind me of this.


Ha Ha Ha... this movie is hilarious... killing an old lady with a leg of ham. Great!!! Except for the scene in the toilet block it's a funny movie. It's a family favourite because Nan borrowed it thinking it was gonna actually be a good family movie and it turned out to be this horrible but funny murder movie.
Serial Mom (1994): 6/10

(7 out of 10)
Kathleen Turner is great, but Waters direction, again, isn't all that good. Seems like he is trying just to be controversial in the sake of being controversial/
If you look hard enough, there might be 15 minutes of decent stuff here. For having a quirky story line (serial killing house wife) much of this film is bland filler. When a film is below average in all aspects (acting, pacing, story, comedy) it usually falls on the director. John Waters tries to make something for the mass audience and and doesn't succeed.
RATING (0 to ****): ***1/2

A picture-postcard suburbia. An American family, one boy, one girl, and both parents- Chip (Matthew Lillard), Misty (Ricki Lake), the dentist dad Eugene (Sam Waterston), and perfectly sweet, wholesome mother Beverly (Kathleen Turner) make up the Sutphin family. Beverly, you must understand, cares about her family and bakes great food every morning. She hates chewing gum, is the most prominent preacher of "hate is a strong word", and despises swearing, like the "brown word", and when policemen visit their house regarding obscene telephone calls, she refuses to even read off the "p-word" in a message.

When you start laughing all this off as pure bullshit really depends on how cynical you are; I had two minutes of this and was already in hysterics as to how unnaturally perfect this family was. Coming from the man who introduced the concept of cinema terrorism in his brilliant "Cecil B. Demented", John Waters in 1994 made a movie with a perfectly promising title that should have attracted moviegoers and renters alike. With a recent DVD re-release, it should have a brand new following.

Kathleen Turner in a pitch-perfect performance as Beverly is convincing as that squeaky-clean, bird-loving mom as she is in the film's second scene, where it's found out *she's* the one making obscene crank calls. No matter what, she never stops caring for her family, and as a secret worshipper of famous serial killers (Waters has a cameo as the voice of Ted Bundy), her role as serial mom is a delight to watch even as the acts she commits are so clearly heinous. If this didn't do so poorly at the box office and were released later in the year, maybe comedies would be taken more seriously at the Academy Awards. In my favorite scene with her, she's being pursued by police, but she turns on the car stereo and joyfully sings Barry Manilow's "Daybreak" as she mows through the neighborhood as if nothing is happening.

As for Beverly, well, this is part of why "Serial Mom" is so fascinating to watch today. Her methods of killing would never get past "CSI", but don't rule her out based on forensics; she's a very smart and clever character who knows how to push all the right buttons, and as the film progresses through its neat climax, you'll find out just how far ahead she planned.

Waters, in his satire, actually has more on his mind than to slam "traditional family values", which a lesser, more politically-obsessed filmmaker would likely devote a trilogy to. "Serial Mom" becomes a tongue-in-cheek critique of our own obsession with notoriety and serial killers. Lillard's character, Chip, is obsessed with horror flicks (the outrageously gory kinds), and he and his friends watch some of the most gruesome films and point out how "pathetic" and "fake" they look. In a classic piece of Waters writing, his friend and driver Scotty (Justin Whalin) actually finds himself puking. He's the outcast who digs sex porn, not torture porn. And yes, a little horrific epiphany about the true color of blood.

There's also precious little bits about peoples' lousy recycling habits, people who eat like slobs, and on Scotty, buckle up! Oh, yes, and if there's a real moral to this story, it's to be careful what you wish for. If you have a Beverly in your family, be super-cautious so as to not jest out loud who you want "dead" or "be killed".

A priceless, pitch-black comedy, it's hard to close a review for such a consistently hilarious and on-target film, but I'll go over one last little goodie: the church sermon is on "Capital Punishment and You". Some may find the priest's talk offensive and irreverent. Personally I found it hilarious and relevant, and although John Waters is notorious for his poor taste, it's really only offensive to those who agree with that particular sentiment.

MPAA: R (satirical presentation of strong violence, vulgar language, and sexual episodes)
Runtime: 1 hour, 33 minutes (89 minutes of "real movie")
I love it, Its one of my favourite movies. Hilarious its worth watching at least once.
This has to be one of those, "I can't believe that just happened" films. It is funny and very creepy at the same time. This seemingly sweet suburban housewife, probably living near you! is also a crazy nutjob, who kills just because a person has done something that she doesn't like. For example, wearing white shoes after Labor Day! LOL!!!

Kathleen Turner does her charactor so well, Just watching her as she performs makes you wonder. What would I do that might piss this lady off. Whatever it is, let me know, so I'm not getting an air conditioner dropped on my head when I go out to get my mail. Or lawn sheers to the back!

My favorite sscene is where she is having tea with her friends, and she made a dirty phone call to one of them the night before...and, she says..."Are those...Pussy...willows!"
And, the other lady instantly knows it was her. FUNNY!!!

But, then she starts going on a killing spree, and the cops are on to her, and she ends up in court. Of course the only witness to her killing someone is a peeping tom, who happens to see her killing someone in a mens restroom.

I'm not going to give away the whole movie. But, some of it was a bit far fetched. But, it was very entertaining. I would recommened seeing it. Some people might think it's stupid. But, just watching Kathleen Turner in this role, is enough to give it a try.
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