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WoW this movie was brilliant ! Vincent & Jules Were really badass specially Jules ! :p :3
Watched again for the googooth time. 9.9/10
It's great everytime...never gets old.
Hmmm, I wonder what's in the case?
everything about this movie is fantastic.
What can say...this is still one of my top ten movies of all time. I own the DVD as well. I can usually predict a plot in most films within the first 10 minutes - that was not the case with this movie. Unpredictable, entertaining & unique dialog and stellar cast. I paid FULL PRICE a few times while this was still showing in the theaters - a first for me! From beginning to end you will be kept entertained and engaged in this film. 10/10!
Quentin Tarantino wrote and directed Resevoir Dogs. Resevoir Dogs was about a diamond heist. Cmon, man.
Still a great film! I found out from the script there was supposed to be diamonds in the suitcase, however Quinton just did a film about diamonds before this one, so the script said not to show what was in the suitcase at all,however someone thought it would be funny to put an orange light bulb in the suitcase. I think it worked because now we all keep trying to figure out what it was. Someone's soul, I heard an angel, a spirit, gold etc.

That's right. And anyone who rates it less than ten out of ten is obviously crazy. :)

It was a cold night in 1994. I drove to my favourite local theatre to, on a former friend's recommendation, check out this neat new film that was playing. I watched it, and simply was blown away. I've watched it countless times since.

It's hard for me to put it into words. It had a fresh originality stamped all over it. Great dialogue, fleshed out characters, a simple yet intruiging storyline told in an engaging way. It was marvelously directed - the camerawork was used more effectively here than in any other film in recent memory.

It stole some of the thunder from mainstream, big-budget releases, and helped revitalize lower-budget and independent film. It also spawned a score of imitators - a few good, mostly bad.

It was an intelligent film created by a lover of film. So many loving homages to films and standards from earlier genres, such as the French New Wave and Film Noir. Kill Bill would later go on to expand upon this idea, and very effectively homage other genres, mostly action sub-genres from the 60's and 70's.

People who say the film is too violent or attack its morality simply don't have a leg to stand on. This is a film with very little visible violence and a smaller body count than the average film starring California's Governor-Elect. Its themes contain plenty of positive moral values for anyone who bothered to watch the film, or spend any time thinking about it. Which its detractors did not.

It didn't have a good guy with a white hat, nor any truly evil people, save Zed and Maynard. It had complex characters, and layers of grey rather than black or white. It didn't rely on simplistic absolutes. This is yet another reason why this film rises far above most of the neutered Oscar winning dreck of recent memory.

It was a shock to the industry - we need more innovation to combat the increasing number of cardboard cutout recycled plots, with tired characters and insipid dialogue.

Pulp Fiction is the best American film of the last twenty years, at least, and has yet to be surpassed.

Butch's girlfriend prevents me from giving this 10 out of 10.
China has ALIEN REMAINS in the former British Consulate!

3rd part of the pics, check em out

Last night I stayed up til 5 again... my sleep schedule is SO f'ed up... I ended up watching Pulp Fiction on DVD. It was fun to watch it again, as I haven't watched it in a good 7 or 8 years. But still, something felt a bit dated about it, all the stuff that was so 'cool' about it back in 94 was somewhat less cool now... Still, its important to remind oneself that the reason it was a big hit was because of its creativity. A lot of the elements that made it interesting only became cliches since then by all the imitators.

I also watched X-men 2 the other night. It is DEFINITELY way better then Matrix Reloaded.

ps - people who don't leave comments suck! :P

The best films always seem new each time you watch them and Pulp Fiction never ceases to show you new things in new ways. The way the film uses camera angles, editing, music, environment, and the dialogue (of course) to move the film along is much more powerful than any action could be. It's a great achievement when so little can actually happen on screen, but you feel like you've seen so much more just because the filmmaker conveyed so much too you through what you do see. The glaring example of this is the violence for which the film is known for, but we really see very little of it.
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