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Resident Evil: Extinction 2007

Survivors of the Raccoon City catastrophe travel across the Nevada desert, hoping to make it to Alaska. Alice joins the caravan and their fight against the evil Umbrella Corp...

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Not my kind of movie, but funny anyway... 7/10... TY!

still yet another good one

I can't wait...DAMN it's too far away. Why push it back, Pull it forward. AAAHHHH
There's nothing new in this movie that you haven't seen done to death in the other two Resident Evil movies. It's like the makers of this series took a page from the playbook of Alien and their sequels -- if one alien is good, then multiple aliens would rock! So if one facility full of zombies is good, imagine a whole city!! Or if the whole world was infected!!! Wow, cool!

Well, not really.

Seeing hundreds of oozing zombies in the Resident Evil 2 being easily fended off one or two at a time (can you just say, Hit them on the head?) just reminded us that they are not especially smart. With unlimited ammo, you can pretty much keep them at bay forever. Which begs the question -- what keeps a dead body going when it has no fresh flesh to feed on? Apparently just sheer hunger.

It only gets worse in Resident Evil 3. One-third Mad Max 2, one third Waterworld, one-third Resident Evil 2, this is just the usual "We need to take this caravan across a hostile wasteland to get to Point X which will solve all of our problems." Instead of a guy who kicks butt, we get a kick ass girl. So that makes me happy.

What doesn't make me happy is the usual plot line, which just borrows way too heavily from other, much more original movies. I don't know where they are hiring the good writers in Hollywood, but it certainly wasn't for this series. (The original Resident Evil movie was passable, but 2 just blew it all to heck.)

A poor plot means plot holes you could drive trucks through and that is the case here as well.

The key to enjoying this movie is to enjoy it as a typical zombie flick. Don't get into the story too much, because it will just disappoint you. There's no memorable lines in the movie, and no memorable performances. The evil people are evil, the good people are good, and that's just the way it is. The uneven pacing of the movie will mean there is some downtime to enjoy the paltry character development.

Will there be a Resident Evil 4? Only the box office will tell, as if the movie does well, you can bet they will find a way to continue this lucrative franchise.

Why such the high rating? I enjoy the concept of Resident Evil probably more than the implementation. If you don't like the franchise, this movie will not change your mind. If you've seen the other 2, you know what to expect and will find in this movie.
No Zombie Animals Were Harmed During The Making of This Film

There are a few key points I feel I should point out from the start. This movie is not going to get good reviews. End of discussion. This movie should not get good reviews. The fact of the matter is, the script is a piece of shit, plain and simple.

It isn't a good movie. There are a lot of reasons why despite this I will be paying my nine bucks to go see it again over the next few days. These are the same reasons I encourage you to go see it.

First, the directing Russell Mulcahy should be commended, especially when it is coming from the Director of such greats as the music videos "A Kind of Magic" and "Princess of the Universe" by Queen. If that doesn't convince you, how about the fact that he directed about a third of Duran Duran's music videos? How about the fact that he directed the first fucking music video on MTV? 'Video Killed the Radio Star' anyone? Not convinced? How about Highlander? If that is truly the case you must be too fucking picky. (NB He is apparently directing an upcoming film 'Zen in the Art of Slaying Vampires' which may or may not redeem him.)

The cinematography and direction, despite the complete lack of experience in filming anything else of real note, was one of the best things about the movie. It was obviously influenced by Charlie Adlard, from the comic book 'The Walking Dead.'

Next, I feel we should move on to some of the important parts of the movie: Milla's body. We get to see her in the red dress from Resident Evil 1. At least twice we see a very bold and intentional contour of her nipples which, (if, and albeit a big if) if real, very long and pointy. Third, we get to see what she was wearing under the red dress. Need I say more?

Finally, the action was handled surprisingly well. My biggest criticism of new directors in action films is that there is no continuity in action. We find ourselves watching a series of punches kicks and gunshots without any comprehension of the characters surroundings. Guts fly at us from all angles, and at least twice we get to see straight through a zombies head. There are explosions, there are motorcycles, and there are sexy guys who actually smoke on film (something we have far too little of these days.)

Anyways, as I said, it was a bad movie. A bad plot. But it was a hell of a lot of fun, none the less.

NB Without Paul Anderson this movie could have easily been an eight. However there were no dynamic characters, and no real plot to create one.
"It's a shame that as make-up and creature effects get better, the story and acting get exponentially worse. "

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This movie brings some great surprises for those of us who play the games regularly. Milla Jovovich commands the screen in the Alice role and the fun and havoc of meeting up with the Umbrella Corps undead keeps you on the edge of your seat. I can't wait till Alice returns ... hopefully with Claire, K-Mart and Jill Valentine in tow. Bring it on Screen Gems.

Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

I saw the first two movies just because I watched them with a few friends were big fans. I thought the first two were decent movies but forgettable. I never played the games so I'm just not a big fan, but this movie is far superior to the first two movies. I thought this was actually a pretty good movie. The plot isn't any stronger but the action is non-stop and the ending was pretty good.
Just whent to see the this movie and by god i want to gouge my eyes out of my skull. By far the worst in the series. First one was great, great elements of the game incorperated in the story. Second one was funny at best honestly a one on one fight with nemisis honestly sure hes in the game but it could have been pulled off alot better. Then wow the third i had to see it just to say i saw all of them. Bad to worse seriously i dont care who you are this is the wrong way to take this franchise. I laughed at the movie, i could not keep a straight face. The filmed material was way out there, when in the games or books does she get " superpowers". Let me know cause I havent seen or heard of it. Spend your hard earned money on something else. Maybe that Dane Cook movie thats supposed to be fun but i dont like him, so you tell me how that goes


RESIDENT EVIL - ***1/2/****
The first time I watched RESIDENT EVIL was on my brother's computer on my 12th birthday. At that time I was a huge fan of the games. I thought I was going to get a plot something along the lines of the first game.

What I got was something much more: an adaptation that takes it's source material and makes it into something original and exciting. To make matters even better the film itself is just as exciting today as it was 5 years ago. RESIDENT EVIL is also one of those "bandwagon" films that made me "jump on to" the horror to speak.

The trailer for APOCALYPSE is one of the best I've seen...ever. I probably watched that trailer every single damn day until the release. I mean, they have JILL VALENTINE! (One of my favorite characters from the games) A lot of fun ensued? Right?

I hated this damn movie! Yes, I still bought it because I knew that the 3rd film was going to blow me away...A little dramatic irony for you there...APOCALYPSE was one of the biggest disappointments, personally, ever. The film was basically broken. All of the action was incoherent. None of the characters had more than 3 minutes of development. JILL VALENTINE AND NEMESIS WERE WASTED...How do you fuck that up?!? Just stay away from APOCALYPSE altogether...

EXTINCTION was probably my most anticipated release of the rest of 2007. I even skipped 3rd and 4th period to see the first showing to get me some Milla before I had to share. Did fans of the games get their hearts crushed once again by the bitter-but-mostly-sweet Milla Jovovich?

Yes, not only did our hearts get crushed but our asses got fucked with a barbed-wire-laced dildo for an hour and a half. A bit crude if you ask me...but I think it's entirely appropriate in a time like this. Is it too hard to ask for ONE MORE GOOD RESIDENT EVIL MOVIE? NO. I don't think so. Everything started off good enough. I was thinking to myself "Wow, what a huge improvement this is!" Well when I unfortunately found out that the biggest action scene of the entire film involves zombie crows I started to lose faith in just about everything...

A monumental disappointment on all fronts that could lead to a 4th EVIL. The bad thing is that Milla confirmed that she isn't going to come back. What happened to our Milla? It's too bad that the last piece of Milla we get is one that levitates rocks and manipulates fire like Jessica Alba in Fantastic Four.

Oh life is good...

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Resident Evil: RottenMoreno: B - Jordannn: B
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Apocalypse: KevinRobbins: C- - Shah86: B
HollyJolly: C- - Nived84: C- - Nubz18: B-
Extinction: None
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