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A true classic!! 10/10
My favorite sequel in the series, if for no other reason than it aims to be as big as possible. Whereas the earlier films pictured Rocky as the Underdog in America, this one paints him as all of America, singlehandedly fighting the Cold War against a Russian giant (who, of course, represents all of the sinister Soviet Union, what with his steroids and soulless staring) out to conquer good old-fashioned American hard work and determinism. The training scenes of Rocky in frozen Siberia are truly rousing, as is the boxing match between the two behemoths (which had the crowd I first saw this with in 1985 screaming like they were at a real title bout). Sure, this is impersonal, but director Sly Stallone set out to make a story about two God-like boxers battling for their ideologies. The skill and professionalism on display here ensure that Stallone succeeds.

It was very good. There was a major shocker I never seen coming and it was Rocky against Ivan Drago who nobody thought he could beat. This movie also has an icredible soundtrack. It was the last great Rocky. Rocky 5 and 6 aren't even close to the first 4.
I can't believe how many people say Rocky IV is horrible. Me and many others agree it is by far the best one, so inspiring. It has the best fight in this history of movies, and the best soundtrack ever. My ranking of rocky's would go:

1) IV
2) II
3)I - so close to II
6) V
This is the best Rocky film of them all!!!
Already, the Rocky series is rolling down the hill, to its death.
Purely an anti-Soviet movie, but it does work in some ways the third one did.
I'm sorry for those who hate Stallone and any of his works but this and Rocky 1 are the best of the pack.

You've really got to look into what Rocky is goin' through; His best friend just got killed and his wife is pissed at him for wanting to fight one more time.

The training scenes in this movei are some of the best, you can see Rocky's sheer determination, and thats why everyone fell in love with rocky in the first place.

Everyone looks at the bad when it comes with Sly, but we really got to look at his director side and what he is trying to do. Note that he didn't direct Rocky V, which was one of the worst films of all time if you ask me. Sly wanted Rocky to die in Rocky V, but the director wanted the street fight scene to happen (gag). But all in all , I love Sylvester Stallone's work . . . not all but most. so this movie gets a 10/10
The first four Rocky movies were pretty good movies, while the fifth one wasn't all that impressive.
Okay, this is definitely where the Rocky series nukes the fridge. While still being a good movie, it definitely was a let down from the previous films.
The plot was... creative, I guess. But I felt that the whole idea of getting the Russians and Cold War involved was a little much...
I also didn't really like Rocky's huge house and new robot. I felt that was a little weird, to say the least.
However, the fight scenes were still phenomenal and the training scene was just as good as in any of the other films.
Stallone, Young, Weathers, and Shire still give great performances, but there's definitely a huge difference from here and the performances they gave in the first three films.
All in all, the fourth in the series wasn't too bad, especiallly considering it was the fourth in a series. Weird, sure, but not bad.
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