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One of the best films ever!!
This one is the best. The Rocky series went down hill from here. Each one getting worst than the last
This is truly a classic!!!
Yes I hear the one coming out in 2015 is going to be about Rocky in a nursing home. The working title is "ROCKYing Chair". He takes on all the senior citizens at once only armed with a colostomy bag and a cane. Seriously though you're in for a treat If you haven't seen all of the movies. I even liked the last one Rocky Balboa. Speaking of, watch out for the line in R.B. where he says "Oh, he's European?" Had me ROLF. Sly is the man.
I was determined to hate Rocky before watching it, because I absolutely hate the sport boxing. When I looked up people's reviews, I discovered that Rocky had received incredible Critical Acclaim. After I finally gave Rocky a chance, I discovered just how much of a masterpiece it is to film. Rocky has a fantastic story, some great acting and most of all makes us care and value the characters. Rocky stands out as incredible, even if you hate boxing, which is where the film shines the most. The icing on this great cake is Burgess Meridith giving a flawless and gripping performance as Mickey. I apologise greatly to Rocky for not watching and praising it sooner. Consider me a fan of the franchise.
Yes, this movie follows a formula. But I like the formula. Sometimes all you want to see is an enjoyable movie about an underdog who rises to the top, and what better movie is there for that than Rocky. The movie spends less time showing people getting their faces smashed in and more on developing the character of Rocky, which makes him more than just a down-and-out boxer, but a truly inspirational hero. And it gets better. Rocky has one of the best montages ever, and who doesn't love a good montage?

Sylvester Stallone, who I am not really a fan of, impressed me in this film. His acting was flawless and he surprised me with his writing ability, because I always thought he was an idiot. But Rocky is making me rethink my opinion of Mr. Stallone, as his movie was purely entertaining and heart warming.

There will always be movies that follow the same plotline as Rocky, and some will be better than others. But Rocky is without a doubt, the best I have ever seen.
Rocky is a fantastic drama with terrific acting by Sylvester Stallone, a great plot, and a great script too. Rocky is one of the best films ever made, and it recieves my highest recommendation.
This is my absolute favorite film of all time. It just makes me feel good everytime I watch it. Not only that, but it has great acting, screenplay, direction, music and so much more. IMO, it's one of the best films of all time.
Just a dumb movie about a 5th rate meathead boxer and his ugly girlfriend Adrian.
the original rocky has to be the best of the series. to me this movie has an awesome story line and just the right amount of violence and listening in the movie. plus, sylvester stallone is another thing that made the movie just pure awesome. he played a great part of rocky balboa in this movie and any fan of the rocky series will surely agree.
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