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Rock Star 2001

Lead singer of a tribute band becomes lead singer of the real band he idolizes...

Release Date:
September 7, 2001
105 min
Stephen Herek
Mark Wahlberg, Jamal Weathers, Vitamin C, ...
Drama, Comedy, Music ...

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Solar rating: 8.6


Imdb rating: 6.2

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bad quality!
just that
One of the things that fascinates us about rock stars is the way they live their lives with reckless abandon. Some may be selfish jerks, or destructive addicts of one kind or another, but almost all of them live in the moment and embrace all that life has to offer. Part of the problem with Stephen Herek's film Rock Star is that the movie seems to view being a rock star as a curse rather than as a blessing. The film is a fantasy about a layabout named Chris Cole (Mark Wahlberg), a somewhat talented musician who seems destined to wallow in obscurity for his entire life. Cole's big break comes when he is signed to replace Bobby Beers, the lead singer for the band Steel Dragon. It's one of the supreme fantasies of our time: become a rock star and be privy to a life of sex, drugs and luxury. The opening scenes of Rock Star promise a film not unlike Dave, Ivan Reitman's superb comedy about an ordinary man given the chance to be president of the United States. The crucial mistake of Rock Star is that it begins to concern itself with morals and ethics just when it should be having fun. Cole's ascent to stardom causes him to alienate his longtime girlfriend Emily (Jennifer Aniston) and become an egotistical jerk. It's one of the oldest, and most hypocritical, morality tales in Hollywood's canon: become famous and risk losing the people that are closest to you. The formulaic nature of the film's story might be forgivable if Rock Star focused on unique characters with specific personality quirks. Instead, Herek is content to use stock caricatures to fill out his overly familiar story. Of the supporting characters, only Timothy Spall stands out as Steel Dragon's wise band manager. Wahlberg is fairly stiff in the lead role, and that is a crucial flaw, since the part calls for an actor with energy and passion. Since Jennifer Aniston's character is paper-thin, the supposed conflict between Chris's decision to pursue his dreams or stay with Emily falls flat...we don't care about his choice either way. Even the music in Rock Star is disappointing: Herek shoots the concert scenes quite frenetically, and the soundtrack is so loud that we don't get much of a sense of the music being sung (although perhaps that's a blessing). Rock Star demonstrates once again that a promising premise can be sullied by mediocre and predictable execution. This is one rock star that doesn't have any charisma.

the plot
Mark Wahlberg plays Chris Cole, a local guy from Pittsburgh who is a copy-machine repairman by day (still living at home), and the lead singer of Blood Pollution, a Steel Dragon tribute band, at night. (Steel Dragon is a heavy-metal hair band living it big in the 1980s.) Cole prides himself on getting everything exactly right when he's onstage, every note, every costume, every shade of mascara; he even gets a nipple ring right after Steel Dragon's lead singer does. Chris's dream turns into reality when Steel Dragon fires its lead singer and brings Chris in to audition for the job. He gets the gig, but he also gets a lot more than he bargained for.

what i think
i think this movie would of got a zero if not for mark wahlberg he does a great with his charter but thats about all thats good really the story feels like to preaching about good morals but really i seen a movie about good morals done better than this it's cheesy dumb and 80's metal come on if your going to make a movie make it about good music like almost famous did thats a good music movie .really if you want to watch a movie about good morals watch somthing thats nots so flooded with trash ,this movie had unnessacy nudity,swears,and just stuff that could of been left out really ,:rotten: 2 dont waste your time with other movie out there
Despite what reviews say about this movie, it is very entertaining, and in many aspects very true. It deals with stardom, and how this guy who idolized this band replaces the lead singer in the band (Steel Dragon). Mark Wahlberg (Marky Marky) did an excellent job as Chris, or Izzy, os as he wanted to be known as Chrizzy, the lead singer. Also, i think that this is Jennifer Anistons best performance, as the girlfriend to Chris. So instead of listening to my ramblings go now and rent it..and if u dont..well then you suck! it's a kick ass movie!

Jenna :D

P.S. Mark Wahlberg is damn delicious in this movie! And Jennifer Aniston isn't to shabby herself
So, we lay there in our miserable shithole, staring into space and dreaming that a rock falling out of the sky would come and bash our heads into tiny little pieces, making us almost impossible to identify, but since that didn't happen, it was movies...

First up was Rock Star, which details the rise of a wannabe cover, whoops, tribute band "metal" (cock rock, actually) singer who worships his idol and imitates his every move and outfit.

Cheesy movie all the way through. Funny at the start, when two rival "Steel Dragon" cover bands meet outside of a Steel Dragons concert, and square off with their opposite imitators in a parking lot brawl, basically over who has the right colour of lapels on their imitation jackets.

So, the guy gets a shot to be the singer of the big group when they have a falling out, and a full circle story is told which can be summed up as follows.

Hey, fame and money is nothing compared to living with your girlfriend.

Or, perhaps better to point out, it is better to be an obscure original than an awesome imitator.

Cheese. While we agree with the last statement fully, it is still cheesy, but good for some laughs.


Moving on, we watched Purple Rain, which is the story of Prince growing up in Minneapolis amid family chaos and creative conflicts, all centered around a club where the acts compete for stage time.

This movie can also be cheesy, and Apollonia is a TERRIBLE actress.

Still, it is of higher quality than Rock Star, and though we aren't into Prince, or whatever he wants to be called today, it stands up as a decently entertaining movie for 80s nostalgia.

Thus concludes a brief spell of writing about something else besides how life is shit, and we give up on hope as ever being true.


In this movie Mark Wahlberg & Jennifer Aniston play husband and wife (both with great performances) Mark becomes the lead singer of a Rock N Roll band, and he lives the Rock N Roll life style, and drags his wife threw it. This is a great movie, and it doesn't get the respect it desirves.
Not bad, I really liked the performances, especially the two leads - Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Anniston. Inspite of a few parts that dragged, it's a good story. It never bored me.
I remember seeing this right after Almost Famous which made this look like utter crap. Which it isn't. The performances are just good enough to bring this out of the gutter into a good afternoon watch.
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