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Can someone ad a videobb Link for this Movie. Would love to have it.Thanks ahead of time.

This movie has now been removed from ALL links here.

Tom Hanks is an extra in this movie. Can you spot him?
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Real Genius (an 80's essential)

I like this movie. Can't really say anything more about it. It's truthfully quirky without appealing to the popular quirky. The Einsteins and the masturbators of the world should not let Real Genius escape 'em. It's really a surprise: an authentic teenage comedy.
A very funny Val Kilmer in one of his first movies.
Probably the worst Bond movie.
Seriously: CGI Bond outsurfing a tsunami, a theme song (and guest appearance) by Madonna, Halle Berry trying to get her own franchise...
Doesn't help that the movie is so silly and dumb it makes Moonraker look like The Bourne Identity.
Also featuring a giant laser is Real Genius.
Luckily that one is a comedy, a funny one.
Fun nonsense movie, interesting to see such a young Val Kilmer. Very entertaining and well done. I have never been a fan of William Atherton,
and this film has not changed that, but overall the cast is great.

Real Genius (1985)

Real Genius is the type of movie that only works because it's from the 80s, but that's part of what makes it so good. I'm not a big fan of Val Kilmer, but this has to be his funniest role, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, included.
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