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Romeo and Juliet 1968

When the now famous "star crossed lovers" of two feuding families meet, forbidden love ensues...

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Wonderful movie, Shakespeare would agree.
Okay, ten Shakespeare film adaptations that I've really enjoyed over the years. Enjoy

Romeo and Juliet (Zeffirelli, 1968) *

The actors that played Romeo and Juliet didn't have a shred of acting ability, plus I found all the characters (especially Romeo, Juliet and the Nurse) to be quite annoying. Plus, I felt that there were WAY too many differences between the play and the movie. The only things that were good about this film were the cinematography and costume design. All in all, I was HIGHLY disappointed.
Romeo And Juliet (1996):
Now this film is really well done with a new stylized version of the classic Shakespeare novel. This movie follows most of the book word for word but fails itself on several minor accounts. Like the dialogue, confusing to anyone who never read the original play or even know what they are talking about. I think the acting in this movie is very well done and several scenes are just mind blowing.

Romeo and Juliet (1968):
Now this movie is a more dramatic look at romeo and juliet. Not quite as up to date or stylish as the more recent film but it is just as interesting. I like the slow pace this movie takes and the fact that the dialogue is a lot easier to understand. One problem is if you don't like Romeo and Juliet you'll probably want to hang yourself with boredom after seeing this movie. I think the acting was no were near as good as the original but if you look at the time lots of actors werent that good either.
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Pro: The young actors are great. A faithful adaptation, perhaps the best I've seen. The balcony and crypt scenes live up to their greatness.

Con: The color and costumes can be a bit too much.
Wow! Incredible! This film adaptation cannot be improved upon. Everything is perfect! A major tear-jerker.
:fresh: Great love story perfectly adapted to big screen, the fight, the drama, the love and all facts are set with a huge vision by Zefirelli.

This is a corny movie indeed, but I believed this romance and the passion in this couple (Romeo and Juliet), that's the big difference between craps like Titanic and Love Story and this movie.

When you watch this movie, you'll feel that this film was the good one, not shits like Romeo & Juliet with DiCaprio and the company of gays.

The film is almost perfect, but there are some details you can't understand clearly.

This movie is probably the best version of Romeo & Juliet brought to film. WE are watching this in english class and so far it's really amazing, and there is only a little bit left so I bet it'll be amazing for the rest of the film. The actor who played Mercutio was really talented. Despite some cheesy acting in SOME parts(very few) this film is great.

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