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Secretary 2002

A young woman, recently released from a mental hospital, gets a job as a secretary to a demanding lawyer, where their employer-employee relationship turns into a sexual, sadomasochistic one...

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Good film well acted, Much better than 50 shades of Grey
funny how this was mr.grey..huh? anyway...i'm not one that would ever be submissive as a female. but the movie was interesting i guess.
Better love story than 50 Shades ...
If James Spader reprised his role in this movie as Red Reddington, he wouldn't spank Maggie Gyllenhaal...he'd just shoot her in the back of the head.

Just sayin'... ;-)
I don't understand this movie being described as "hysterical". Basically, It's a love story between two people into S&M. Some funny parts, but not "one of the funniest films ever". It's more of a romantic drama, in my opinion. Great movie!
I agree! I loved this Film it was absolutely hysterical, and it was loaded with naughty intriguing scenes. I give it a big 9.0/10.
One of the funniest films ever. It has loads of naughty potential, but Maggie Gyllenhaal is so hilariously solemn, you can't help but laugh your kecks off. Brilliant, amusing, sassy and well worth watching. 10/10
Secretary: Not that bad of a movie but then again not that good of a ovie either. the sybolism in the movie is what I liked about it and the evolution of the character's exspecally James Spader's character, but then again the beginning of the movie didn't grab my attention plus I['m not a big fan of nudity in movies to try and make the scene seem more important, but in this case I think without the nudity that the scene has no point but the character's to me just don't seem realistic but it was an averge movie to me
Better than I could ever have suspected; surprisingly sweet and endearing, while still being strange and completely different. Gutsy performances from both Gyllenhaal and Spader carry the film, and the focus on the characters is to perfection. The score works as a perfect complement; it's both sexy and suspenseful, making it all the more captivating. The ending is certainly the film's strongest point, turning the film upside down without being earth-shattering or unbelievable. It's just right---like the film itself.

Secretary was probably more 7.5 than 8, as it has some underdeveloped plot points and other minor flaws, but I'm feeling generous this lovely morning, as I was last night when I was through watching this great movie.

Oscar-worthy performance by James Spader. Did he win something for this? Golden Globe? Anything? Shoulda. He was A-MAZING. So bizarrely likeable and sexy. An incredibly compelling performance. I was less impressed with Maggie Gyllenhall, who's "Lee" often seemed a little too cutesy-quirky to me. She played Ms. Holloway with such giddy guilelessness and slothful timing it was hard not to wonder if Lee were just retarded at times. However, I blame the director for this, because I've seen snippets of Gyllenhall's work before and I know she's a more than competent actress. And speaking of Maggie, it's funny, I used to think she was unattractive, but in fact she's oddly pretty. Secretary does a great job of pointing that out.Incredibly evocative sets and costumes. Just so amazing. Secretary is one of those films where the sets are almost a characters unto themselves. Certainly Edward's office was, with all its Asian eclectic moodiness.OK, on to the good stuff. This is a sexy movie. A romantic movie. ODDLY sexy and romantic, but sexy and romantic nonetheless. When you finally get your payoff...and sometimes it seems it'll never come, it is so satisfying it's almost like good sex. Or at least a good spanking. When I heard this movie was about a dominant/submissive relationship, I was a little scared, but actually the movie is fairly tame in its portrayal of sex and the dominant/submissive dynamic. Nothing in the movie was gross-freaky. In fact, some of it looked kinda hot. There. I said it. :o And Gyllenhall and Spader certainly have more than enough chemistry to carry their scenes off together.I was amazed by how sexy and poignant I found this movie. In my opinion the film wasn't even really about dominants and submissives or sex, it was about two tortured souls reaching out to each other for comfort and a connection. It's...incredibly relatable. This is a wonderful movie, a refreshing and bold romantic dramedy.

MaggieNZ, are you happy?:D


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