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Rapture-Palooza 2013

Two teens battle their way through a religious apocalypse on a mission to defeat the Antichrist...

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well that was a waste of money and time
so bored i fell asleep watching this sad excuse for a movie ... not my cup of tea
but if you feel like a no sense movie with good actors playing in bad movies then this is one for you.. GOOD LUCK
A freakin' great flick!
It's funny. Good for atheists I think as it sort of makes fun of the silliness of religion in it's own way. Although, there's a lot of juvenile humor. It's still funny and kept my interest.
This is a good rendering of the end of the world. It has it's silly slapstick humor as well as some dark morbid stuff. I think Anna Kendrick is a star in any film she plays and works well with the material she has in this film. The movie isn't designed to be taken seriously but more of a laid back approach on how to handle the end of the world, biblical speaking. I laughed a lot and in other scenes the joke was lost on me. So it has a bit for everyone. If you are bored check it out 6 out of 10.
Funny, for those who appreciate dick & fart joke comedy. Wish I had some weed...
LMAO... Not bad!
Watched "Rapture-Palooza". This is a very funny movie if you don't mind the crude language,drug use and sexual references throughout. The story takes place right after the rapture when all good souls go to heaven and the trials and tribulation for the rest of humanity begins. One couple who didn't make it (but are not bad people)try to live in the new world with trials put on them by God and the Devil. Everything is done in a parody and comical way that is a stupid kind of humor. The "Beast" is a black man who trys to steal the heroine from the hero and that isn't going to happen without a fight. The ending is okay but not great. Overall a very funny movie and worth a watch. I would give it 7 out of 10 stars.
It's not memorable, but I got quite a good laugh out of it. Good to watch it if you're bored or with some friends over.
AI quite enjoyed this movie- I did expect it to be funnier considering who was in the cast, but it was still a good watch!
unusual interpretation but, in general, scripturally correct - well, except for the ending..hahaha..i met one of the best friends of my life, a brit, in the army rangers...we and our girls continued on after that together for years...he would say, "if you cahn't laugh at god, wha' bloody goood is 'e?"...if you know prophecy, this is a HUMOROUS FLICK.
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