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Return to Never Land 2002

In London during World War II, this is the story of Wendy's daughter, Jane, who is kidnapped by Captain Hook and Peter Pan must come to the rescue...

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Solar rating:9.4


Imdb rating:5.8



@TommoLover Hello, not really, I have a friend I haven't seen in 3 years. So a few days is okay. Did I mention he's not my friend anymore?

I have to admit the first, is better than the second.
1st is like a classic which is best to watch anytime, but the 2nd is just okay...but not great.

good but not awsome

As with most direct to home features, especially the Disney ones, the plot is simple and very much a rehash of the original plot or (as in this case) a reversal of the original. Wendy originally went to Neverland to try to escape growing up. Jane is trying to escape Neverland because she feels she can't let herself get involved in childish things.

The world Jane comes from is London during the blitz. War, separation from her father, and danger have forced her to grow up before her time and so Neverland holds no charm for her. The animation, particularly the sequence where Hook's ship takes off and flies over London during an air raid is pretty good. In the end we have a standard direct to home feature that entertains with out really standing out.
This movie sucks worse.
Return to Neverland is a fairly good Peter Pan sequel. Some though was put into it. While the beginning of the film was a bit violent and scary for younger children, it captured some of the magic of the original story. It is not a classic film but this doesn't detract from the experience of seeing the first film.
The story was weak, I will admit. But, it is just harmless fun.
This sequel is a deffinite failure, especially considering how fenomenal the original Peter Pan was. Return to Neverland is boring and has a more boring story than the original. It lacks most of the likeable qualities that made the original amazing, which makes this film hit rock bottom.
It's not so much a bad film. I'd agree with the top critics that this is an entertaining film. I liked it a lot and a lot more than the live action Peter Pan. I give Return to Never Land ****.
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