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this is defo the best scary movie out of them all they shoulda kept the origanal cast in the new ones this was actually a good film i thought ive just watched the new 1 scary movie 5 on dvdrip nd ive got 2 say i think it might be the worst film ive ever seen i would give it 2/10 3/10 at most what a waste of money
Yes, it has a large amount of grossness, But, Scary Movie Has some good acting, Just enough Grossness, And Loads of laughs to make it the most succesful spoof film of all time.
To me I thought this one was the second funniest. The reason why i think its funny because of parody of scream. and all the movies they put together just to make one of the funniest type of comedies ever. 10 out of 10.
I Loved This Why So Bad Rateing? i mean theres beta buts theres crapper from these guys likee date movie epic movie news movie? ummm dance flick so dnt date this bad see them before u see this becasue on my pov this is wkd of a spoof ...
The first Scary Movie is by far the best. It achieves quite a bit of humor and remains funny the way through. Chock full of crude and gross humor, it's certainly not for everyone. Though juvenile at some points, it manages to pull off some truly memorable moments. However, rewatchability is hampered by the tired gags and juvenile attitude. With slightly better writers, this film could have truly taken off.
The best one of all sacry movies really make me laugh
I liked this movie and had alot of hilarious parts and my favorite was the movie theater scene lol
Very funny.
Great last good parody ever made. The Wayans brothers return to spoof a spoof on horror films Scream, with a little I Know What You Did Last Summer(both written by Kevin Williamson) thrown in.
The comedy is very much off the wall, like the Airplane! films. The performances are so ridiculous it helps make the film more enjoyable. I also enjoyed the little twist at the end.
Anna Faris comes in as Cindy, a very dumb high school student, who along with her friends killed a man 1 year earlier. This is a character the fans will definitely get to know and want to kill, lol. Her performance in this will continue to annoy throughout the series.
I would definitely recommend this, but first go see the films this film is paroding.
3 out of 5 stars.
The movie that started a stream of unfunny parodies worse than the previous one. This one's pretty funny, though. Check it out.
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