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Romy and Michele's High School Reunion 1997

Two dense, inseparable friends hit the road for their 10-year high school reunion and concoct an elaborate lie about their lives in order to impress their classmates...

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This is my all time favorite classic-chessy-go-to-flick! It's a 90's must see in my opinion.
This is my all time favorite show but the two links don't work for me. I'll go in and rate them as well. Thanks for your hard work mods and poster. I love ya!
I'm a dork, I'm a dork, I know, I know. :o But this movie made me laugh, a lot. Lisa Kudrow is...Lisa Kudrow. She isn't a good enough actress to play anything but herself, but why would we want her as anything different?! It's a pretty good movie with a good moral of friendship through it all.

Have some fun and sit down and watch it.

:up: :p B
My god, dreck-on-a-stick alert! Why this movie came highly recommended by my brother is beyond me (though he does go for camp in a big way, which might explain it). Anyway, it's not so much a movie as a string of pretty dodgy, not especially funny set-pieces strung together with pretty lame and/or bad jokes. I can see how it could become a camp cult classic, given the bad hair, the bad clothes and the even worse acting. Plus, the not-funniness. Ah, whatever. Not worth the time. (Oh, that said, as is quite typical, Janeane Garafolo is the best thing about a distinctly bad movie.)
"I feel like I've given birth to my own baby girl, but she's,like, really big and smokes and says shit alot."
"Yeah, so let's fold scarves."

"No matter how much I accumulate,there's still one thing I don't have."
"Your own country?"

It's great to have friends that you can say honostly off the wall stuff without thinking twice about it. I was over at a friends house and he didn't have any toilet paper, so I says,"You don't have any toilet paper, I had to get my hand wet and wipe myself." He laughed about this but he did get some toilet paper.
Well On monday I started a class at a local community college. I like it so far. I feel really old and very like grown up. Which is nice. Well tonight was the last night I will probeley see most of the people in my senior group tv production. Wow. We all had such a good time laughing and telling inside jokes. I am very sad. I cried on the way home. I mean words can not express what emotions I am going through right now. Just pure insanity. As we had grad practice today and I walked across the stage, I saw my life flash before my eyes. I saw myself in kindergarden sitting on the floor with classmates, I saw myself in middle school being this quiet girl in the back, and finally I saw myself this year making friends and finding a passion. It truley makes me feel sad. OKy iam sad about leaving high school. Why because I had a damn good year. For me, the past three years of high school were pure hell. Not only was I treated with disrespect by these group of girls, but I never really found my place. I was the puzzle that didnt fit. Now I am the damn puzzle that does freakin fitt. Now its over. Monday at 3pm I will be a high school graduate. HOLY SHIT. I am scared shitless. I am just numb, because I dont know how to feel. I am excited but terrified........ Well congrats class of 04 like none before

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well yeah um i just relized tonight, that i sorta kinda have still have feelings for this guy that I liked this year. I normally dont write stuff down like that, because its just safer to keep those things in my head. But i mean i guess feeling like i am tonight its only normal for a girl to write crap like this. But ya know what? No one can control who they like. U just cant. sigh, Oky well enough. sigh.
Another Subject
Grad parties are coming up and I am excited to attend some. I hope this summer is filled with really great times with friends. Hopefully I will find a job. I pray that i do well in college and get the hell outta florida. Those are my goals. I probeley wont be writing for a while in this journal, cause crap is going on all this weekend. But then again I probeley will. Well that is all adios
Enjoyable fluff, the stars are good. garafalo steals every scene she's in, as usual.
I love Lisa Kudrow. She just nails this character, her timing on every joke is on the ball every time. She's really quite amazing at playing the dumb blonde that seems to get the better of people no matter what. Fantastic lady...
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