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Rio Bravo 1959

A small-town sheriff in the American West enlists the help of a cripple, a drunk, and a young gunfighter in his efforts to hold in jail the brother of the local bad guy...

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One of my all-time favorite John Wayne Movies!!! It is set in Texas during the late 1860s. It begins when a gunslinger kills a man in a saloon, Sheriff John T. Chance (John Wayne) arrests him with the aid of the town drunk, Dude (Dean Martin). Before long, the gunslingers brother comes around, indicating that he's prepared to bust his brother out of jail if necessary. Chance decides to make a stand until reinforcements arrive, enlisting Dude, an old cripple named Stumpy (Walter Brennan) and a baby-faced cowboy named Colorado(Ricky Nelson) to help.

Pro: Dean Martin. A wonderful story that keeps you watching, though it has a slow pacing. Direction. This is just fun cinema.

Con: Ricky Nelson. The love story didn't need to be as in-depth as it tried to be. The stereotyped western.
Rio Bravo, that is. The movie with John Wayne, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson, Angie Dickinson and Walter Brennan.

I was totally surprised by this movie - it started off very slowly and I was getting kind of bored, then I got caught up in the characters and wow, this is a great movie. There is a scene of Dean and Ricky singing "My Rifle, My Pony and Me" that is ...sublime.

I haven't been much of a Western fan but this is my favourite. Love it.

In other news, I have mint tea. I'm having it in my dad's old mug. It has a picture of a bald man wearing a smily face t-shirt. The smily face has a flat line for a mouth and it says "Have a Day". I always got a kick out if it.

Happy Friday
Rio Bravo (1959) D: Howard Hawks. Stars: John Wayne, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson, Angie Dickinson, Walter Brennan.

I feel like I just got finished watching two completely different movies. The first hour of Rio Bravo is a creaking, cliche-ridden clunker, and I found myself wondering why this film gets so much praise. The acting is spotty (except for Dean Martin, who's great from beginning to end), the dialogue forced, and the directing stiff. Then something happens. The movie turns some sort of corner. The dialogue sparkles, the cast relaxes, and it seems like everyone starts to enjoy themselves. The first hour is stolid and very, very serious, with nary a smile to be seen or a laugh to be heard. The second half is witty, fun and exciting. Some of the banter between Wayne and Dickinson reminded me of another Hawks film: His Girl Friday: it's rapid-fire and wickedly sharp.

I also need to mention the innovative opening scene, where three characters are introduced, and we learn about who they are and their relationship to each other without a single word of dialogue. And did I mention that Dean Martin is terrific in this film? He really surprised me, giving a sympathetic, believable performance. Walter Brennan is a delight, too. He really has fun with his character, the irrascible Stumpy.

All in all a fine movie, and one of the better westerns I've seen.

8/10 (would have been even higher if not for the poor first hour).

Comments pending.

Decent movie. Really good performance from Dean Martin. Opening sequence was brilliant. The songs were great. I didn't care at all for the love story angle - this dropped the movie down a notch.
Why am I watching so many westerns these days?

I don't know. Do you know?

Babette's Feast, danish, directed by Gabriel Axel, won an oscar as best foreign language film. Starts out as dry and boring, only very 6-worthy. It takes the film half it's lenght to get anywhere. I thought it was gonna be a stiff dreadful danish drag all the way through, where we'd watch the dull lifeless lives of two elderly sisters in a small religious community. But no, that's not what it was about.

Suddenly a spark is lit. The film turns smart, heartfelt and hilarious all simultaneously, as Babette gets to prepare her feast. The joy! Rarely have I been so fascinated watching people eat their dinner. There are moments that could quite adequately be described as Ingmar Bergmanesque. Such miniature social study and flowering character development abound! Oh my.
A Truely Great Western!!!!
Another great western.

Incredibly entertaining, and its 2 1/2 hour unning time flies by.

I would have probably given this movie a 10, if it weren't for that HORRIBLE fucking Ricky Nelson. Who the hell let this guy in front of a camera? He's got about as much expression as a piece of wodd, and is quite obviously only in the movie to get female attention. He's like Orlando Bloom for the '50s.

Anyways, some awesome gunfights. John Wayne rocks. And holy crap...Walter Brennan has the craziest voice I have ever heard. You really gotta hear it to believe it.

So ya...solid 8/10. Would be higher without Ricky Nelson.
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