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Return to the Blue Lagoon 1991

In this sequel to the 1980 classic, two children are stranded on a beautiful island in the South Pacific. With no adults to guide them, the two make a simple life together and eventually become tanned teenagers in love...

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Solar rating: 8.7


Imdb rating: 5



I love that movie too, but the first film is good also.

I love that movie too, but the first film is good also.

I know, most people think the story of The Blue Lagoon is quite a bit cheesy. And I know it is, but I really love it. :D I grew up with the movie with Brooke Shields. I think I've watched it about 20 times already, and the first time I watched it I was still a little girl, about at the time when it was released on VHS and we had our first VCR at home. It's the movie that made me have romantic fantasies for almost the first time. The very first movie that made me fantasize for the first time was Grimms's fairytale called Die Sechs Schw
I am the love God Eros and i won't return to Blue Lagoon, i'm eating peaches
(* 1/2)
I love this movie. I think I'm the only one though.
Warning spoilers in this review.
I'm a big Milla Jovovich fan so I watched this on netflix streaming on xbox360 when I flicked by it. Suddenly I felt like a pedophile with all the young Milla half naked scenes. She seems about 15 in this movie! Its snoringly boring and a cheese fest. The first scene is totally implausible they get stranded by way of purposely being set adrift on a British ship because of a cholera outbreak. So to save thier lives they put these 2 babies and a women ADRIFT at SEA in a tiny rowboat!? Batman is more plausible! Or zombies! (instead watch all Milla's awsome zombie/sci fi movies!)

This movie might be romantic if you are a 12 year old mormon girl from 1985. At the end the 2 lovers get rescued but instead decide to stay on the island and raise thier baby all alone on an island by themselves!

I can only recommend this movie to preteen Milla fans. Anyone over 18 might be breaking the law to watch this or at least feel like they are....
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