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Saw IV 2007

Jigsaw and his apprentice Amanda are dead. Now, upon the news of Detective Kerry's murder, two seasoned FBI profilers, Agent Strahm and Agent Perez, arrive in the terrified community to...

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Fast-paced, brutal and on the edge of my seat the whole movie! This nonstop blood and guts masterpiece was released in perfect time for a good halloween horror flic experience. For true horror fans only! Choppy, frenzied cinematography kept our hearts racing and mesmorized by the realistic looking special effects. Of course, like most of these modern horror movies, the acting and script were corny. But, that's not what this type of movie is known for. I still have a place in my heart for the first in this series, as it was something I had'nt seen before and more psychologically terrifying. This movie played less to the mental mindblow and more to a fast-paced action tone with more scenes of extreme gore that never lets you take your eyes off the screen, so much so, that the story line gets muddy compared to the first Saw. I guess most viewers are split depending on what their taste is-of course, no one was mentioning II and III for obvious reasons. Rarely does a sequel (especially a fourth episode) keep the mojo going, but this new pace reinvented the movie tone we first were exposed to in the original.

A must see for Halloween-you won't be disappointed if you pay full price, but if you can, save a few bucks and go to the matinee. If you are a gore fan, you can't miss this on the big screen-it won't have the same effect on you if viewed on dvd. Don't take any stimulants before viewing, your heart will be pumping enough from the pace of the movie-you may actually need a sedative instead! Happy Halloween!!!
saw 4 sounds like a hoot and i am a tobin bell fan!! so i gave it a ten.
After the year long wait, Saw IV satisfies the lust for more blood, gore, and more of Jigsaw's twisted games. This movie digs deeper into the roots of the infamous Jigsaw Killer, and it answers many questions from previous Saw films, while at the same time creating more questions for us fans to speculate over. The best in the franchise to date, Saw IV will not dissapoint. We see some of Tobin Bell's strongest acting to date,and as for Jigsaw, he has never seemed so powerful,emotional,or diabolical ever before in the history f the Saw franchise. It is an improvement over Saw III (plot-wise) and delivers the most shocking twist since the first film's "dead guy rising from the bathroom foor" twist. This movie may seem confusing at times, but most of it is resolved towards the end of the film. I do reccommend that you watch Saw III (if you haven't seen it already) before watching Saw IV. Saw III plays a very crucial part and sets the stage for Saw IV. All in all, this movie is the best torture genre-edge of your seat thriller that will keep you drawn in from beginning to end. And if you think you've got the twist figured out, think again. This movie takes some pretty crazy turns....
I am a huge fan of the Saw series, and as a result of this have been condemned by some of my friends as being sick and being a fan of this new genre apparently called "torture porn." Now you see that terminology infuriates me, the term "torture porn" and the way critics condemn the Saw movies even before they have had a chance to see them. While the movies are violent it is not the violence that attracts me to the films, of course the deaths are interesting and are why many people like the films, but I much prefer the storyline and characters in the entire movie. Movies like Hostel are sick and admittedly despite me thinking they are half decent they are a bit too much in terms of gore. However the Saw series in my eyes a entertaining, twist ridden movies that I enjoy thoroughly. But the ending of Saw 3 left me confused as to how they could make a sequel. Its no longer a spoiler to say that both Jigsaw and Amanda (the assistant) are dead. At first I feared the worst and was worrying in case it turned out Jigsaw "faked his death" or it was all a dream or something ludicrous. Thankfully they never do that, Jigsaw and Amanda remain dead, so who is the new Jigsaw? Well that would be telling wouldn't it. Saw 4 in my eyes is the very best of the Saw series to date, mainly because of its surprisingly not as gory as its predecessor. In fact this seemed the least violent to me since the first movie. This will irritate a few people, but its because of this lack of gore that the concentration seems more firmly on the storyline, and boy is it a storyline. The storyline is fast paced and intense and the final twist so brilliant that it rivals that of the original. Admiteddly I half guessed the big reveal, but there were a couple of smaller twists along the way I really did not guess. Overall Saw 4 is a superb movie that once again is being massacred by the critics for no other reason than its violent.

So lets start with the cast of the movie. Tobin Bell does return in this movie as Jigsaw, but don't worry he's not alive. We see him in a series of flashbacks which are some of the best sections of the movie. One of the movies weaknesses I suppose is the fact as a result of his death we get a lot less of him on screen. A shame as his scenes in Saw 2 and 3 were definitely their highlights. Thankfully his past is still a intriguing enough to give Tobin Bell something to do and his voice still chills to the bone whenever the tapes beginning playing and the traps are explained. The man actually having to take part in the traps this time around is Lyriq Bent playing Rigg, a detective who has popped up in previous Saw movies but has never had anything to do. This time we get him for the majority of the movie. He's played very well by Bent, but admittedly he's just one of those characters that you don't really care about. His storyline is interesting but its much better when the twists are being revealed or we see Jigsaw's past unveiled. Costas Mandylor plays Hoffman and delivers a very good performance, Scott Patterson too plays yet another detective hunting for Jigsaw and has some good moment. Donnie Wahlberg makes a welcome return to the series and has a few good scenes to look out for, a shame he has little screen time.

So what of the traps I hear the gore hounds desperately asking? Well as I've said before the traps don't seem as gory, but there are a few memorable ones. There is the knife trap that really made me cringe quite badly and seemed more disturbing than most of the traps in Saw 3, the hair trap that was a bit nasty, a bit involving an eye ball that wasn't as bad as I feared it would be, a two people trap that is superbly executed and I won't spoil, a bit involving a melting ice block that I cannot spoil oh and the sowed up eyes and lips bit that a majority of people have seen. The traps here might not be as gory but are certainly very memorable and well executed. The nice thing as well is that each of the traps have a certain amount of importance to the plot and lead up to the big reveal at the end that had my friend I saw this with in complete awe. What I also appreciated about this movie is that the traps this time round don't make you feel ill but do actually disturb you a bit more. This seems closest to the first movie in terms of tone, a nice thing in my eyes as it prevents the films from getting to repetitive. The only ways this movie disappoints I suppose is the fact that some things are not tied up enough, the ending, while brilliant and superb after thinking about it and finally understanding it, left me a bit confused at first and didn't tie things up enough for my liking. But my guess is that they're waiting for the inevitable Saw 5 to explain things that little bit more, and as a Saw addict I am happy to wait one more year to find out what happens next.

Saw 4 is the best of the Saw series in my eyes and there is definitely life still in this series for it to go on for at least two more films. Not as gory as its predecessor, but the storyline and that superb final twist make the movie more than worthwhile. A great Halloween treat and a film Saw fans will relish.
Much better than the last one. I was a little confused at the end of the movie, but i'm hoping that's leading up to yet another one next year. i'm very happy they toned down the gore and tried to come up with simple yet painful ideas. the acting with some could have been better, but i won't let that take away from what i really liked about it. this one is probably my favorite right after the first. it made our halloween tradition just as good as it's been the last four years.

Being a huge fan of the Saw series, I rushed to the theaters to watch this one. While not horrible, I definitely wished for a little more, and can't help but think that the 5th movie has alot of explaining to do.

Saw 4 basically explains how Jigsaw becomes Jigsaw. It also plays a game with Rigg, who is also in the first 3 movies. It also simutaniously plays a game with Agent Strahm and Agent Perez. This all is going on without Jigsaw even being alive! While dead, he is still being a badass.

The acting in this one is OK, but could have been much better.
Although it is alright and keeps the series alive, it is just missing that charm that the other previous Saw movies had. It reminds me too much of CSI or a crime show instead of a game. The other movies were also much more gory and harder to watch.

If you are into the Saw movies, you probably have already watched this one. If you are not into the Saw movies, you should wait until it is released and just RENT it.
More blood and gore than the rest, and less of a story. It was extremely disturbing, as well as confusing.
Saw has been making new movies every year and each year its the same thing. Saw IV does get into the story a lot deeper than any other, but I still think that its Saw, so its nothing special. I alwats thought, and still do think, that Saw is a better rental movie than anything else. I think people have way more fun watching it at home.

So, if your thinking of watching it in theaters, think about it again, and go see 30 Days Of Night.
Of course its good, its a Saw movie. Great twist towards the end.
What can I say about Saw 4 without sounding like a complete and utter thick-headed numpty?? I'll start here...

Good storyline...progresses the Saw 4 franchise nicely and effectively...great actors and some fantastic characters...better than the slight-car-crash that was Saw 3...

and then it went a little down hill

Plot holes aplenty...way too disgustingly gruesome even for me (anyone who knows me knows about my whole 'brain' thing - it's meant to be covered over, that is one m'er f'ing ugly piece of body-equipment :eek: - handy tho.)...and finally, it's looking like the bods behind the movies aren't going to know when to stop (Saw 77 anyone?)

All in all, I've given it a seven. It was a good enough film, I didn't clock watch throughout it (unlike after Superbad where my eyeballs were strained to within an inch of their lives :p) and by bf gave his all important, usually reserved for the highest standard of movie, 'yeah, was alright.'

Recommended? Go on then, just don't blame me...


Got to read a load of '30 Days...' today as my boss decided to phone in sick, leaving me to my own devices :D Come on baby let the good times roll...

P.S. If you are reading this and you are indeed my boss, I didn't really mean that and hope you get well a few days...after I've finished '30 Days...' and have eaten all the Quality Street off your desk ;)

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