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RoboCop 1987

In a dystopic and crime-ridden Detroit, a terminally wounded cop returns to the force as a powerful cyborg haunted by submerged memories...

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Imdb rating: 7.5

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They are planing to remake this movie and I'm going to have a heart attack if they screw it up. The special effects were considered great back then. As well as all the ultraviloene you want. Another sci-fi classic that should be in your collection.

I love this movie never get tired of watching it.

MP Grade A+
When I was a kid, the word "Robocop" would bring into mind a silly robot policeman who talked funny (thanks to Robocop 3). When I grew older (I was four, Thanks dad) I saw the first "Robocop" and all I could say that I was blown away just like Peter Weller's hand. I never thought that a movie about a very cartoonish-looking character could be so vicious and brutal. I loved it and I still do.

This film explores the hauntingly Frankenstein-esque life of a man who has died and been transformed into a machine, or rather, super-human. The film asks questions, like what does it mean to be human? We explore the human side of Robocop, as he uncovers his mysterious past. He finally gets to confront, and possibly get revenge on his killers.

Director Paul Verhoven, the director of TOTAL RECALL unleashes a very original film, that despite what my first thought upon seeing commercials was, is not a copy off of the Terminator. The actors are not very famous, but sometimes the best films have no name actors-and sometimes you get the best performances out of them because they're not full of themselves as of this movie. The blend of sci-fi, action, and thriller was very good, and the stunts and action scenes themselves were memorable.

Along with the Terminator this was the best sci-fi action film to come out during the 1980's. Though Peter Weller didn't become a household name, he does an excellent job as a murdered police officer, who is resurrected as a type of cyborg programmed to fight crime. As "Robocop" he dispenses justice with computer controlled pinpoint shooting accuracy.

Although the film was made in the 80's, it is definitely still watchable today. It has much violence and gore, and is quite realistic in its special effects which are mostly animatronic. The special effects still live up to this day, and give the film a certain "edge." I highly recommend Robocop.
A very smart Sci-fi flick
Superm film. Its very rare to find an action movie with a good plot. This one is great from any angle. Simply one of the best.
Like Arnold Schwarzenegger's manly low voice, Weller's speaker-sound voice suited the movie. The handsome blue-silver robotic body suit had a luxury sports car feeling. If horror scenes were made without blood spill by using some kind of laser-gun that disappears sections of the human body while heat-sealing at the same time to prevent blood loss, then the movie would be rated R13 to allow the film to become more profitable from more viewers over 13 years old. Humming robot sound effects became so hypnotic, my mind seems to imagine myself as Robocop attracting public attention, missing most of the scenes during watching the movie on my television set.
Not a perfect movie, its low budget and strained visuals means Robocop comes off a little corny nowadays but its still hugley excitiing, well made popcorn entertainment that is also rather sharp and brilliantly funny... I'd buy taht for a dollar!... Robocop has more going on than you maight expect having never seen it, in terms of low budget corny sci-fi Robocop is the best example of a crap idea with a terrible title so well made its comaparable to blade runner.
I first watched this when i was far too young to, and because of this it is one of my favourite films ever. Robocop is the best cyborg ever to grace our screens. Bye bye arnie
EXCELLENT parody and satire on our over-commercialized culture.

Paul Verhoven really "goes into it" on the Criterion Laserdisc and the DVD commentaries (the DVD has a different commentary than the Laserdisc). He describes Murphy as a Christ-Like character who is revered, then hated, then resurrected.

The extremely gory scenes are actually inserts shot by Jon Davison in order to throw-off the MPAA; two sources: The Criterion Laserdisc and Video Watchdog support this.

an awesome, multidimensional film!
I don't consider this film a classic or a must see like most people do, but I still think it's decent. The first and final act are way better than the draggy and boring middle parts. The action is pretty ordinary too. Nothing fancy, just lots of stuff blowing up. It's surprisingly gory and over the top and action movies aren't made like this anymore, so I guess Robocop can be considered a product of its time. Some people call this movie smart and engaging, but I only found the latter part to be true. The over the top way the movie is delivered kind of dulled the edges for me a bit. The villains are pretty good, as has been pointed out numerous times by people I've talked to. A good villain goes along way in a movie like this. It has some funny moments and the final few scenes are great (I especially love the final scene), but Robocop is not the classic many consider it to be, for me at least.
Does this movie suck? totally. but it is still awesome. the plot is a little silly, the acting is horrible, and the script is more than a little dumb. but it still is a very likable movie. like tremors it doesn't take itself too seriously. and in that it is awesome.
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