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I didn't really like the first two - I guess both had their moments - but mostly, I felt they were just cheap copies of The Naked Gun movies. And now since they have the original Naked Gun director and Leslie Nielsen on board, I'm actually kinda looking forward to the 3rd one.

Argh...damn, just found another bug! Must squash...
Scary Movie 3 ** 1/2
I enjoyed the first half of the movie, which I thought had some truly funny scenes. The second half was a little dry and the material seemed to lose it's freshness. I think they really should have moved on to new ideas to spoof, instead of mostly The Ring and Signs. Plus, I thought in many ways their spoofs were really just recreations only with added slapstick.
It's a David Zucker film, a spoof. This kind of humor either tickles your fancy or throws you off, way off.

I've grown to appreciate this genre, and it's director, however a minor effort this might be. The jokes in Scary Movie 3 are for the most part well natured, and plentyful. By the end of the movie it does tend to feel a bit like overkill, and the moments don't always work, but there's fun to be had here.

I wouldn't recommend this movie as a theater experience though, instead, you should wait for it to come out on DVD, as it seems like an awful lot of it has been left in the cutting room floor (see tv ads, trailers).

A double bill doesn't sound like a bad idea either.
seen SM3 today, nothing too special, better than the second one though.
I hate Mondays

Well anyway, I went to my first movie in about a month this weekend. My boyfriend and I went and saw Scary Movie 3. I was not too thrilled to go see it, but it ended up being a pretty funny movie. I think it would have been better for me if I had seen "The Ring" first, which after I saw Fear-dot-com, I swore I would never see the Ring seeing that it had the same premises. Now I want to go rent it...but maybe it will be on HBO soon. Who knows? In any case, SM3 was better than 1 and 2...not so much stupid, sick humor, and it was a bit wittier. Not much more to say about the movie.

Other movies I saw for the first time this weekend/past week:

1. Daddy Day Care -- Cute...but not a repeat movie for me...unless it was on TNT and there was nothing better to watch.

2. Down with Love -- See above for same reaction.

3. The Core -- HORRIBLE! From the special effects to the plot to the actors, etc. I'm sorry but I expect much more from a Sci-Fi movie. Don't waste your money or time on this

Ok that's it for me today.
I come back to you now, COMPLETELY AND FULLY RE-JUVENATED! I spent the weekend locked in my room, studying the delicate intracacies of my wall that almost moves, examining specks of dust floating around the room and glistening in the one ray of sunlight I allow into my room, spit-shining my pennies, and flicking my computer mouse to see what it does...all while eating nothing but my old notepads. It was incredible, I tell you! It was like one of those classic tales of survival, of man vs. bedroom! It was a rough go, but I finally think I've finally come to a calming, peaceful state of metallica with my room. Another highlight is that I had at least 17 separate visions that I can think of, all of them fume-induced from my markers, but still, I had 'em. I mean, I had some flippin' markers!! Can't expect me NOT to use them properly! I'm only human (last I checked).

Anyways, one vision was of Worky McFun, as he was riding a mechanical bull in the great beyond, waving his giant foam cowboy hat, and "yahoo"-ing his way into my heart once more. Another was of my father, Jimmy Hoffo. No, not Hoffa (I get that a lot). Dad was making out with a callgirl who turned out to be a man. I'm not sure what inspired this vision, so I said "Whatever puts the swagger in your step, pops", and quickly sniffed more markers and hallucinated the best hallucination that I've ever hallucinated. This time, it was of my old dog, John Doe. And he was beating the crap out of Bogart in a boxing match! Oh, it was glorious! A left hook! And then a right! And then a right again! Right! Right! Right! Right! I mean, it was amazing that Hallucinatory Bogart never saw it coming! John Doe "floated like a stick of butter, tasted like a pea"...or however it goes.

So yeah, that was my weekend. I feel like conquering the proverbial world in the sacred land of Proverbia. And then I'll go take my PJ's back from Bogart, tell the boss I never had to stuff it, scream and yell in Kamikaze's ugly but beautiful face for not congratulating me for running over his grandma, and win Larry once and for all. I am a man on the proverbial mission. I will take the proverbial cake. I will overuse the proverbial proverb. And I will go to the bathroom before I do any of it!
(runs around in circles holding crotch)
What a busy weekend! I had more things to do than I had time to do them. But before discussing the weekend I wanted to put up a couple pictures from last week.

On Thursday, after wushu class, a bunch of us went out for dumplings at Dragon Mark. Rory was supposed to go to, but he walked off with some girl around 7:00 and we never saw him again. We had a pretty good time anyway.

He Jing De told us that his original motivation for starting wushu when he was a kid was watching Shaolin Temple. I remember Li Jing saying the same thing, and actually I think most athletes of that generation were probably inspired by watching those first few Jet movies. That got me to thinking ... what motivates the newer athletes? The ones that grew up in the late 80's and 90's? Shaolin Temple is an old movie to them ... they didn't see it in the theaters and get inspired. What made them want to study wushu? I'm going to have to ask some of them the next time I'm in China.

Here are a few pictures from Dinner.

And here is DX (Qiu Dong Xing). For those of you who don't know (again ... where you
been?) he was on the Beijing Wushu Team too. There are a lot of these people crawling
around California, huh?

DX also talked about his competing for the Beijing Team a little bit. I asked him if he had tried any of the new difficulties that the athletes have to do now. He said he tried them out when he was in China last month. He said he has about a 30% success rate of sticking the moves right now, but that it would increase the more he practiced them.

We talked about the difficulties a bit. He said that there aren't really any athletes that can stick all the moves 100% of the time. Most can do it maybe 75% - 80%, but the most important thing is that they stick in competition. If you watch the vids of the competition you see people making all sorts of mistakes. I guess it makes scoring easier for the judges...

He didn't seem concerned about getting the moves down and training. I suppose he wouldn't since he knows he will be able to get them and he's been training like that his whole life. Some folks mentioned concern about him coming back to competition after not doing it for a while, but some other folks brought up the point that he's been competing NASKA for the last 2 - 3 years and hasn't exactly been sitting on his butt either.

So, I'm not that concerned with his ability to adapt. That's what the pro atheltes are trained to do, right?
Welcome to my Journal.

Today was interesting...I had the "Take your kids to work day" deal. tiring. Now I know why my mom is so exhausted when she gets home from work...she works at a gaddam bank! Being a teller isn't exactly what it's hyped uped to be, let me tell you.

But I had no school. Which is always a blessing.

Song at the moment: One Armed Scissor by At the Drive-In.

Oh, and the Scary Movie 3 deal. Although extremely ridicolous at times, when it hits, it hits hard, and it hits many times in the movie.

Scary Movie 3 is possible the funniest movie I have ever seen! I saw the first Scary Movie and told myself I'd never see another Scary Movie again (I personally thought that Scary Movie was really bad). But my friends dragged me to see the 3rd....and I'm so glad they did!
This was such an awful movie.
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