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Saw V 2008

Following Jigsaw's grisly demise, Mark Hoffman, the final apprentice to the serial killer is deigned a hero. Meanwhile, Agent Strahm continues to track Hoffman while another group of strangers are put through a series of gruesome traps...

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these Saw movies are REALLY out of order!!!

:fresh: an absolute classic horror film. It's gory and a flashback to the first saw movie.
ALL THE SAWS ARE SOME GREAT MOVIES..the last one with the pigs...going to be quite hard to top that one....sick, twisted, demented....not for the squeamish....will wait for video,,,it will be out by Spring....oh yeah

I give it a 5, due to not knowing.
Saw 5 is really awesome, and it's better than the other Saw movies.
Not good

just not good.
This movie blew me away. I'm like the #1 saw fan! This film was amazing. Despite from the weakness off Saw 4, Saw V has blew all the past Saw films out of the water and started a new beggining to the franchise. This film had enough gore and spectacular traps to make the audience go wild! And speaking of the ending, "You Won't Believe How It Ends", says it all!
Saw V was pure garbage from start to finish. Every single character is familiar with the work of Jigsaw already yet they play the poorly construed traps without paying attention to anything. Every plot device that was supposed to be surprising turned out to be predictable and horrendously acted.

The only characters that you should gain any sympathy for die fairly early on and you are left with bad actors and one-sided characters.

The beginning of the film plants the seeds for a potentially good plot however the most intriguing elements are never revealed. By leaving so many questions for the next film without properly setting them up, they have managed to turn off a true fan.

For five years now, not a single Halloween has gone by without audiences being treated to the wholesome entertainment of 'Saw'. Jigsaw's victims have been sliced and diced and put through torturous traps all to learn the precious value of their own life. And even in death, Jigsaw continues to control his protege who continues to carry out his work. But unfortunately, 'Saw V' is a considerably dull and rusty addition to an already slumping franchise.

For each new stage 'Saw' enters, these films step further and further away from the twisted brilliance of the original 'Saw'. I still hold the original trilogy to somewhat high esteem, their ability to trick audiences and dish out sinister plots was simply exciting to see unfold on screen. But ever since 'Saw IV', 'Saw' has gone from grotesquely entertaining to increasingly unnecessary. It has become increasingly obvious that the makers behind these films are making it up as they go along, as I can no longer convince myself that there remains a master plan set in motion. That plan ended with the genius finale of 'Saw III', and what has followed is no longer recognizable.

'Saw V' attempts to breathe new life into the franchise, but it's clear from the start that this franchise has run its path and no longer has any gas in the tank. Because instead of offering up any clever thrills, 'Saw V' chooses to re-write the history of its entire premise. And that's something I can't appreciate. It's a film that refuses to live in the present, it just continues to re-live the past over and over again from different points of view. It may have worked once, maybe even twice, but audiences will eventually catch on. For this fan, that time has finally come.

Worst of all, 'Saw V' becomes boring and repetitive. The traps, and they're few and far in-between, are surprisingly lifeless. We've seen it all before, and there's no comprehensible creativity or originality behind it this time. There is an interesting spin on events that surfaces near the end of the picture, but it won't do anything to improve the empty vessel that is 'Saw V'. And even as you sit there, patiently waiting for the theme music to kick in and a big surprise ending to catch you completely off-guard, don't hold your breathe. It's an ending so convoluted and brainless, the only sense you can make out of it is in knowing that 'Saw VI' is only one year away. Great.

Saw V was decent conclusion for the first 4. It was not a great movie all by itself but in a whole it fills all the blanks in the originals, and allows the for the next movie to start fresh. Leaving so many parts still unsolved. The ending opened up possiblilties for newer additions without having to tie up any loose ends.

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