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RoboCop 1987

In a dystopic and crime-ridden Detroit, a terminally wounded cop returns to the force as a powerful cyborg haunted by submerged memories...

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Does this movie suck? totally. but it is still awesome. the plot is a little silly, the acting is horrible, and the script is more than a little dumb. but it still is a very likable movie. like tremors it doesn't take itself too seriously. and in that it is awesome.
Smart, witty, gritty, bloody, and incredibly brutal. Robocop is one of the best si-fi action films out there. I like to consider it as a comedy as well.
Robocop follows the story of a Detroit police officer killed by a gang of criminals. He is later brought back to life in the form of an almost invincible cyborg. He then goes on to bring down the criminals that killed him, and uncover a vast corporate conspiracy.
The story may seem kind of corny, to be true it is. But that does not stop it from being entertaining. There is many great action scenes, and some impressive set pieces. The effects are getting a little dated by todays standards. Don't miss out on this si-fi classic. It contains all of the great sarcastic humor and brutal graphic violence that can only be found in a film from the 1980s.
I'd add this one to your late eighties nostalgic vcr memorex memory box.

This tomato is so rotten its gotta be fresh!
After watching this again I can see How far Digital Animation And Special Effects Have come This is old school action .. It still Gets my hart going ..
Veteran police officer Alex J. Murphy is transferred to a new precinct and partnered with Anne Lewis . On their first duty, they chase down a team of criminals led by crime boss Clarence Boddicker to an abandoned steel mill outside of town. Murphy and Lewis separate, and Boddicker's men capture Murphy, shooting him numerous times before running off. Murphy is pronounced dead at the hospital, but OCP takes his body and uses it to create the first Robocop.OCP (Omni Consumer Products) A futuristic way of figting CRIME That is Overwhelimg Detroit, Michigan ...Robocop is guided by three Directives (#1: Serve the public trust #2: Protect the innocent #3: Uphold the law!!!
Robocop is one of those films that will forever be relevant, and is one of my favorite sc-fi movies of all time. Paul Verhoeven direction is outstanding, as he uses the backdrop of a futuristic crime ridden detroit, along with christian symbolism and satire, making Robocop more than your average everyday science fiction movie.

Secondly, the actual Robocop itself is a really interesting character, and Peter Weller plays him perfectly. Robocop the character is more than just flesh and metal, he is still Alex Murphy, and Verhoeven brings this out perfectly as we see Murphy's dreams and memories begin to evolve. The acting is very good as well, and I especially like the Clarence Bonniker character played by Kurtwood Smith. Clarence Bonniker is one of the most ruthless and evil criminals ever portrayed on film in my opinion, and his dialogue is smart and funny at the same time, which makes him very likable.

Another great thing about this film is the action sequences, which are ultra violent and ultra entertaining to watch. Robocop is more than a action scifi film though, its deeper than that. The film preposes many questions, and leaves the viewer to answer those questions himself. They don't make them like this anymore.
"Dead of Alive your coming with me." Robocop is a movie that you root for from the moment he steps in front of the camera. Verhoevens best film to date.
7-word review:

Badass, full of action; some nice satire.

"Dead or alive, you're coming with me."
Awesome movie.
Peter Weller emotes like Hayden Christensen,so putting him in the suit with just his mouth visible was a great choice.he's got the perfect voice for the role too.
Now....anyone who would have seen this movie AFTER seeing a few episodes of 'THAT 70s SHOW' would think....'Damn,Red Forman was a serious badass before he had kids!'
This movie had great effects and great dialouge and some great acting by the likes of Ronnie Cox,Miguel Ferrer and Nancy Allen.

A great movie,especially for the end of the 80s....and a benchmark in movies that are getting closer and closer to being no doubt they are gonna make a 'revision' remake of it.....

Now,I'd buy that for a dollar!
This movie is plain bad ass.
For whatever reason, I had never seen this film until a couple of weeks ago, so unlike a similarly mechanical man driven film like "The Terminator" I don't have any particular nostalgia effect in place here. With that in mind I have to be honest and say that "RoboCop" didn't make a huge impression on me one way or another. I enjoyed it, it was entertaining. It felt like there was a certain element of pathos in the lead characters fate that wasnt't fully explored, and I would have liked more on that and less of the ol' Ultraviolence, but it is what it is.
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