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I am going to read the book as soon as I get the chance because this was such a wonderful story. Sayuri's obsession with The Chairman was alittle annoying. I would have choosen scarface over him but to each their own.

The picture above is a still from one of the most memorable romantic movies scenes ever, so I had to put it in this review! This scene is very short, but it shows how much the character of Lloyd really cares for Diane, even after a huge fight they had over breaking up. In the middle of the night Lloyd drives up to Diane's house, she won't speak to him because she's afraid that if she does they will get back together, and even though that's what she truely wants,she knows her father won't approve of it. Lloyd knows this, so he tries to reach her not through his words, but instead with the words of the their song, Peter Gabriel's "Your Eyes". They lost their virginity to eachother in the back og Lloyd's car while this song was playing, it was a moment that they will remember forever. That song represented the moment in their life where they became one and showed their love for eachother physically.

The scene starts with Diane in her bed, trying to fall asleep but she looks as if Lloyd is still on her mind. Her window is open and a gentle breeze is flowing through. As the scene moves on the open window starts to let in more than just a breeze, you slowly her the words to the song materialize through the quiet night air. Then the scene cuts from her bedroom to the image of Lloyd holding up a boom box over his head. Just standing in front of his true love's house, borrowing the words from a beautiful song becasue he can not use his own.Diane does not move from her bed. She knows he's out there but she is still too afraid to confront him. But Lloyd doesn't care if she comes out or not, just as long as she gets his message. What she does from there is up to her. Such a romantic and bold statement of love, that makes a great scene
I don't know why I'm reminiscing lately about the 80's/90's. But there are some great films in that time period, along with some great music. So to continue on with my list I started the other day here are few more.


A few of my RT friends have recently reviewed this or made comments so I have to add it to the list because this is a GREAT movie! Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack) and Diane Court (Ione Skye) meet after graduation and fall in love. Lloyed is an underachiever and Diane is a valedictorian whom is off to college. Despite that huge difference they endure the pressures of friends and family to stay together. Great great movie. The soundtrack is also great too. If you haven't watched this, you should! If you've watched it watch it again.
Diane: Nobody thinks it will work, do they?
Lloyd: No. You just described every great success story.

I just saw this movie again, and it still is brutally real and simple and complex at the same time. John Cusack's best performance and some of the most memorable scenes in cinema, from the infamous boom-box moment to the ending airplane sequence. The theme pokes around the idea of truth and honesty and it's upfront, not too shmaltzy, and a movie that makes you feel real good even hours after watching it. Not many movies give you that. I grinned throughout the entire thing. Again.

It's the best film of 1989 for a reason.

Um, why have I not watched this all the way through before???


"Bitches, man." :)
my teen love. Why did you have to go off and stumble into the bad zone with that Anjelica Huston when we were supposed to be getting married?

Yes, this movie was it for me. My quintessential high school movie. Far superior to SIXTEEN CANDLES or PRETTY IN PINK and all that crap. Although THE BREAKFAST CLUB gave it a run.

I could go on, but I won't. No need. Everyone agrees.
Not too bad, a little overrated for a classic, but still a timeless tale of love and war. Performances great all around.

Almost Famous is probably my second favorite movie of all time. It completely changed my life and is half the reason I am in a band right now. If my life was like theirs, I wouldn't complain one bit... but, alas, I realize that it is just a movie. Still, 2nd favorite.

Say Anything is my favorite movie of all time. Probably the best teen movie ever made, with excellent performances. Has a feeling for its time that no other movie like it has had. Though some hate the 80's, I have to say that if you lived in them and want to re-live them, this is the movie to do so with. Great beginning for a great director (except Elizabethtown). I liked Vanilla Sky though... (sort of ashamed to say)

This is one of those movies that I should have already seen by now, but hadn't. Well, now I have and I totally understand the appeal and the film's cult-like status. It's well-deserved, too, because it has a hell of a lot of charm due, no doubt, to John Cusack's likeable personality....oh, also because of Cameron Crowe. But, someone's gotta bring that character of Lloyd Dobler to life and it's doubtful there was anybody better for that job than Cusack. Boombox scene is a classic, but that goes without saying. It's an enjoyable film and a solid debut from Crowe. I dunno, I don't have a whole lot more to say right now. Good day! :)

Say Anything

Interesting for the rich characters.

(because I'm too lazy to download the pic from impawards and reupload it to photobucket).

Bryan Singer can direct action with the best of them and this is why, if you like action movies, you should see Superman Returns despite the tights, the cheese and Kate Bosworth. A sequel would most likely improve on this character-development-overfilled not-so-popcorny blockbuster.
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