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Scream 3 2000

While Sidney and her friends visit the Hollywood set of Stab 3, the third film based on the Woodsboro murders, a new Ghostface begins to terrorize them once again...

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After re-watching all of these, I have to say this is by far my LEAST favorite...I think the first 10 minutes of it are the only part I liked..Was so disappointed after liking the first 2 sooo much!
SCREAM 3 (2000)


--The idea of resurrecting the story of Maureen Prescott, Sidney's mother, made for a compelling plot line. The story only gets more entertaining as the mystery continues to unravel and by the end you will be satisfied and feel a sense of closure on the series.

--Like the previous two films, "Scream 3" maintains interest and is constantly entertaining, and therefore has a consistent rewatchability factor. I love watching this film and have done so many times, because it is entertaining. And that's a great Scream tradition!

--"Scream 3" is probably the funniest of the Scream films. The Parker Posey/Courteney Cox-Arquette bantering was the most enjoyable; Posey in particular is a hoot and a half playing her over-the-top character. This instalment also has neat little comedic additions to it, especially the cameos, which are very enjoyable. Jay and Silent Bob were great, as was Carrie Fisher. Fisher particularly gets her justice in a hilarious scene.

--The final instalment to the Scream series advances on the chase-stab-kill routine, giving us a few more original death scenes. I loved the mirror death, the explosion and the high-speed chase especially.


--The first two films were very gory and bloody, yet "Scream 3" has toned it down quite a lot. We get hardly any blood and the killings aren't very graphic.

--Neve Campbell gives a strong performance and Sidney is an interesting character still, yet it is my opinion that she doesn't have enough screen time. I love Dewey and Gale, but the entire series has been based aren't Sidney's life and I wanted her to have more time in on the action of the film instead of hiding away in her forest house.


8/10 - So what if I'm a softy on the Scream films. I find them to be one of the most entertaining movie trilogies ever made, and "Scream 3" is a great end to the series, with extremely well crafted mysteries and an endless rewatchability factor.


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When I first went to see this film I couldnt wait, but when I got there I was suprised that it was not as good as the 1st and 2nd Screams but still a really good movie!!!
This movie was alright. I didn't like it as much as the previous scream movies. Usually, the second and third installments in movies aren't good. Scream 2 was great and this one is just alright. It does a good job of summing up the story. Its not scary at all.
The fianel chapter is here ! This is where main charters can die! Where They meet new people! and old friends come back to vist! New secrets and new family
Hmm... I haven't watched the first two ones yet (dunno why, i'm no big horror fan). But today I saw Scream 3, and well... when I watched Scary Movie some time I thought that one would make fun of Scream etc. but somehow Scream 3 was just another Scary Movie part?? I mean, there wasn't that much difference I think. Oh well ;)
So I rewatched the "Scream" trilogy. I love the first one the best. I love all the references to other horror movies. I love trying to catch the things I missed from before. This time I caught it when Stu is saying "As if, that's all I'm saying, as if" to Randy in reference to Randy hooking up with Sydney. Randy's response is then "Oh really Alicia?" which is referencing "Clueless". Kevin Williamson has this great art with words. He really knows what his target audience wants to hear. He has a unique way of wording things that works so well for what he's trying to convey. That is definately a man I want to see more things from in the future. Hopefully "Cursed" will be as good as his previous works, and the magic that was there for "Scream" will be there again for Wes and Kevin.

So the second one I love because of the message it sends. I think all three movies send a good message but the second is pretty much what I've been saying about violence and youth for a very long time. It's stems from the family. Now ok ok not all violence can be blamed on the parents and shit like that. I know some people are probably just born psychotic. And there are about a million other factors that play into it but a big one is definately the parents. I also love finding the cameos in this one. Matthew Lillard, Selma Blair, Rose McGowan, and Wes and Kevin of course.

"Scream 3" always lacked a bit to me. Randy (may favorite character) not in it but a small 2 minute roll. Not enough for me. Kevin didn't write it so there was another one of it's faults. But I still like the message it sends that in the end the decisions we make in life are our own. We may be influenced by things but ultimately they are our choices. Oh loved the cameos in this one too. The best is Jay and Silent Bob. Were they on the studio tour while they were looking for Suzanne?
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This trilogy always manages to be interesting but screaming is the last thing on your mind.

This film was originally intended to be a spoof on scary movies in general and ended up becoming a classic thriller (which shows the directer wasn't too hot on this one). This film is very interesting and will keep you on the edge of your seat threwout the entire time. The dark and mild pace of the movie set an interesting tone that make you wonder about the films actual purpose. The acting is good in general and I love the whole who-dun-it aspect of the film.

Scream 2:
This movie seems to have lost a lot of care for the screams but it still manages to keep my interest and never ever loses me. It isn't a bad sequel, noted there have been plenty better ones. This movie also does a very well thoughtout who-dun-it part but the acting level seems to have faded slightly and the killers become more of a dream of the original rather than their own identity. During this film you see that it was trying to re-create the original without actually doing it which leads this movie into its own stupidity.

Scream 3:
By now you know who is going to die and who is going to live, no real biggy anymore. Once again they master the who-dun-it part and they manage to explain the original killings in the process. The problem is this time you can already guess your way threw it which leaves a lot of this film to bore you. This movie also has a guest appearance by Carrie Fisher(Star Wars) and thats about it for this film. Nothing special just a rip off of its 2 originals.
The third and final (hopefully) of the Scream Trilogy. It starts to forget its roots and falls under its own cliches.
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