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Psycho 1960

A Phoenix secretary steals $40,000 from her employer's client, goes on the run and checks into a remote motel run by a young man under the domination of his mother...

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Brilliant movies, norman bates :)
Probably the most famous Hitchcock film, but to me hardly the most important. Going back to watch it again, I find it really tame. Sure there are big transgressive moments, but the riddle is still larger than the horror. Of course always worthy to watch and study Hitch.
Discard any notions that this film can be 'modernized'. A big part of what makes this work, is the feeling of isolation. The only link to the outside world is a thin cable that allows the telephone to work. It's this kind of environment that allows the unusual to thrive unmolested, and when you leave the safety of the suburbs, the rulers of this world become your masters. There is hope and salvation only as much as they give it and the horror begins when you realize that your only hope of survival is to be accepted into a realm where reality is turned on it's head.
Always a good watch. Caught something this time around. At the end the police officer holding the door open for the other officer, who was bringing Norman a blanket. It was Ted Knight from the Mary Tyler Moore Show. And did you catch Hitchs' cameo, as he did in all his movies.
I felt this film was more effective as a crime thriller than a horror or slasher flick. It seems the true horror that came with it when it came out have dissipated over time and lost this unflinching generations, the plot on its own should be enough to keep some of the teenagers of today watching.

Unfortunately however, the famous ending, although most definitely a shock, seems slightly more comical than intended when first made, and I was unable to truly take it seriously, but it did provoke a lot of thought.

However, Psycho is still a terrific movie, even if no longer for its once ground-breaking scares.
I remember seeing this movie as a kid, my first horror movie, and being immensely frigtened by it. Hitchcock gets scary in PSYCHO, real scary. Helped immensely by Herrmann's iconic score, this is a dark meditation on psychosis that is both a horror movie and a suspense/crime thriller.

PSYCHO really is a bit of an oddity, really. Hitchcock mostly stuck to suspense, and by 1960 he was already in color. I was surprised that he went the horror route. Surprised and gladdened, of course.
The original slasher film. Fun, scary, suspensful, and well-filmed. The characters are done very well and the script and story are great.
Slasher films went down-hill from here. It may not have been a steep slope, but it was a downward one. No horror film has or will top this classic.
PSYCHO was a revolutionary and shocking horror film for its time, in multiple filmmaking and commercial facets that served as incredibly clever tactics to keep audiences' imaginations in check and functional. Now it's considered as a respectable reignition of the horror genre, some say the beginning of the slasher genre.

The stunningly artful and complexing metaphysical direction by Alfred Hitchcock is reminiscent throughout, from the metaphorical changes in wardrobe to the metaphorical and moody settings. An amazing first script by Joseph Stefano, in combination with the very strong performances of Janet Leigh as Marie Crane and the legendary performance of Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates have gained PSYCHO to not be just as a modern horror classic, but a modern film classic as well.

Primarily filmed on the Universal Studios backlot in 1959, PSYCHO was purposefully filmed on a budget on less than a million, which suprised everyone that Hitchcock knew, even his wife. His wife read the screenplay and gave it the first treatment, as in changing minor details in the script to fit Richard Bloch's novel in a better fashion. The casting that Stefano and Hitchcock chose for each of the roles, including one of Hitchcock's kids (Amy), is pitch-perfect. Since Alfred has a cameo in each of his films, you might miss this one. It comes early on, for only three seconds.

The film is told from Marie Crane's (Janet Leigh) perspective, mostly from the panning camera following her and when she's given cues to move with it. What the film's trick is to conventionally portray Marie Crane's story as a romance, but the story doubles back and instead focuses on Norman Bates's character deeply. A narrative ploy unconventional in 1960, Stefano's trick of the narrative impressed Hitchcock in the first draft, and so the film was made off of it.

Look what PSYCHO is today. A very well-acted and tricky horror film that masquerades as a mystery and then turns into a psychological/slasher horror film. Some call it the birth of the slasher genre, some call it the reignition of the horror genre. One thing's for sure: PSYCHO is a modern horror and film classic, and is one of Hitchcock's pivotal filmmaking achievements. Be ready for more Critiques and Opinions on Every Game and Movie I Can Get My Hands On!
Words cannot truly describe this truly excellent film.
Happy Halloween everyone! This is a fun slasher film made by Alfred Hitchcock, a British movie director famous for his suspense/slasher/mystery/etc films, which he had his own tv show of course. Now on to the movie.

Its a great movie. It has an infamous scene of when Marion is in the shower and Norman's pyscho mom stabs her repeatedly which it was a fun scene (im not a pervert, just love seeing gore). This is very great. If you are a horror movie fan, then I highly reccommend you to see this movie.
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