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Prom Night 1980

A masked killer stalks four teenagers, responsible for the accidental death of a little girl six years earlier, at their high school's senior prom...

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no reviews will be added. i'm just talking a bit before i take off. got really trashed on christmas eve. i drank too much and after everyone left i drank some more. not good for me, but whatever.

i plan to do the same tomorrow even though i know i shouldn't. i tend to think really bad shit when i get drunk and i get negative about everything, especially about myself and that is not a good idea when you get easily depressed. i avoid mirrors because i usually want to smash my fist through them when i am tipsy.

i have fantasies about going away somewhere and never coming back. i allow myself a few hours of that every once in a while. just thinking of all the things that could have been if i hadn't been such a fuckup for most of my life. i try not to dwell on it too much because, as i said before, i get depressed easily and i get really negative about everything. EVERYTHING.

i sometimes sit and i look and listen to my family and i feel like i don't belong here. am i really related to these people? how can it be true? jeezus. i hate where i live. it's so ugly and dirty and poor. i look around and i wonder if i am ever going to be better than i am right now and my answer is always "no, probably not."

then i think to myself, "come on girl, you can do it. if you try very hard, work your ass off and give it all you've got you can probably reach mediocrity one day." yay me. that's my idea of a pep talk. call me peppy. i am an optimist.
A film that is incredibly terrible, even by slasher standards.
I'm not really into horror movies any more, but I was sure this one was mentioned in the Ax Wound zine (a zine about gender and sexuality roles in horror movies.) So I wanted to check it out and Beth thought it looked good. So we sat down and watched. This is a cheesey horror film with bad shooting and plot. It was so predictible. Beth guessed the killer early on. Seriously. This horror movie wasn't bad where it was funny, it was worse then that. I expected alot more of Jamie Lee Curtis.
Here's another film rating.
Wednesday, Sept 27th
83. Prom Night. (1980) This wants to be Carrie sooooo bad. But it ain't even close. This Platinum Corp DVD is not as crap as you'd expect, but the image is often too dark to see what the hell is going on. Shapes moving around don't scare me. I have to see what everybody is screaming and running from! The worst of this may be during the scene with the van (don't come a'knockin when the van's a'rockin) when the chubby dude and his way-too-pretty-for-him girl are attacked by the slasher and it all looks like it could be really exciting...but you can't see nothing!! So this suffers from a crap transfer. The daylight scenes look all fuzzy (for effect, I take it...ripping off De Palma's film). Why watch? Well, there's a tasty (female) ass shot and Jamie Leigh Curtis is here for our pleasure. I like the opening scene in the abandoned building. Not much else. It's fun to laugh at some portions. The disco music is apalling (I'm still researching if it was changed from the original). Curtis is way better in Halloween and Terror Train. Or just watch Carrie instead, it's the better film out of all of those. Then watch Halloween for Curtis and Terror Train if you have time. 6/10
Prom Night (2nd Viewing)
Directed by: Paul Lynch

I liked this movie...especially the second half. But I can't quite figure out what to think about it. It's style is a fairly standard 50's melodrama, but it's message seems VERY hamfisted...and yet, I'm not even sure what it's message is exactly. Perhaps hamfisted is the wrong word...perhaps I just mean the chacters react VERY strongly to the situations they find themselves in...far more strongly then a normal person would. Yes, I think it's more the characters are so emotional that it seems like it's trying to make a bigger point then it really is.

Anyhow, it's still a wonderful movie that speaks to emotional pain, the scars of expectations that we are unable to live up to, and the confusion of love. The cast is universally excellent, and DAMN Natalie Wood is sexy. It's weird, I first saw her in Miracle on 34th Street and thought of her as a little girl. Then I heard she became a total slut when she got older and f&$ked half of Hollywood. In this roll, she's kinda BOTH. The innocent who desperately wants to f$*k half of hollywood. Well, or maybe just her boyfriend...but still, anyhow, she's got some of these moans and groans that are...interesting.

Warren Beatty is pretty good too in his first roll. This isn't Kazan's best, but it's a worthy effort.

Prom Night
RT Rating: 50%


Movie Synopsis: This low-budget, tongue-in-cheek horror film of the slasher genre -- which had recently been popularized by Halloween (1978) -- stars that film's lead, Jamie Lee Curtis, as Kim Hammond, a prom queen who becomes a scream queen. Six years ago, a little girl was taunted by four classmates and fell to her death from an abandoned schoolhouse. The quartet of kids promised to keep their complicity in the accident a secret. Now it's their prom night and they've got the jitters because they have recently been receiving phone calls and notes from an ominous, unknown individual claiming to have witnessed the girl's death and vowing revenge. At the prom, the four become fatal victims one by one of a mysterious, axe-wielding, masked, and hooded stalker. The many possibilities of the murderer's identity include Kim, who is the little dead girl's sister, her school-principal father (Leslie Nielsen), or her disc-jockey brother, Alex (Michael Tough).

My Thoughts: Watching old films, and seeing certain stars become the queen of ____ or the king of ____ is a nice reflecting period. Now we have, Jennifer Aniston or Reese, as Romcom Queen's,when it used to be Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan. Etc. In the 80's, Jamie Lee Curtis owned horror. She will be, always known as the queen of horror because she is just, so kick ass. There has really never been such a strong female charatcer in horror films such as her. I will view Halloween, the original, this week I promise. Prom Night, while Lee is fantastic, is terribly, terrible. It's poorly paced, quite slow, and very generic. The quality of my copy was very hard to see, and warn down but it could have just been mine. BIG pass for me, its pretty boring and nothing much else you can get from any other horror film. But I am excited for the remake, because it has Brittany Snow and it could be done right, God I hope so.
Prom Night
Starring: Leslie Nielsen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Casey Stevens, and Eddie Benton.
Directed by Paul Lynch.
Written by William Gray and Robert Guza, Jr.
Rated R (for strong violence/gore and sexuality, and for some language).
Running time approximately 1 hour 31 minutes.

Clowns and old man masks = not okay.

A lot of people really seem to hate Terror Train, but I don't understand why. It's actually quite an awesome idea - being stuck on a moving train with a mysterious masked killer who's picking off your friends. It's kind of, in a very off-the-wall, hey-I'm-trying-to-justify-liking-this sort of way, like Panic Room or the lesser Flightplan. Confinement, even if it's in a house (Panic Room), a spacecraft (Alien) or on a moving vehicle, is always a horrifying thought when applied to a deadly scenario. Terror Train is silly and has few real moments of terror (the last one, though, when the hand comes out of nowhere and slams into the wall right in front of Jamie Lee - EEK!), but I like it. So ha! **1/2 (out of ****) B-
A masked killer targets four teens (Stevens, Martin, Rubens, and Tompson) who covered up their involvement in the accidental death of a playmate six years prior. It's their senior prom, and, conincidentally, the older sister of the dead girl (Curtis) is the queen of the prom and one of the intended victims is the king. Will she become a victim herself, or will she stop the murderer dead in his tracks? What tragedies will play out on this prom night to remember.

"Prom Night" is a nicely done slasher-flick that is the direct antecedent of "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and similar "dark secret" high school slasher flicks where a murderer bent on avenging a hidden crime on prom night, graduation day, homecoming or some other event that's standard on the annual calendar of American high schools. It starts out promising and presents viewers with the standard mix of Kids We Like and Kids We Hate, with even a few we feel okay in rooting for, or hoping they escape the murderer's sharp weapons of death.

The actors all give acceptable performances, but no one stands out in particular. Jamie Lee Curtis plays the "Survivor Girl" character that we've see her play in "Halloween" and "Terror Train", but she doesn't quite rise to the level of the performances she gave in those films. She, like every other cast member gives a satisfactory performance but there's nothing remarkable about it. She, Leslie Neilsen, and everyone else is good enough but not spectacular.

If average acting was the weakest part of "Prom Night", it could have ended up at the high end of average. Unfortunately, the film is done in either by a sloppy script, or by sloppy post-production hackjob editing. Because of poor attention to story development and details, the various red herrings surrounding the killer start stinking like they've been left in the sun for three days by the third act, and the climactic moments of the film don't quite come together because of too many loose ends and inexplicably missing characters. (I can't say who isn't around for the film's climax without spoiling the true identity of the killer, it's an absense that needed to be explained instead of the character just vanishing halfway through the movie. Similarly, the absense of the killer while he was out stalking victims should have been noted by someone at the dance, because he definately would have been missed.)

"Prom Night" is a film that's interesting from a historical perspective as it was the first true example of the "teen slasher" subgenre that ultimately led to a revival of the slasher flicks that hasn't quite run its course.

According to some reports, there's a remake of "Prom Night" coming out in 2008. I've mostly sneered at these remakes, but in this case, they're remaking a movie that actually could actually benefit from a "second try". I'm interested to see what they do with it.

Prom Night
Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, Leslie Nielsen, Casey Stevens, Michael Tough, Anne-Marie Martin, Mary-Beth Rubens, Joy Thompson, George Touliatos, Pita Oliver, and Sheldon Rybowski
Director: Paul Lynch
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