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Saving Grace 2000

A small-town English widow, facing financial troubles after her husband's suicide, turns to agriculture of an illegal kind...

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Solar rating: 8.9


Imdb rating: 6.9



Quite a charming film, filled with whimsical and topical humor, but doesnt quite reach deeper than that. This film has a very heartwarming story that makes it very nice to watch. Unoffensive all around and I didn't find myself being put off by any of the characters or themes in the film because everyone is so dang nice. Very beautifully set too! If I didn't know it was set in England, I would say it was in Tolkien's "Shire" or something, and I think this film used that wonderfully. Because of that, it didn't take much art direction for this film to be asthetically sound, and when mixed with the very nice towns people dancing around without a care in the world (and very high) this film almost gives me a sense of Utopia or something. I think it's for that reason that I liked this film so much, but certainly the film could have been 30 minutes longer or so and followed other subplots a bit more. All in all a delightful film.
Brenda Blythen is perfectly cast in this very enjoyable comedy. Good screenplay, amusing scenario. The score is particularly good. A fun film to watch.
a fairly funny
craig ferguson scripted
old lady sells pot

Saving Grace is the 2000 British Comedy/Drama centered around elderly british lady Grace (Brenda Blethyn), whose husband has recently committed suicide and left her with a mountains worth of debt. With the help of her unskilled gardner Matthew Stewart (Craig Ferguson, who also wrote the screenplay), the two begin growing marijuana in mass amounts in order to sell it and fix their financial woes. The movie is by no means a laugh a minute picture, and it really gets by on the strong relationship between Matthew and Grace. The film could quite easily have presented us with many many more jokes but instead I get the feeling the film takes its characters seriously and is bent on developing these as best as possible.

The movie is backed by a relatively skilled cast, who aren't asked to do much but carry themselves quit well with what they do. Ultimately though the movie is unable to escape quite a few cliche moments, and a painfully over the top happy ever after ending. Yet there's something about this film that leaves a smile on your face and makes you very glad you took the time to watch it. A very strong sort of charm I suppose. And for that alone I'm giving it a good review :).

Nothing special. Fairly average across the board. Good for a couple laughs.
Nice idea, but the movie it's just not interesting or funny enough.
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