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This was actually so good. Definitely recommend it.
Not bad...I give conservative ratings have to be perfect for a I think I have given two 10 ratings in my life. 7/10 It was strange, though, seeing some of those actors in their 30's and 40's playing people in their late teens/and 20's....Billy Burke is almost 50 (He was in the Twilight movies and Revolution and is greying in those cause he was born in '66)...but here, three or four years ago, he is supposed to be much MUCH younger and his voice is so high-pitched in this movie.
It's way better than what I was expecting.
Will someone please add allmyvideos link?
Mystery aspect was good, it took me until the second night to figure out who it was, however I felt like the end was lacking and some of the characters were incomplete. 7.5/10
@D-Live84 me too... it lacked something
This movie was just ok for me ...
This movie is good on a rainy day 8/10
pretty good movie. I recommend watching if your trying to find something to some night.
Oh yeah, I liked it. It was a really good movie. Amanda Seyfried is sooo frickin hot!! Just watching her in this movie makes it totally worth watching.
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