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Race to Witch Mountain 2009

A Las Vegas cabbie enlists the help of a UFO expert to protect two siblings with paranormal powers from the clutches of an organization that wants to use the kids for their nefarious plans...

Release Date:
March 13, 2009
98 min
Andy Fickman
Cheech Marin, Jonathan Slavin, Chris Marquette, ...
Thriller, Action, Family, ...

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Solar rating: 7.3


Imdb rating: 5.7

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It was an ok film i'd say. It was a bit annoying with how the kids were talking but yeah, 7/10.
Surprisingly good. The effects are cheesy, but I assume the filmmakers were trying to stay true to the original by making the effects look old-fashioned. Because of this, fans of the original film/old-fashioned special effects/70s-80s era sci-fi may enjoy this film even if they view it without children.
"Race to Witch Mountain" is Disney's remake of the film it made in 1975 called "Escape to Witch Mountain," which was based off the book called "Escape to Witch Mountain," which was probably based off a parable Jesus told during the good ole' days called "Go Tell it on the Mountain." I vaguely remember anything about them, so I'm not attempting to compare it to the original.

Dwayne "You will always be THE ROCK in my heart" Johnson plays Jack Bruno, a Las Vegas cab driver who randomly finds two kids in the backseat of his cab one day. Sara (AnnaSophia Robb) and Seth (Alexander Ludwig) are two beings from another planet with paranormal abilities who crashed their spaceship, and now the government is after them.

Apparently EVERYONE is after this group of characters. The government wants to capture and "probe" Sara and Seth. An assassain called a Siphon is from Sara and Seth's planet, and it wants to kill them. Some thugs of a guy Jack used to work for are after him for some unknown reason. The latter storyline is one that's completely useless to the movie, because it fails to expand on Jack's past or develop him in any way.

When I saw Jack wielding a tire iron or the leg of a wooden table I had flashbacks to him in "Walking Tall," and that's when I knew it was about to get ugly! There is a LOT of action in this movie. I'm talking about car-chasing, guns-blazing, trains-exploding, The-Rock-punching-people-in-the-face action. "Race to Witch Mountain" makes the battle scenes in the PG "Chronicles of Narnia" movies look softcore.

This movie is text-book Disney; it's cheesy and has a happy ending. Watching the trailer I assumed Jack's witty remarks would get on my nerves, but in the movie they weren't that annoying. Carla Gugino also joins the quest to help the kids get to Witch Mountain, playing discredited astrophysicist Dr. Alex Friedman.

Because there's so much going on at any given time, it's enough to distract you from any annoying plotholes or lack of depth to the story. We're also blessed with another dose of blatant product placement, this time from Nationwide Insurance. As Jack, Sara and Seth ride around in the beaten-down cab with the Nationwide sign on top, nothing screams ironic like the Nationwide slogan; "Life comes at you fast."

There's definitely way more violence in "Race to Witch Mountain" than you'd expect from a PG-rated movie. The only reason I think it's rated that low is because Disney's name is on it. Either way, I was pleasantly surprised and entertained for 99 minutes, and you kids will be too.
:rotten: AWFUL!!!!!!!!!! REALLY TERRIBLE! This film does not have a good plot. It also does not have the charm of the original.
To think of all the movies that could have been remade, why would Disney place all this money on this movie? Think of all those non-talkies, those black and white films, and those that have yet to be made, and they settled on this? This new version of the 1968 novel and its 1975 adaptation failed beyond comparison. It is a forgettable film with decent action, but completely lacked the charisma and charm of the first film with its wonderful characters and actors who played them. It's addition of a bad alien who worked for the military of where the children came from just did not suffice. Someone at Disney should be fired.
I think this updated version is a nice movie for the kids of the fans of the original. It doesn't have any ground breaking effects or add anything really new to the genre but it's kept most of the charm and fun of the original. The actors all do a nice job here and you'll grow to love them throughout the film. I didn't expect this to be some huge blockbuster or anything but I was disappointed with the overuse of the green screen during most of the driving. There are times when the camera is focused on the actors in a scene in the taxi (which is a big chunk of the film) and they are actually driving through the desert and it looks really nice. Most of it however is done in a stationary taxi with the moving scenery done with CGI. It's not even done that well though which is surprising given Disney's experience with it. Had they actually driven around the whole time, I think the movie would have looked way better overall and been a more enjoyable film. It's still a fun watch and a nice film with family friendly action.
My grade: C+7

This is an entertaining movie. Likely it will score higher among its intended target audience of tweens but I found it predictable. Which isn't a bad thing it just didn't have any surprises. A very straight forward film.
Luckily Dwayne Johnson has come along way in his genuine acting. His comedic timing has really been improving and is evidenced by his own string of successes in starring or co-starring roles the last 3-4 years.

I'm glad I didn't go back and rewatch the originals. Otherwise I would've been harsher on it most likely.
For kids/tweens its very much worth a family outing to the cineplex but not one you likely to own at home.
Race to witch mountain was a great movie but I think they should have included some time to relax. One thing led to another. It is a good movie though
good movie for the whole family I say most will enjoy
The only shining parts about this movie for me were admiring how similar the children looked, the fact that it took place in Vegas because I live there, and the Whitley Streiber 1 second cameo.
The music literally made me shut my eyes in pain at the cheesiness. It was like... 90s action. Really bad.
The stereotypical manner of everything, the way the kids had these powers but needed a cab driver's help, the plot with a complication beyond the comprehension of it's target audience, it was a no-no for me.
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