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A little bit different, not bad. Tended to spark more ideas for me outside of the movie.
So I was looking thru the video selection at Hollywood Video, trying to find a horror film to watch, and I came across this movie. I have seen some previous work from David Cronenberg, and thought he was an okay director. The look and sound of the film seemed interesting, so I rented it.

This has to be one of the weirdest movies I've ever seen. It comes off a little funny at times. Especially when Marilyn Chamber's character has this funny looking tentacle come out of her armpit when she feeds on people's blood.

But the stuff that works for me in this movie is everything involving the cities reaction to the epidemic caused by Chamber's character feeding off people. Her victims are turned into rabid zombie like creatures who must feed on human blood. It's never really explained why, but that doesn't matter.

This film does create some really chilling moments. One part I liked a lot was seeing a convoy of dump trucks moving along the city streets. You can tell already that these are for the dead bodies of the people who must be disposed of before the virus spreads further.

I loved this film, and even though it hits some rough spots, it does a lot to keep your attention. The music in it is great as well. I'm still playing most of the music again and again in my head. Wow, what a movie

last night i checked out the newly released special edition dvd of david cronenberg's rabid. the story follows young rose (marilyn chambers) after her and her boyfriend, hart (frank moore), are in a very bad motorcylce accident. he's ok and taken to the general hospital, but rose is in bad shape and worked on right there at a plastic surgery clinic where they try an experimental technique on her. it works well, but has it's share of side effects. she soon has a taste for blood, and infects all of her victims with a rabies-like virus that causes them to kill anything in their path.

cronenberg is an aquired taste is what i've found, and mostly i like the taste. eek! did i just say that i like the taste of him? oh well. . . i did enjoy the movie, but not as much as i was hoping i would. i think i was expecting more out of it then i got. don't get me wrong, it was definately cool, just different. there were some great shots in the film, and the thing that comes out of her armpit was REALLY weird looking. the acting, especailly on chambers' part, was suprisingly good. david said on both the commentary and the interview that he's suprised that she didn't get anymore mainstream roles, since before and after this she was an adult film star. the extras on the dvd were pretty good, a nice 20 min interview with cronenberg, and some good commentary from him aswell. there were also some bio's, a trailer and that's about it. i wish there would've been an interview with chambers but, alas, there was nothing. but, if you're a horror fan it's at least worth a rent.
I don't know. Maybe I'm just a bit desensitized from some of the recent ultra-sadistic horror flicks. This one just wasn't scary enough. Didn't like the armpit thing either.

At the time this film was made, Ms. Chambers was known only as a porn star. While I agree her performance wasn't exactly award winning, I think she did a good job in the lead role. The rest of the actors were ok. The soundtrack isn't anything memorable. It doesn't add to the viewing of the film. The effects are done on an average level. They throw a lot of gore around, but none of it is amazing or cutting edge. This is one that is worth a viewing all you horror fans. Give it a look.
It Runs in the Family was pretty lame to have so much talent attached to it. All the Douglas' and a Culkin, I mean, come on. A dysfunctional family has to learn to get along. You've seen it all before and done better.

Rabid is just further proof that David Cronenberg ("Eastern Promises") is a genius. This is of his early still mostly horror days, but it's moody and creepy. There are zombie-like vampires and a piercing nipple. Some parts are very disgusting. Some parts are funny. But it does contain one of his running themes, how technology can turn man into a monster. Very interesting.
Starring: Marilyn Chambers, Frank Moore, Joe Silver, and Howard Ryshpan.
Written and Directed by David Cronenberg.
Rated R (for bizarre violence and gore, sexual content/nudity and language).
Running time approximately 1 hour 32 minutes.

The Ripper's gonna RIP YA

I remember hearing a bunch of hubbub about the Hughes Brothers' apparently rockin'good action film Dead Presidents, which I unfortunately/fortunately never got to see. If From Hell is any indication of their talent, I'll be seeing the older film as soon as I am able. This one, fueled by one hell of a lead performance from Johnny Depp, is a brutal, bloody mystery sporting gorgeous cinematography and a surprisingly adequate performance from eather Graham. I really, really enjoyed it, even if the revelation was a bit underwhelming. *** (out of ****) B
It's always hard to put any Cronenberg film into a category, but here goes. Rabid is something of a Zombie film, but starts at a pont in time about 2 weeks before the typical zombie film. There is much to like about Rabid, but it never really completely comes together and stalls for periods of time. The horror fan will enjoy watching some of the fresh ideas brought forward in this late '70s low budget film, but probably doesn't have much for the average viewer.
If you like old school croenenberg. youll love this one. and marilyne chammbers is old school hot
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