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Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom 1975

a.k.a. "Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma"

Four fascist libertines round up nine adolescent boys and girls and subject them to a hundred and twenty days of physical, mental and sexual torture...

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After reading all these comments I went online to read the entire plot. The only way I could watch this was if there was a victorious ending for the victims. Well I'm not going to watch as this movie sounds like it would anger me more than anything. I feel like I need to go watch I Spit On Your Grave now.
It is a very disturbing film to watch. It took me a long time to build up enough tolerance to see it. I can also see the reality of it and it is just so wrong.
I am surprised it is a part of the criterion collection....actually most of the collection is complete shizer since it has nothing to do with revolutionary art; but who you know and how pretentious you can be without sound reasoning behind why a film is chosen to have the most accolades in history.
OMG IT ACTUALLY EXISTS HERE ON SOLAR!!!!! please for your viewer discretion head our advice and STAY AWAY!!! i cant believe this isnt banned here...its sick beyond anything youll ever see...and what makes it so F@#$D up is..THIS S@#T IS REAL!!! ( not the movie i dont think ) but the reality of it is VERY magicks says down below only watch if your willing to lose a small piece of your joke
dnt watch it was the worst movie i ever watched who ever made this movie must be mentally sick
This is one of the only movies I wish I never watched. You have to realize that this stuff really happened and continues to happen to this day. Highly recommended if you want to feel part of your soul die.
@fylhuic I would bet a gajillion dollars that 99% of people here have no idea who the Marquis de Sade was.

and to be specific, pedantic, and specifically pedantic, de Sade was imprisoned for the novellas Justine and Julliete; 120 Days of Sodom wasn't actually published anywhere until the early 1900s.
you guys do realize this movie is based on the de Sade's book : 120 days of Sodom?
Or maybe not, maybe its still censored and banned in the states. Dont worry its not THAT strange, after all de Sade's books were banned in France too, in the 18th century. The man himself was imprisoned for writing and publishing it. The director Pier Pasolini was murdered before the movie was was published.
If there ever was a movie that proved the depravity of fascism it was this one.
Fun fact, the ban on this film was silently ignored in 1994 in the US of A, congratulations!
Anytime someone talks about banning, I've got to check it out for myself. Given I skipped through a lot of it but I think it was the directors interpretation on the perversions of a fascist state. Like saying Fascist are a bunch of sodomizing child molester's and this what they will do to the people. "Acted out" which is a bit much.
the word art have been abused by so many ppl , including who ever did this sickening film
This guy really didnt like Fascist
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