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Schindler's List 1993

In Poland during World War II, Oskar Schindler gradually becomes concerned for his Jewish workforce after witnessing their persecution by the Nazis...

Release Date:
February 4, 1994
195 min
Steven Spielberg
Ludger Pistor, Ben Kingsley, Thomas Morris, ...
Drama, History, Biography, ...

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Solar rating: 9.3


Imdb rating: 8.9

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I saw this one a few years after it came out when I was 8. Since then I have seen it many more times. Defiantly one I always recommend to friends. The acting is so flawless that at times you feel you are in the scene. This retelling of true events is emotional and real that we will never forget Oskar Schindler, a true hero in human history. 10/10
the movie made me cry. excellent acting, and one of the best movie for me.
It's very rare that I give a movie a perfect rating. Schindler's list is a masterpiece.
I rarely give a perfect rating for movies. Some of the best movies I have seen still have their flaws. This film however, is truly flawless in my opinion. Even if it wasn't born of a true historical travesty, this movie holds it's own against the sands of time, and beats them back at every turn. Schindler's List is a true masterpiece. 10/10
Wow, the ending broke me completely down. Moving film that everyone should see in their lifetime.
A very rare masterpiece...Beautiful cinematography, excellent acting, you must watch it, you will feel richer for it! 10/10
Where is part 2
A beautiful masterpiece. hands down.
This is an important movie and I'm grateful Spielberg made it. I'm concerned that an increasing number of people don't seem to even know basic historical facts about WWII and that they treat what should be THE most important lesson in the history of mankind without any respect. This movie is genius level, it accomplishes the impossible with a very difficult subject matter.
Schindler's List is a great movie, flat out, hands down. The events that unfold in this 3 hour extravaganza will leave you crying, rejoicing, questioning, and sometimes downright speechless.

The movie develops an excellent story as Oscar Schindler employs Itzhak Stern in another attempt to make it rich, but it quickly turns into a struggle to save as many Polish Jews from the Holocaust as possible. I won't give away any more of it then that.

As for the movie, it has a great setting and spot-on acting. The people's emotions will be impressed upon your emotions, and it is almost as if you begin to know Oscar himself. The few areas that I would find lacking would be the soundtrack, and some of the visuals were not the best. Get past that, and you will find yourself viewing a near perfect movie.
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