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Red Dragon 2002

A retired FBI agent with psychological gifts is assigned to help track down "The Tooth Fairy", a mysterious serial killer; aiding him is imprisoned criminal genius Hannibal "The Cannibal" Lecter...

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Imdb rating: 7.2

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Nice entry in the series, do you see? 8/10
After watching the series NBC recently put out, I decided to revisit this film. It amazes me how similar the two are, yet so different. Guess that's artistic license for you.
another good movie about our creepy friend hannibal
what an amazing movie. Anthony Hopkins superb as ever and a strong cast to back him up all round from Edward Norton to ralph finnes. thank god I got it on DVD. just had to add it to my collection. for anyone thinking about watching this movie, watch it you wont be disappointed.
i liked this movie alot, it held my intrest from the moment it began till the very end. Similar to the silence of the lambs, but i think if u have not seen that movie, you will still like this one. 3thumbs up:)
Following the phenomenal success of The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal, Anthony Hopkins returns as brilliant madman Hannibal Lecter in this thriller based on the novel in which author Thomas Harris introduced the character. It is a prequel to The Silence of the Lambs (1991). Not as good as The Silence Of The Lambs, but definitely besting the risible Hannibal, Red Dragon is a thoroughly entertaining, efficiently mounted thriller.
Very good quality...although the link is in french.

Using this link, the movie stops about 45 minutes in if you try streaming it - but if you let it download and watch it using another video player the whole movie will play.

Another one that almost made it into my top 10. Directed by Brett Ratner in 2002, starring Anthony Hopkins, Edward Norton, Ralph Fiennes and Phillip Seymour Hoffman among others. 'Red Dragon' is yet another instalment in the Hannibal Lector franchise, but after the disasterous 'Hannibal' (how could you Ridley?) it shines through all the scruitany. 'Red Dragon' is adapted from Thomas Harris' novel of the same name, and was orignally filmed in 1986 as 'Manhunter' starring William Peterson. I did not care for 'Manhunter', even with the Iron Butterfly soundtrack and perversly sedated Dr. Lector.
The Low Down: After having caught Lector (recieving a stab wound and a mental breakdown along the way), Detecive Wil Grahman retires from police/public life to fix boatmotors with his family on the Florida coast. He is drawn back into the limelight when his old boss Crawford (Harvey Kietel) asks for his help regarding a serial killer (Fiennes). Hopkins is along for the ride as a consultant to Graham, helping to develop a portriat of the psychopath.
Hopkins recieved alot of bad press for his re-hash of the Lector role, alot of comments saying that he needed to move on etc. But I think most of them were unneccissary. Hopkins is fine as the canniablistic Doctor, it feels as if he is enjoying himself - so let him have fun and entertain us at the same time. The new faces (Kietel as Crawford, Norton, Hoffman) around Lector are wondefully refreshing, and they all seem to work with one-another perfectly - each complimenting the other. Norton is well cast as the humble detective, and gives a performace worthy of note. Hoffman is excellent, as always, and his obnoxious and repulsive Journo is commendable. He seems to always pick up 'slob' roles - as in 'Happiness' and 'Cold Mountain' - I hope he stays away from the type-cast precipes. 'Magnolia' showed us what he is capable of.
Fiennes is also well (but oddly so) cast as the freak-on-a-leash Francis Dollarhyde - the murderer struggling with his inner normality.
With most murder-mysteries I get bored after the second sitting, knowing what's going to happen is the most irratating thing known to man. But with 'Red Dragon' I saw it multiple times at the cinema, and now watch it whenever I'm bored - and when I watch it I always find it enormously entertaining.
Take out the three main actors and this film could have become a good comedy. I will never understand how Anthony Hopkins could accept this role "again" (maybe he just needed some money) Story is very cheap and rotten. Storytelling is confused in itself (producers would probably claim that it was the curiosity/excitement teasing effect but nevermind), they swap the main topic of the film continuously which gives the impression that producers and the director could never agree upon a solid screenplay and had endless debates as the film was being made. "Let's bring Hannibal more into front" "No, no let's work on killer's motives a bit more" "How about the cop, he should be the main character" As a result they try to touch many things but they leave them unfinished and cause a huge dissatisfaction. What a waste of time to watch this movie. One of the gayest films I have ever seen in the last a couple of years. 2 points are only because of the good actors.
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