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Romancing the Stone 1984

A romance writer sets off to Colombia to ransom her kidnapped sister, and soon finds herself in the middle of a dangerous adventure...

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:fresh: Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner have a great chemistry. This movie is really funny and full of adventure and romance. All the characters are important, even the crocodiles. I miss this kind of movies.
So one of my first Moments of Truth in my bid for upward movement comes tomorrow. I have an interview with the person who would become my immediate boss and who I would succeed in October as Director of Banquets, or Banquet Captain. Her name is Maureen and she is rather old, October is when she retires. She is quite cool. I did not like her much when I first started, because she did not treat me like a child like everyone else. I got so used to being allowed to get away with not knowing shit. But she would not cut me any slack. She expects the best from people and does not let things slide, like my current boss. Not to say that Kurtis is a bad boss, he is not. But Maureen is more about challenging people and pushing them to always do better and to expect the best from themselves. I need someone like that if I am ever going to get this career of mine jump started. So we have an interview at the ungodly hour of 9am tomorrow. I already know Maureen wants me to have the job so the interview will be very informal and very informative. And I am cool with hanging out with Maureen for part of a morning. She is one of those people who has seen it all and has a good story for every occasion. So yeah I am not nervous about the interview itself, just the good kind of nervous you get when you get to the head of the line for a rollercoaster....the adrenaline starts pumping and you know youre in for a hell of a ride. I have at least 2 more interviews after Maureen and they get less friendly each time. Joann is the Director of Catering, the top....just above Maureen. Joann likes me and respects me, but I do not know what her immediate thoughts are on hiring me to work for her. Brooke is the #2 person in the hotel and basically kids, she thinks little of me. Brooke rules by fear and gets whatever she wants. People look down, afraid to meet her cold, thoroughly made-up eyes and get all mush-mouthed around her. I look right into her cold, death mask of a face and tell her the straight truth because nothing scares me. At this point in my life, I have nothing to lose by walking away from this job. I always know that I have a recommendation from Kurtis for any job that comes next. But the point remains, she wants me to fear her. She wants me to be one of her little bitches and anyone who knows me knows that aint gonna happen. I am nice to her, I am as nice to everybody as they deserve and then some. So our interview is going to be fuckin CLASSIC. I want to bring a small tape recorder, but I dont have one. Who the fuck listens to tapes anymore anyway???? I am going to walk into her office, with a double-barreled rocket launcher full of confidence, arrogance and wit. I am going to tell it like it is, in a polite way, and show her that I am going places. I am either headed to the top of the Millennium food chain or I am headed for the door. The supervisor position at the front desk is mine if I want it, but I think I will likely hit the road if I dont get the catering job. And by hit the road I mean enjoy the summer in Alaska and then go back east. And by back east I mean, drive back east at a leisurely pace full of stops to places like Mount Rushmore and maybe cities like Vancouver, Seattle, Chitown and Indianapolis.
Sick of work talk yet? Me too

So the big news that I have hesitated to break is that Mr. Chris Hughes, city boy extrordinaire, movie buff 2nd to myself, is planning a visit to week! For the past few days I have sat on this news because I was afraid that as soon as I told people about it, something would come up and it wouldnt happen. But it sounds like its on almost for sure now. So I will say that it will be a week of movies, booze, movies, hamburger helper, movies, laziness, booze and maybe another movie. The idea of any of my east coast gang (holla) actually coming to alaska is unthinkable. No one came to visit me in Niagara Falls, why would I get company in Anchorage? I didnt expect it, and have only suggested it to people in jest. So I am pretty pumped. I even have a good shot at getting a whole weekend off (and more) so we can wreak unspeakable havoc on the city without having to worry about having to revive me for a day at work.

Went to the movies today before work for lack of anything better to do and saw Stepford Wives. Funny, witty, nothing special but by no means a rough sit. The acting is all great, especially Nicole Kidman, Glenn Close and Christopher Walken. Is it just me or is it hard to watch Matthew Broderick in anything and not see Ferris Bueller??? Every word he utters brings me back to Ferris and his Day Off from 1986. Its been almost 20 years, Broderick is pushing 40 for godsakes. But he will always be Ferris. Plain and simple. Speaking of 80s classics, I revisited Romancing the Stone for the first time in years last night. What a fun Indiana Jones-ripoff movie. Everyone in the thing appears to be having a blast and theres a ton of minimalist action scenes. It moves along quickly, generating several laughs and a lot of smiles. It does show its age with that synthesizer musical score, tho. And the fact that Kathleen Turner is a big star is a concept that I fear has been lost to the ages.

So yeah one last thing
:up: Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner prove to be the perfect match in the action packed, adventure/romance Romancing the Stone.

Romancing the Stone is a fun, adventure movie filled with constant action scenes and undeniable chemistry between the talented Michael Doulgas and Kathleen Turner. Everything about this film is great. Romancing the Stone is about a famous romance novelist, Joan Wilder (Turner), who must deliver a treasure map outside of the country in order to save her sister from being held captive. When she arrives in the country and mistakenly boards the wrong bus, which accidently ends up crashing, Joan offers to pay Jack (Douglas), in order to be led to the right town her sister is being held in. The two end up falling in love, and saving the day after they find the treasure. The entire film is full of nonstop action and adventure. Not only is the love story great, but the movie has enough comedic moments to supply something for everyone. :fresh: :cool:
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Sigh...they don`t make them like that anymore...that`s god`s honest truth. This movie, I don`t care how cliched was terrific. I am going out as soon as I can to buy it. I`ll add it to the list as soon as i get it. My god, it had everything. Action (Not a big action fan but it`s all good), Obviously Romance, humor and Micheal Douglas. Ladies and gents It doesn`t get much better than this when it comes to moviesfor all crowds...
There isn't a lot of substance to this movie, but it is tremendously entertaining and the leads give energetic and lively performances. Very well edited, good cinematography and a very enjoyable screenplay. Excellent pace. Great fun and suspense.
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I watched two DVDs and a TiVo'd movie this past week. Two movies for research: Karate Kid and Romancing the Stone for fish out of the water storylines, character development and structure, and Bad Boys II on TiVo just because.

Bad Boys II (2003)

I was a big fan of Bad Boys I. HUGE FAN. As soon as the movie started, I was totally into the Miami Vice feel. I felt this was the new Miami Vice. Michael Bay's direction was hip and new and stylish, and the movie was fast, fun and exciting. And as soon as the movie was over, I was thinking Bad Boys II immediately. Bad Boys II is 8 years way too late. 5 years ago, maybe. But 8 years later... Hmmm... The plot was really jumbled. Completely forced. Cinematography over done. Actors over directed or maybe not directed at all. The pairing, always good. Martin Lawrence kills me. He's damn funny. Will Smith, I love, but he just was this bigger than life cop that just didn't get it. No depth, nothing. There were some really good scenes with the two. I enjoyed those more than I did trying to follow a plot that could have been simple and strong. The movie was too long and filled with action. If I were to watch the third act alone, I would have been satisfied. Going to Columbia, the shoot outs, the chase... that was enough action in a film to sustain itself. Unfortunately Bad Boys II had too many holes, and forced along what could have been an interesting story line into a jumbled, FORCED mess.
When this one came out it was shoved in my face as the best film of it's kind. The same as if not better than "Raiders of the lost Ark" I was told. Man they were wrong. It's ok but not that good. I'll watch itv if there's nothing else to watch.

Romancing the Stone (1984)

A fun adventure/romance/comedy. Nothing special really but a fun movie to watch. Not quite a 7, more like a 6.5. Looks a little dated today.
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