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Saw IV 2007

Jigsaw and his apprentice Amanda are dead. Now, upon the news of Detective Kerry's murder, two seasoned FBI profilers, Agent Strahm and Agent Perez, arrive in the terrified community to...

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Saw IV 4/10
A disappointing fourth installment, Saw IV loses the tightness in plot and the "coolness" factor that the previous Saw movies seemed to have. Even the gore and violence doesn't make up for the messy plot.

Saw 4 it really consufed me untill the end so your like sitting there saying to yourself WTF is going on..... :up: :down: :confused:
You don't need me to tell you that the blood and guts in Saw IV is, well, a bit grotesque. After all, the torture series has made evisceration its bread and butter, if you will, and it's probably a little bit late to slap that sin back into Pandora's Box. So, Saw = gore. Presumably, if you've read even this far, you're all in for goopy blood and entrails and whatnot. It's your bread and butter too, you see.

So Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) and his faithful companion Amanda (Shawnee Smith) are no longer among the living, but their "work" lives on, in an unending conga line of sequels. In this one, two veteran FBI agents join the local cops to try to figure out who's killing cops, especially with the supposed mastermind quite sincerely deceased.

As with the first three movies, people are maimed and killed in variously creative ways, all part of some posthumous scheme cooked up by Jigsaw. Or by some accomplice who's carrying on the evil work. The good news? It's all interconnected with the events of Saw III. The bad news? Saw III was somewhat confusing, and this one blows it out of the water in terms of murkiness and who the hey is doing what and when. But we do see a lot of the same basic concepts, like a victim wakes to find himself in some sort of diabolical trap, and he must suffer incredible pain if he wants to live. I have to admit that the devices themselves - and the plots they forward - are pretty ingenious. In one scene, a husband and wife wake to find themselves impaled on a series of sharp sticks. That is, a stick enters the woman's body and exits, and then enters the man's body. The backstory is that she was physically abused by him for many years, and now she literally holds his life in her hands. She can live, but only if she removes the sticks, and by doing so his vital organs are skewered. Awesome stuff.

But at its heart, this is a revenge movie. Revenge of Jigsaw for the wrongs he'd suffered. In IV, we find out a heck of a lot more about John's life story, what made him who he is. In fact, we learn he has/had an ex-wife, who makes an extended experience here. Can the ex-wife jokes, you guys out there. She's actually a good guy in this one. I think. It's hard to tell, the plot's so convoluted. You did something wrong to Jigsaw? You die violently. Cut him off at the supermarket? Dinged his car in the parking lot? Littered on his part of the sidewalk? Man, you are so dead.

Meanwhile, all the cops and agents are trying desperately to find out where the actual Jigsaw headquarters is, because the killings continue - and one of their own is missing. Well, more than one, actually; one's been gone six months. But another just vanished, and for some reason the men in blue think he's the one behind everything. They may have a point, since as they follow his trail the bodies pile up. And, as I said, each victim has been selected for a specific reason. Man, if Jigsaw put as much effort into saving the world as he did in killing people off, we'd be pretty set.

This ain't for the squeamish, certainly. First scene is Jigsaw being cut open during an autopsy, and no sight is worse, perhaps, than seeing the skull sawed open, the skin flapped down, the brain removed... Eww. It's a big fat eww, and it's not the only one. If I were you, I wouldn't eat anything sticky or squishy while watching this - parts of it make Hostel seem like Herbie the Love Bug.

The biggest caveat is that the plot is a little tough to follow, since your mind is overwhelmed by all the carnage. At one point during the final ten minutes or so, a character appears whom I swear I didn't even recognize, and that's because some of the events of IV run parallel, timewise, to those in III. Saw III was so last year, so I didn't remember the character.

Overall, though, there is no substantial dropoff in quality from III to IV. Or even, really, from II to IV; the first one still reigns supreme, but that's partly because it was all fresh for us back then, and the others have had to live up to that film's standard. IV manages to hold its own; good thing, too, since it's very likely we'll see a V and a VI.

The opening of the movie is probably the coolest part. The plots got a bit out of control...sometimes just simply impossible to believe that everyone in the movie could figure out the clues just how Jigsaw wanted them to. The timing had to be perfect and the characters met the deadlines with little trouble.

Overall it was pretty good. Hard to beat Saw 3 which was amazing. I'm not sure any of the sequels have revealed what happened to the doctor in Saw 1. If I remember correctly, he did survive and crawled out of the toilet dungeon with one foot. Hopefully the director can shed some light on this for me in Saw 5.
THe opening was one of the best I've ever seen. Squeemish City. The rest of the movie was forgettable. Blood, crazy plots. Whatever. Rent it and you'll be happy you didn't pay full price for it.

This film is strictly for fans of the previous films. This one is bloodier/more disgusting/more disturbing than the previous ones and probably the most absurd. But, I would be a hypocrite if I didn't give this one a recommendation especially after I recommended the previous three (and the gorehound in me did appreciate alot of the effects). But, like I said, strictly for fans!
I thought this was pretty good and how it ties into the previous movie. The explanation behind Jigsaw's birth is kind of lame because you would figure the "other" person would be affected more than he, but I guess the writers had to start from somewhere.

The commentary at the end explains a few things if you're a little confused after you've seen the movie. I didn't like SAW III as much as the others but I thought this was up there with SAW I and II.
I just saw Saw 4 Last night on the dvd. And overall, it was a big let-down. I thought saw 4 was just a normal, gory, horror movie.

Acting: 6/10
Story: 5/10
Scariness: 4/10
Overall: 5/10

So it is another year, and we have ourselves another Saw film. Yes, the ingenious (though admittedly bad horror film) that has somehow spawned needless sequels, with another one on its way, just won't go away. I liked the first Saw film. Sure it was flawed, but it was among the smarter horror films coming out at that time, and it had a nice mix of suspense and mystery to it. But by now, the Saw series has become nothing more than brutal violence strung together with nonsensical story telling.

In the last film Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) died, but in Saw IV he has somehow managed to set up one more trap before he passed away. Much like the Friday the 13th series (of which the Saw series is becoming this generations version of) Saw IV idiotically manages to bring back its killer, though in flashback form. One would suspect these flashback scenes to add something to this character, but they only manage to cheapen the character of Jigsaw.

The rest of the cast is a collection of actors whose sole purpose is to be killed in grisly ways. Saw had its moments of uncomfortable carnage, but the film never went to far with any of it. I was let down at how Saw II and Saw III made the gore more over the top, and the main focus of the film. Instead of filling each film with interesting characters, we get mindless cutouts who stupidly walk into their own deaths. And they all go in just disgusting ways.

I'm not offended by violence and gore. But when a film makes its violence or gore the only element worth focusing on, then we have a problem. Saw was a smart film of sorts, but Saw IV (much like the other sequels) is just about making the audience cringe in their seats. Saw IV didn't make me uncomfortable, just uneasy about watching the rest of the film. Just because I knew the film wasn't going to evolve past its brutality.

Is Saw IV the worst in the series? Probably. It's unfortunate that a film like Saw couldn't produce better sequels that expanded on the original's concept. I wish that filmmakers today would realize that violence and gore are parts of horror films, but not the only elements that make them work. But until that lesson is learned, we will have to deal with more films like this.

Normally I am a huge fan of all the SAW movies, but this one just felt like they were trying to make the movie try to fit into the stories. It just somehow all felt 'out of place'.


You know it's a sad day when filmmakers can make one mindless "Saw" installment after another, and rightfully expect people to march into the theaters in droves. Saw 5? People will go and see it. Saw 6? You can count on them to be there. The reason behind this phenomonon is a mystery to me. I can only guess that people actually like the direction this once promising series is going (very unlikely), or that they have been brainwashed by subliminal messeges. But, bottem line is that no, "Saw 4" is in fact not a good movie. The convincing gore is still there as is the very watchable cinamatography, but the traps have become even more mundane then it's predecessor. Also, this time around there are so many unremarkable characters not faceing immidiate death that the story quickly becomes convoluted. For much of the film your struggling to know what's going on, even though you know deep down that it either doesen't matter or it's just something to set up the twist ending. As far as the big twist goes, there really isn't one. I mean, it's so obvios from the beginning. Anyway, the point is that "Saw 4" brings absolutely nothing new to the series, and undoubtebly wasn't worth the rental cost.
I enjoy Tobin Bell on screen. Is that a bad thing? (Anybody remember him from Mississippi Burning?) Interesting concept which makes me understand why they keep making sequels, but the acting and screenplay keep getting worse... and worse...
Although the ridiculousness of the Saw saga continues in a 4th installment, I was surprised at the outcome of the overall plot. Even though the story in Saw IV has reached a new height of outrageous and bizarre twists and turns, I do have to say they pulled it off with a little bit of cleverness and style. Saw III did not leave me eager for IV if it was even made, but this one has left me ready for a possible V.
I likedthis movie. it tied a lot of loose ends together. It did have blood. Even if Jigsaw isdead, they still made a movie.
Saw IV

Released: October 26, 2007 / January 22, 2008
Director: Darren Lynn Bousman

Reviewer: Eric

No matter what we do Saw comes out every year during Halloween. These movies cost nothing to make and whenever one comes out it makes enough money to make two or three more. Saw IV grossed enough to make two more movies. Are we really enjoying the Saw series that much or are these movies released at the right time?

I'd have to say the only reason people continue to see this is due to its Halloween release. People love blood and gore during October and Saw gives us that. Saw IV offers the most blood out of any of the movies. There is too much blood I think, two minutes into this movie and a body is getting cut up. Saw IV over does the gore, it starts off like this and it doesn't end.

It seems there was more influence put into the blood and gore than the plot. Half of the time I was completely lost on what was going on. Saw IV has certain parts that happened during Saw III. There is way too much switching back and forth. When the ending came rolling in I was just completely lost. Saw IV should have had a disclaimer in the beginning, letting people know that this movie only cares about violence.

After watching this movie I really can't say I remember anything about it. The ending pissed me off and all of the games that his victims play are worse than Saw III's. One of the first games seems like a rehash of another shown in Saw II or III. I really can't remember any more since all these movies are starting to seem too alike.

What is Saw IV about? From what I know Jigsaw is dead which we all saw in the third movie. Even though Jigsaw is dead he has left one more game to be played and it's stored inside of his body. Riggs, the SWAT team member that was in Saw III, is the one that plays the game. What is he playing for in this game? It's only to save his best friends live Detective Mathews.

During the movies main story line there is another one that is brewing. A team of FBI agents is in the middle of the Jigsaw investigation. I still don't under the real reason for this sub plot, there is only one really reason for it.

Saw IV also adds in another so called twisted to the story. We get to learn about Jigsaw's past here with numerous flashback scenes. Most of these scenes seem pointless and a part of them seem to contradict other things we've learned in past Saw movies. I got a huge headache just trying to think about the story in the Saw series.

This DVD has one real nice thing about it. This is the first Saw movie to get released as unrated right off the bat. I'm sure directors cut will follow during Saw V's release, but do you really want more from this movie? The three extra minutes in the unrated version is more than enough.

Special features included on this DVD are two commentaries. The first one is done by the movies producers Oren Koules and Mark Burg and with the executive producers Peter Block and Jason Constantine. The other commentary track is with director Darren Lynn and Lyriq Bent. Both tracks are mediocre, nothing too vital is heard in both of these tracks.

There is a fifteen minute behind the scenes look at the traps of Saw IV. It is a little neat to here in detail about some of Jigsaw's games, but then we also are treated to a nine minute short about Saw IV's props. Neat-o, what's next?

Other special features are included but the rest just seem out of place. There is a five minute music video by X Japan with their song I.V. Then we have the worst of the worst, which can be seen before the DVD loads and by clicking on the option. Sega some how got a minute long trailer to their new game Condemned 2: Bloodshot. Will somebody please tell me why this is on here?

Final Verdict
Out of all the Saw movies right now Saw IV has to be the worst. The movies plot is extremely confusing and all the different sub stories either make no sense or have no place at all in this movie. Saw is starting to show its age but as long as we keep seeing these movies every where we will continue to see new ones. Fans of Saw and gore will love this movie to death so I recommend it to those few people.

3.50 out of 10
Saw IV is a film that is hokey in almost all aspects but seems to think that it is a thinking man's horror. By now with the fourth installment there is very little that is surprising or shocking and the feel is "Haven't I seen this before?". But I must admit, I still somewhat enjoy the Saw films. Even with all it's shortcomings, Saw IV is better than a lot of the crap passing as horror films these days. If you didn't enjoy any of the previous installments, you will not enjoy this film. If you did, it might be worth a watch.
best one yet to me,blood and guts for sure,wont be for everyone,nice twist and turns throughout,,
You REALLY have to pay attention to this movie to really understand it because if you dont you WILL get confused!! I would have to say it is the goriest out of all of the other Saw Movies and if you have a weak stomach DO NOT go see it its that gross!!
the ending is what ticked me off. Saw series is done.....
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