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@Misabel13 I hear you, early teens are a pain =P
But yeah I got your point, it's like dirty dancing (obviously not for me, I absolutely hate this movie with passion being forced to watch it by different ex girlfriends).
Willow is great, gave me nightmares for years, but I so loved the movie.
@Nazdroth haha, no hate or anything here. but you know when you are a romantic at heart and a film strikes you when you are in your very early teens there is nothing much you can do to amend it ;-) Oh and I love Willow too!
Ok, sorry for double posting, I might have been a bit out of line there (don't really know though), but as much as I like Cary Elwes, Errol Flinn is and will be the only true Robin Hood to my heart. I don't really think Costner was cut for the role, and to be honest the movie was quite overrated, I like Freeman, Slater but I don't think their acting was so good. Haven't watched it in a long time though, and I so love men in tights that my memories might be biased, bu to me it leaves the same taste in my mouth when I think of this flick and when I think of let's say... Val Kilmer as Bruce Wayne? (and I usually have no problem with Val Kilmer since i've seen Willow when I was 5).
Gotta go, need to wash that bad after taste in my mouth.
@Misabel13 and nice props like carbon arrows with plastic feathers even though I can't remember the scene, my archery teacher pointed that fact to me once.
Better watch Men in Tights though, because unlike other Robin Hoods, he can do the english accent.
(please don't hit/hate me)
Oh my oh my oh my.... definitely one of my favourite romantic movies of times! Kevin Costner is just wonderful in this movie and accompanied by a great cast ( Morgan freeman, Christian Slater and Alan Rickman) although Mary Elisabeth Mastrantonio isn't very interesting in my opinion, it doesn't matter to the overall. This film is full of adventure, romance, action and a good cast. Not to speak of the soundtrack!
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