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Prometheus 2012

Following clues to the origin of mankind a team journey across the universe and find a structure on a distant planet containing a monolithic statue of a humanoid head and stone cylinders of alien blood but they soon find they are not alone...

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@Coded ooohhh!! I see where the confusion/miscommunication is... Ripley and crew DID NOT land on the same planet Prometheus takes place on, but a similar planet. If you read in my original post, and I quote "In the original Alien, you'll see that they are on almost the same planet". Almost. Similar, but certainly not same. I'm sorry if I caused any confusion, and for the record I am a super serious anti-spoilerist. I hate spoilers. Sometimes I won't even watch a whole trailer, or read a book jacket before watching a movie or reading a book. So I do appreciate you not spoiling any endings for anyone reading our banter. Also, for anyone else who has gotten this far in this post, Prometheus and the Alien series are both awesome, awesome movies.
@SanMan420 yes I have and I would go into here, but I might spoil this movie ending. there are some things that make you think it is a direct tie(as you mentioned), but there are also things that make you realize it is not. Ripley and crew did indeed land on LV-426, but Prometheus takes place on LV-223. As state the Prometheus sequel should tie the two planets together as well as tie directly into Alien.
@Coded Did you go back and watch the original Alien? I'm not sure what planet Ripley and crew landed on exactly, but there was a ship belonging to the "Engineers" that had crashed, and there was even an "Engineer" inside the ship. It was that crashed ships distress beacon that Ripleys team was responding to. Please check it out.
@SanMan420 it is close, but in the original they landed on LV-426, in this one they landed on LV-223. There is supposed to be a follow up that ties the movies together, but it has been in development for a while now... Here's to hoping we get to see it.
@MovieLuffa That would make more sense.
@EnkiHoffa ...however when Prometheus was in development, it was leaked that it was the start of a Trilogy.
After watching this movie (which was great, 8/10) I went back and watched the original Alien (1979) movie. In the original Alien, you'll see that they are on almost the same planet- where one of the "super race" ships have crashed and that's where the Alien eggs come from. In Alien, they even find a fossilized member of the "super race" sitting in the same huge chair as they did in Prometheus. Excellent tie ins.
I think they were going to create something. But... Sometimes in order to create, you must first destroy.
awesome movie, love the prequel status and it links into alien intro perfectly..
kudos.. can't wait to see what's next.. I predict the large alien guys were going to earth to kill the Predators and save humanity ...
we of course , as Humans, screwed that entire plan up...
Be good if they could squeeze another movie in between this and Alien...8/10
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