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Tucker and chan what a great duo!! 10/10
Chris rock ruined it again!
Chris Tucker = laughter.
Rat Race - Has it's highlights. But gets kind of boring.

Rush Hour - Great Comedy/Action flick.

Rush Hour 2 - Not as good as original, but a pretty good sequel.

Road Trip - Funny plot line, could have been better.

Gone in 60 Seconds - Probably another one of my top 25 movies.
looking back at the two Rush Hour films, especially in light of recent years output of similar type of films, really makes me appreciate them both a lot more than i used to when they were first released. i always loved the first Rush Hour film, and it's still just as good but i gotta say even Rush Hour 2 feels like it's a lot better than i remembered it to be. in this day and age of effects-filled action films, they feel like a throwback to the action movies of the 80's, like Lethal Weapon (obviously) and the like, when it was more about characters and just straight action instead of elaborate visual effects trickery. i mean, i like a good effects movie too, but they're so common these days that "retro" films like Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2 feel like a much welcomed change of pace.

of course, a lot of the success of these films comes from the pairing of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. they're definitely one of the oddest couples in the buddy-cop subgenre, and they just work. Tucker can be way too over the top and grating, and i don't think i could muster a film with him in the lead, but here with Chan he's more balanced out and he's mostly funny rather than grating. as for Chan, he does his usual thing and it's what made him a superstar.. i can't say i've seen that many of his films, but the Rush Hours are certainly among his best.

i'd also like to praise Brett Ratner (yes, praise Brett Ratner) for actually making films that aren't totally ADD and "MTV". he got his start in music videos, yet his films feel more traditional.. i know he gets a lot of flack, and i'm not saying he's some brilliant director, but compared to some other music video directors turned feature film directors of late, he almost does seem like he's on a whole other (better) level. just look at Torque for example, directed by hot-shot music video director Joseph Kahn, and it's basically a 90 minute music video. Ratner may not be the best director in the world, but i'm glad he's not hopped up on making music video-like films. the fact that his films don't use much CGI makes him seem more traditional than most directors these days (directors of major blockbuster films that is).

i actually read just this past week that Rush Hour 3 seems to be headed to the screen for release next year, and i must say i look forward to it. i just hope Ratner, Chan and Tucker will be able to keep it on the same level and not let it suffer too much from sequelitis. Rush Hour 2 was bigger in basically every way, but i still thought they kept it on a similar level and i really hope Rush Hour 3 won't be some effects-laden spectacular just because everyone involved is earning $20m+. the only thing i've heard so far about it beyond the fact that Ratner, Chan and Tucker are returned is that it'll supposedly take place (in part probably) in Paris, so they'll be fishes out of water together.. well, it could work.

i hope it does.
This movie was even more histerical than the first. It was hilarious. I cant wait until the third one comes out. Acording to this site, its sometime this year. More action, more laughs, and more excitment than than the first.

Rush Hour 2 (2001)

I think it's much better than the first one and I liked the villains a lot more than the first one two. The antics between Chan and Tucker are just great and I just love the silliness of the two movies.
The high five for Rush Hour 2:
Attention Mr. Bruckheimer, I know you're a big-wig producer and all and I look forward to working with you one day sir, but THIS is how you do a sequel, not like your Beverly Hills Cop disaster. Stay with one director who knows the characters, the stories and most importantly, familiar with the actor's work.
Geez that Zhang Ziyi is such a cutie. :D Unfortunately, this was at a time in her career when she couldn't speak English so she took direction thru an interpreter and Ratner doing charades. She only says three words - "Some apple?" and "Out."
The girl-picking scene comes from Jackie's '73 movie Enter the Dragon.
Don Cheadle and Jeremy Piven make cameos in the movie. See if you can spot them. I didn't see the Piven one at first. Cheadle said he would only appear in the film is he could fight Jackie and speak Chinese. See, this is why I love Cheadle. lol
The scene where Jackie and Tucker run through the streets naked is from another Jackie Chan film, The Accidental Spy, which ends much cooler than it does in this film. You know what, why does it feel like Ratner is pulling a Quentin on us by bringing back old stuff and presenting it as new. Ahhh, I still dig the Q-Man. :up:
i loved loved loved this movie
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