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Maybe for 10 year old kids, otherwise garbage.
Really enjoyed the movie and wish the series had been given a chance.

Movie has one of my fav villians.
Have seen this movie many times. And i still luv it... 8.5/10
well, this was...AWFUL. Bad written, bad interpreted. Give it a 2/10 just for the effort and some effects. Total waste of time
they have been talking about a sequel..... Nathan Fillion said at this year's comiccon that he is more then open to the idea, and they would like to figure out a way to bring Alan Tudyk back. I understand Joss Whedon is working on something as his schedule permits.
Favorite series Ever. Love this movie.
What I find funny about this movie is that most people that watched it didn't even know that it is based off the tv show Firefly.
Never saw this before. It was an excellent sci fi film. If you did not catch it before it is well worth the watch. 9.5/10
In my humble opinion this still remains the one of best sci-fi film ever made.
Very good tribute to a good TV series. This had everything a sci-fi/action fan would want.
Fun flick, humorous, adventurous and actually kinda thought provoking to think of chemicals manipulating our physiological and biological humanity to become slaves to the elite...
River Tam is all 5th Element Badass!
Classic sci fi movie. totally awesome.
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